The best place for your RC Helicopter daily news, heli deals, new products and RC helicopters events. The BladeA® heli development team has decades of combined RC experience designing or flying everything from ultra micros to high-performance 3D machines. If you are an intermediate RC pilot looking for a high-performance 450-size helicopter, but don’t want to build or set up one from scratch, the Blade 450 X RTF is the answer. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes.
The Guiness certified pilot Hiroki Ito and Mooney explain about the FORZA 700 which is scheduled to release on May. Startups Are Not Small Versions of Large Companies As we described in previous posts, startups fail on the day they’re founded if they are organized and managed like they are a small version of a large company. Ritualized Crises Trying to execute a startup revenue plan is why crises unfold in a stylized, predicable ritual after first customer ship. Now the company is in crisis mode because the rest of the organization (product development, marketing, etc.) has based its headcount and expenses on the business plan, expecting Sales to make its numbers.
Business Model Design and Customer Development Stack The alternative to the traditional product introduction process is the Business Model Design and Customer Development Stack.

Each of the 9 business model building blocks has a set of hypotheses that need to be tested. Simultaneously the engineering team is using an Agile Development methodology to iteratively and incrementally build the Minimum Feature Set to test the product or service that make up the Value Proposition. Pivots Versus Crises If we accept that startups are engaged in the search for a business model, we recognize that radical shifts in a startups business model are the norm, rather than the exception. This means that instead of firing an executive every time we discover a faulty hypothesis, we expect it as a normal course of business. We keep the burn rate low while we search and pivot allowing for multiple iterations of the business model. Best of all it’s already been flight tested with the Spektruma„? DX6i DSMX transmitter in the box. In an existing company with existing customers you 1) understand the customers problem and 2) since you do, you can specify the entire feature set on day one. In fact, for decades if you drew this diagram on day one of a startup VC’s would nod sagely and everyone would get to work heading to first customer ship.
Without the revenue to match its expenses, the company is in now danger of running out of money.

The Customer Development process is then used to test each of the 9 building blocks of the business model.
It’s their expertise that makes the new Blade 450 X the ultimate 450-size ready-to-fly heli experience.
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Not only does it come packed with great features such as the lightest airframe in its class and rigid head design, but it also comes with a new helical main drive system to make the heli quieter and all-new digital metal-gear servos to enhance precision and durability. At the core of its awesome performance is the Spektruma„? AR7200BX Flybarless Control System; a remarkable advance that combines a 7-channel DSMXA® receiver with BeastXa„? 3-axis MEMS stabilization into a single, lightweight unit. This, combined with a high-output brushless power system, a vibrant new canopy and carbon fiber blades means that you’re in for a spectacular 3D heli experience.

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