Last December Beyonce turned the music industry upside down when she released a video album (17 songs and 15 videos) with no notice. Doing this will let you know which social media platform is your best bet for your product launch and which strategies to avoid. Offline, a designated hashtag creates buzz online for any events thrown in conjunction with the launch. The hashtag makes sure all their tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts are compiled in one place. To celebrate reaching one million Facebook fans and increase engagement, Cadbury built a giant Facebook Like thumb out of pieces of Dairy Milk and made an event out of it. Now if you don’t want to build a giant sculpture out of food, you can run your own teaser on Facebook. Great for increasing brand loyalty, a Founder’s list allow users who are interested in learning more about your product get in touch with you.
This exclusivity will make them feel “in the loop,” increasing their emotional investment in your brand. Whether it’s those Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you where you should live or which Disney movie you are (Mulan!), people love to waste time online and take part in a quiz. Our core team is a bunch of smart, quirky, creative individuals who want to make a difference for our clients and a difference in the world. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. OpLaunch helps new product developers thrive by improving their capability to synthesize and exercise better development options. Information from social networks is trusted more than many other sources of traditional product information such as press releases or brochures.
Since 20 percent of the terms Google users submit are new each month, Google must continuously gather and process new data to ensure that searches represent current perceptions. To improve these results, Rio recommends focusing on company goals and metrics that reflect top line revenue impact. The NPDI leader's goal is to ensure that the appropriate people are engaged in development and launch activities and that their activities are coordinated to maximize efficiency to achieve the desired business results for the company. When new products are not available for purchase by customers on the promised launch date, top line revenue suffers. When there are inefficiencies and delays in the new product development process, who is blamed?  Frequently, one functional group blames another functional group. The project management specialist may rebuke contributors that miss critical milestones that were meticulously documented in the project schedule but were unattainable in practice . In some companies, the Product Manager is expected to provide new product development and introduction leadership. In other companies, business development managers have broad responsibilities for several product lines. The product champion or sponsor has broad influence and may be positioned to provide NPDI leadership. At Toyota, this new product development and introduction leader is called a shusa [see Results and Rewards of Sustained Innovation in Development and Launch]. The 37signals team of experienced, enthusiastic, multidisciplinary designers and developers has adopted a unique commercialization philosophy. Who is best equipped to provide effective and efficient new product and development and introduction leadership at your company? In a 17 October 2007 press release, Schneider Associates, a marketing communications firm, and the Center for Business Innovation at Babson College announced a report on the best practices for conducting Business-to-Business (B2B) launches. Do a great job educating your sales force and other internal audiences about your new product or service. Both lists include the recommendation regarding the selection of the appropriate people for the design and implementation of the product launch.
How do you ensure that the appropriate people are engaged in development and launch activities and that their activities are coordinated to maximize efficiency to achieve the desired business results for your company? This post explores the results and the rewards of Toyota’s sustained innovation in development and launch. Two articles published about Toyota in the Summer 2007 issue of Strategy and Business magazine inspired this podcast. Toyota is expected to become the global leader in vehicle sales in 2007 taking over the position that General Motors has occupied since 1931. Dehoff and Loehr propose a set of six capabilities that enable Toyota launch projects to succeed.
The following examples from each these six capabilities highlight the essential factors that work together for Toyota’s success. Capability Number 1 - Structure and organization A key element of the Toyota product development engine is achieving a harmonious, efficient team effort.
In companies that don’t have the equivalent of a shusa, launch results are often less successful because of differences in priorities and preconceptions in groups such as engineering, marketing, and sales. Capability Number 2 - Development ProcessToyota’s development process enables them to design, develop, and launch great products faster with fewer resources than most of their competitors.
The Toyota Production System emphasizes quality and efficiency to reduce waste through lean manufacturing concepts. According to Dehoff and Loehr, the Toyota development model incorporates an intensive form of coordination.
The bad news for Toyota’s competitors is that Toyota’s development process is very good now and because of the reinvestments they have made, the momentum for continuous improvements within Toyota will likely surpass the efforts of many of their competitors for the foreseeable future.
Capability Number 3 - Extended EnterpriseThe goal of program success is shared throughout the extended team. Contrast this with price-based sourcing which may foster a combative posture between manufacturers and suppliers.
In the “Get it right the first time” section, Jackson and Pfitzmann state “But no matter how it’s justified, the net effect of the price-based system is to raise costs.” The authors cite three insightful reasons for the unintended result of lost opportunity.
Toyota’s implementation of extended enterprise maximizes cooperation within a diverse development team.
Capability Number 4 - Institutional LearningToyota success depends on its systematic effort to capture, institutionalize, and share knowledge. Capability Number 6 - CultureToyota’s culture encourages changes for the better within the company.
Dehoff and Loehr reported, “It has taken Toyota 60 years to perfect their product development process.” Congratulations to Toyota. If you are planning a product launch press conference at a premier industry event, what will be important to a financial analyst? In this post, I will address what I believe is the most important determination for a financial analyst.Here is a hint. If you want to build confidence about future product sales, here are three suggestions to consider when planning a press conference that financial analysts will attend. Present reference customer that can showcase improved ways to solve old problems using your new products.
Beside static images of the new products, consider showcasing the products in context using both live and prerecorded demonstrations. You may by thinking “But things can go wrong at a demo” When the demo design and preparation are poor, awful things frequently happen. Present reference customer that can showcase improved ways to solve emergent problems using your new products. Demonstrate that your product roadmap is aligned with future trends and that your team is agile enough to adapt. What is importantCustomers and competitors are likely to engage in discussions about features, advantages, and benefits.
Jobs words have became the model for communication efforts for both paid advertising and consumer generated media.

Apple's iPhone generated a lot of buzz in the months before it was available on the 29th of June 2007.
Since the 29th of June, there has been a large amount of consumer generated media (CGM) posted in blogs and sites such as YouTube.
I have observed that abundant, favorable buzz before a product launch improves the sales trajectory. The buzz generated from both traditional and consumer generated media is part of the strategy that is enabling Apple to go from zero percent market share in the phone sector to a contender. This post explores edge competency concepts that can lead to extraordinary improvements in product launch success. To provide a mental anchor, I found it helpful to compare core competencies and outsourcing. In a world of cheap coordination, the edge - the boundary between the firm and the external - is the new core. I have observed that many teams outsource activities that directly relate to product development and launch. When deciding what functionality to outsource, it is appropriate to review product life cycle factors. For example, when selecting a firm to provide PR functionality it is wise to ask if the desired contributions for a PR firm for the development and launch of a new product are different than the contributions of a typical PR firm that provides general PR services for a company. Scenario 2: A PR specialist becomes a valued part of the development team early in the process. Product launch is a great opportunity to demonstrate integration across the value chain to produce innovation and growth. Blackshaw is the founder of the consumer feedback portal PlanetFeedback, a site that helps consumers express their opinions about products and services.
In the April 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine, a portion of the Microsoft Xbox 360 story was published. Part of the Nintendo Wii story was presented at a 21 February 2007 teleconference hosted by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, WOMMA. While her fans, known as “the beyhive,” were paralyzed with excitement, she was nonchalantly tweeting about vegan cupcakes.
Releasing your product without any marketing is not an option if you want people to learn about it and buy it. This builds a great foundation of knowledge for your product launch, so you can go into it with both eyes open. Online, it’s a way to categorize your product around it’s launch, so that users can easily find information pertaining to the product. Now they have developed Kash, a new form of payment that lets users pay for commodities at retail using only their phones (with no transaction fees for the merchant). They build awareness well before your launch, so that when your product is launched, users are excited to buy. In addition to using teaser ads, they also live streamed in a studio that was adorned with content and photos from their users to further build anticipation for the unveiling of the thumb. Weeks leading up to the launch, mention the launch on your Facebook page using an intriguing name. Include them in your launch by setting up an exclusive mailing list for their inboxes only. Capitalise on this by asking them to help with offline events that coincide with your online launch. Using a Facebook app that allowed people to send photos in five categories and a popular vote to determine the finalists, he was able to select the winners. The quiz involved a series of questions about their personality traits that then told them what kind of bean they were.
10.8 million people reached  on Facebook, three million people reached through Twitter, blogs and news sites and the Heinz Facebook community increased by 30,000. Simplicity can be used to create project schedules, gantt charts, timelines, and is great for project planning and tracking.
Another great way to market jewelry is by using online catalogs and sharing the link with your followers on social media and via email marketing. This maximizes a new product development network's capability for self-correcting focus and direction as they develop multiple ways to succeed.
When missing information or services cause potential customers to abandon the sales process, top line revenue suffers. For example, a contributor with a strong allegiance to engineering may blame management for delays.
Usually the role of the business development manager is multi-disciplinary and impacts engineering, marketing, and sales activities. He provides system-level thinking that dramatically coordinates development activities and impacts launch schedules.
Womack, the author of the book “The Machine that Changed the World,” a shusa is a super-craftsman. Concepts such as launch architecture can provide the unifying design that maximizes synergy.
John Krafcik coined the phrase lean production to emphasize that lean methods uses less resources than many traditional mass production methods to produce outstanding products in less time. In the Win-Win Sourcing article, Bill Jackson and Michael Pfitzmann conclude that “The most effective procurement model fosters knowledge sharing, not mistrust.” Toyota prefers suppliers that favor quality to cost reduction. This enables teams of multi-skilled workers to develop and produce a large variety of products. In combination with people development, institutional learning, extended enterprise, Toyota’s culture is fundamental to their approach to competitive advantage. A core principle of the Toyota system is Kaizen - the Japanese term meaning, “change for the better.” Contrast this with the “if it is not broken” or “good enough” approach in use by too many development teams. Through sustained innovation in new product development and launch they have become number one. If you already are a recognized market leader, what will perpetuate your prominent position? Analysts that personally attend product launch press conferences are more interested in the future than the past. Enthusiastic users are essential ingredients to a great story and an indicator of the future sales of a new product. If your CEO or the product manager can’t masterfully demonstrate your product, find someone who can. However, when the demo design is innovative and properly prepared, the results can be amazing.If you are thinking about the investment for a powerful, proficient demo ask yourself another question. Now, Apple's television commercials are emphasizing the same points that Jobs made in January. Apple's current advertisements clearly communicate the ownership messages of new, exciting, and desirable.
As long as there is no significant bad publicity, the improved sales trajectory removes opportunities from iPhone competitors. Often, core competencies are described as a set of business critical capabilities that a company is doing well and wants to improve.
Stated another way, when management deliberately shrinks core capabilities as part of an effort to improve operational efficiency, new product launch innovation may suffer.
The closer to the time of the product announcement of a radically new product, the greater the need to encourage feedback, iteration, and collaboration in the development team.
A primary activity for the PR firm is to gather information from R&D, marketing, and sales representatives. When this happens, a team can expect more and more of the advantages that are described in discussions of edge competencies. In Less Hulk, More Bruce Lee, Don Hall, the former Xbox global brand director, recalls the back-to-back-to-back presentations of three independent brand designers.

The Fast Company article states that Microsoft sold more than 10 million consoles before the end of 2006. Thankfully, you have social media at your disposal to make your next product launch a success. Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t necessarily for everyone, so play your cards right and invest your time and money, where there is the most value.
And if you are running a campaign that relies heavily on user participation, the hashtag is a way for them to send photos or videos to one place while showing their followers and your followers what they’re up to. By having banners, flyers or placards around the event with the designated hashtag on it, you can encourage attendees to share pictures of events or tweet any cool occurrence taking place.
Make sure your hashtag is not taken or used by another company to prevent any confusion or controversy. For the purpose of this post, we’ll use “Project X.” Then continually post pictures related to the launch without giving the product away. Using a series of mini ads you can tell one long story about the product before it launches.
They would capitalise on any success of the launch, keeping users invested in the product long after it has debuted. Through contests users get excited about the chance to win something all the while sharing that excitement on social media. Make sure your quiz has a share option so people can show their results to their friends and followers, increasing buzz about your launch. A year ago, Twitter was a curiosity but services such as Twitter are poised to grow as mobile communications grows. When customers that purchased your products are reluctant to recommend it, top line revenue suffers. This has been a recurring them in the Dilbert comic strip from its inception on 16 April 1989 to the present. To ensure top line revenue success, an NPDI leader must have a broad understanding of development and launch fundamentals and interdisciplinary expertise. Faster market feedback means less reliance on long-range ‘guesses’ about customer preferences three years hence. The shusa provides the system-level perspective to direct contributors to an effective, unified effort that leads to a successful launch. In contrast, typical mass production favors unskilled or semiskilled workers that produce standard designs for as long as possible. What steps will you take to ensure a better, faster, and more efficient path to launch success?
Financial analysts are interested in the future because they are making recommendations about purchasing, selling, or holding company stocks.A product launch provides an extremely valuable insight about the future of a company.
Instead of a customer saying that your product was “powerful” imagine the reaction if they did something powerful using your product. When is a great demo more important than at the press conference where you are launching your new product?The third and final suggestion deals with the future. This post includes several observations on the buzz surrounding Apple's iPhone and a few extracts from a recent white paper.
The effectiveness of the buzz was confirmed by the lines of eager buyers waiting for Apple and AT&T stores to re-open so that select individuals could be among the first to purchase the product. Occasionally, I find myself asking "The iPhone launch has been one of the most publicized product launches in history.
Note that this is unique variation of a first-mover advantage strategy.So what is the oversimplified formula for new product developers? Many firms have adopted a strategy of improving their core competencies and outsourcing other functionalities.
A product that is in the maturity and decline portions of the life cycle has different priorities.
The PR specialist's immersion in other development activities inspires PR innovation for this product launch. The value amplification can range from linear to polynomial (Metcalfe) to exponential (Reed) to combinatorial (Haque). What are the complexities that supported the selection of the product for shelf space at retail locations?
The three contenders for launch services were from Landor, Turner Duckworth, and JDK Design (Jager, Di Paola, Kemp Design). They knew that they had a great product and they facilitated multiple ways to get potential customers to use their product. It builds anticipation for the launch because users are employing it to detail the reasons why they can’t wait to shop #WITHKASH. So if you’re releasing a new line of sunglasses, post pictures of people wearing an array of sunglasses with the heading “Project X debuting soon” attached. In addition to engineering decisions, the shusa is responsible for the program’s business success. The Toyota development model uses “a great deal of communication among engineers on product launch, an activity that is often seen as a waste of time in other companies.” This system delivers value and reduces project risk. A successful launch provides an innovation assessment of functional areas such as management, development, marketing, sales, and distribution. The obsession to have the new product received at lot of coverage in the news media and on the late night talk shows.
In the United States, one common strategy is for a company to focus on design and outsource manufacturing. To a large extent, the actions of the development team are not impacted by feedback from the PR activity.
This is a great hashtag because it’s short, includes the product name and can be easily used in sentences. Some product launch problems are a result of errors of omission and that will be discussed later. The shusa must have the technical skills, business insights, and managerial experience to ensure that everything works together to create value for customers.
A product launch press conference is a critical part of a product development and launch process because it can reveal the current operational excellence of the entire organization.
Specifically, a company that systematically introduces differentiated and innovative products is more likely to be an attractive investment.Earlier this year, I attended a major conference and exposition as a media representative. I scheduled the time to attend two, on-site press conferences.The first company, a mature, industry leader, spent most of the first 15 minutes of their high profile press conference reviewing financial results.
Although there were hints about new products, the presentation focused on history and not news. Eventually, information about the new products was revealed as part of an overall status report for the company. One of the analysts was familiar with the financial reports from both companies and it was clear that he had studied this market sector. I learned that he had allocated only a few hours of his time for this industry event.When I had the opportunity for a private conversation, I had only one question. I asked, “Why did you invest the time and effort to attend this event in person?”The seasoned veteran replied, “There are specific meetings for analysts but I come to this meeting to get another perspective. Is anyone really going to buy this stuff?”At a product launch press conference, the financial metrics provide the historical summary of a company’s performance with the old products while the press kits provide specifications about new products. Remember that financial analysts have historical data about performance and great industry data back at their office. The additional perspective that they hope to gain by attending an onsite, new product press conference at a major trade show is about future performance.

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