Pricing your products appropriately is critical to optimizing lifetime value and attracting the right customers. I have a process that I want to share that has been extremely helpful for figuring out product pricing for OptiMind. When we priced OptiMind, we let consumers tell us the perceived value in prices for optimal sales and revenue.
The first thing that you need to do is determine the minimum selling price for your product. Now it’s time to look at comparable products currently on the market to get a baseline idea. If you want to get quantitative about it, you can map out the bell curve of market prices with standard deviations. Once you have the maximum and minimum prices, you’re going to choose five prices in that range. Use this flow to guide you through the pricing strategy for finding the best price for your product. Google Consumer Surveys is an excellent service that can be used for a variety of reasons whether naming or pricing a product. We gave everyone the same brief description of our product and then asked if they’d buy it for X amount. While looking at the survey, consider who your target buyer is and play with the sidebar that contains the demographic information. For example, if the product is likely to be purchased as a gift, the end consumer will not be making the purchase. At this point, you can calculate which of the best-surveyed price points will increase your profits the most. Here’s the spreadsheet file where you can input your own results to see the percentage change in terms of revenue. If you want to optimize a product’s price, then you need to ask the people who will be buying it. The age-old tale that you can never raise your price, but you can always lower it is completely true.
Google Consumer Survey – online survey allowing for market testing with specific demographic information ($50 for 500 people).
March 22, 2012 by RBDenterprise 1 Comment Retail store marketing, are loss leaders a good pricing strategy? Loss leader pricing is a strategy used by retailers where they price and advertise an item at or well below cost in order to attract buyers into their store. Think about it this way, you see an ad for a Bluetooth headset you need at a store where you usually don’t shop, and the price is amazingly low. Consumers are always looking for the lowest price products, but they also are so used to convenience, that store hopping to get the lowest price on everything they buy is inconvenient, or with the price of gas cost prohibitive. The guidebook shall include the following: (1) Methodologies for measuring the balance of jobs and housing. 1.Sponsor and introduce legislation that would require a projection for jobs by wage rates as part of calculation for distribution of regional housing needs. 3.Deny Housing Element certification unless a jurisdiction can provide adequate sites for projected housing demand generated by job growth according to income based on wage rates. Jurisdictions that cannot accommodate household demand based on jobs and population may need to negotiate with other nearby jurisdictions in order to relocate or transfer their housing need within a reasonable commute shed as defined by amount of time traveled.
Existing state law allows the transfer of housing allocation between jurisdictions and within a county and its jurisdictions providing opportunities for reallocation. These resources can be used in the process to leverage the number of affordable housing units to be constructed on the annexed sites.

The following is a quote from: New Partnership Tackles Bay, Valley Growth Questions, IRP Urges Better Jobs-Housing Coordination In 5 County Region, by William Fulton, California Planning and Development Report, Vol. 1.Delivery of all 100% of property tax revenue generated within the zone to the city or county containing the zone rather than splitting revenues among all taxing entities. 2.Streamlined environmental review within the zone under the California Environmental Quality Act.
3.Priority for Low Income Housing Tax credits, funds from the state infrastructure bank, and similar discretionary state funding sources. Council Members Amos stated that Seaside has already done enough in terms of low-income housing and that she would like to give Seaside residents the opportunity to move up without having to leave the City. Danny Bakewell stated that the Kaufman & Broad-Bakewell Development Team has done everything it had promised and more. Each survey said the exact same thing, but we changed the price to test consumer sensitivity. Say you find you have an overstock or need to increase brand awareness and traffic and someone suggests using the loss leader pricing strategy, is this a technique you should consider for your retail store? This is done in the hopes of increasing traffic and that customers will purchase regular priced items at the same time.
So you go and while you’re there, you realize you need ink for your printer and an SD card for your camera. If your business depends on continued business, or the products you sell are not consumables that need to be replaced with regularity, consider using a loss leader – even if you take a loss on the first sale, establishing the relationship with the customer at the time of the first sale will bring them back and then you can make up the difference on future sales. Some product manufacturers will not allow you to use loss leader pricing, and in some states it’s illegal to sell below cost.
Santos Gomes is a Senior Research Associate at the Pacific Institute {'or Studies in Development, Environment, and Security.
The guidebook shall describe efforts by cities, counties, and regional agencies to improve the balance of jobs and housing.
A minimum of 80% of the dwelling units in a proposed annexation should be developed as deed restricted, affordable housing. An urban growth boundaries determination should leave one direction open for long-term expansion and growth and to take advantage of creating housing affordability through annexations. Transfer the development rights and revenue streams from poorly planned high density areas (East Salinas) toward affordable development in annexed areas in order to relocate households and generate a revenue source to pay for high density inner city properties (I'm not 100% percent sure on this idea, I haven't run, or run into, the numbers).
Relocate residents of poorly planned high-density areas to affordable developments in annexed areas to initiate a more cost efficient urban in-fill process.
It put up a deposit allowing the City's costs to be deferred for hiring consultants and to mitigate any expenses the City would have incurred on behalf of its staff It has carried out assessments, surveys and other research. The idea is that the lower the first dollar number is, the less expensive it’s perceived by the consumer even though it’s only a penny difference.
Once you have 5 prices to test the market with, you can launch 5 different surveys and find out which price people will go for most often. With OptiMind, our product goes straight to the consumer, as opposed to being sold in retail stores, so we knew exactly what they were willing to pay based on the survey.
That’s why it’s the foundation for this golden rule: When in doubt, go with the higher price. However, if you’re trolling without constructive criticism, then please kindly go to Reddit. Just because a customer buys the product one time at a certain price, that doesn’t mean he or she will continue buying it at that price over a lifetime. The ink and SD card are at a price that is higher than you’d pay where you usually shop but you think “well I’m here already” or “with what I saved on the Bluetooth it’s worth it” and buy it there instead of waiting. The loss in profit on that item is made up for by the regular or higher price items they buy when in the store along with the discounted item.

He serves on the National Population Committee of the Sierra Club and the Board of the Political Ecology Group. Code Section 65890 (5)(a) to require jobs housing balance calculation as part of the housing demand estimate.
In poorly planned high density areas demolish structures, clean up toxics, improve infrastructure, assemble land, in-fill with housing designed to build social capital, re-forest, set affordability restrictions, provide pricing commensurate with wages.
Shagrin replied.' There are no particular development proposals before the City but there is an expectation that whatever housing that is built at Hayes Park will not be rental housing but owner-occupied.
Shagrin commented that Redevelopment Agencies, for example, are required to spend specified amounts of tax increment monies on affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households. This research proved to be invaluable as the Team assisted in City negotiations with the Army, because the actual situation of the land differed markedly from what the Army had claimed. With OptiMind, we considered coffee in our pricing strategy, not just other nootropics and supplements. Essentially, you want the number to reflect the thoughtfulness and built-in logic that went into choosing the number. Keep in mind who the actual buyer of your product will be and not just your targeted consumer. If the percent increase in price is less than the percent decrease in demand, then you should raise the price. Also, when advertising, be sure to add “while supplies last” to avoid being held to the price past the advertisement or having to give rain checks. In general, when housing is subject to affordability restrictions, a maximum sales price is established for the units. He was not aware of any such requirements imposed by FORA or any other kind of legislation on Hayes Park. There was more asbestos and lead-based paint, for example, and the infrastructure cannot be enhanced; it will have to be completely redone. The same prime can be applied to dates where 1999 at first glance gives a more archaic vibe than 2000 does. Yet, this is only true up to the point of profit maximization because, in the real world, expenses change based on quantity and scale. 35 Institute of Governmental Affairs and Institute of Ecology, Kellog Public Service Research Program University of California, Davis, 1981.
That sales price is associated with a monthly payment housing cost considered to be affordable to people in a particular income category. If you’re just shooting from the hip, your price will fail your product and if you shoot low, it’s hard to justify price jumps to existing customers. When we priced OptiMind, we also combined specific pricing with a gut-bias theory on odd numbers. The LDA does not currently impose restrictions on sales prices or on who may buy new homes.
If the City decides to impose re-sale restrictions, it would be easier to do so now, in the LDA. This is because it is easier for the City to impose restrictions sooner, as the owner of the land, than later, as issuer of land-use approvals, when there would be legal limitations.

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