Getting a potential buyer to agree to give up precious time in their schedule to watch your demo is a huge step in the sales process. Be prepared. You may think this goes without saying but preparation is key to a product demo. Know your product. Many sales reps may think this is a no brainer but really KNOWING your product and space builds your creditability and thought leadership.
Know your competition. Just like you would never go to battle unarmed, going into a product demo and not knowing who else your prospect is evaluating can come back to bite you. Know your prospect. In the day and age where so much information is available via social media, make sure to do your homework on your prospect prior to the demo. Make it interactive. I LOVE to talk and I know most sales people share that character trait with me but sometimes we just need to shut-up and listen.
Go with the flow. You can never rehearse too much but make sure to leave room in your demo to be flexible.

Not only should you take the time to learn about your apps’ new features but having some base technical knowledge goes a long way too. By knowing who you are up against you can position your product to highlight your strengths where you know your competition is weak.
Don’t be creepy about using social findings during the demo, but there may be a chance to subtly make a personal comment that could lead to a great connection.
Focus on what your prospect is trying to achieve through the use of your product and highlight those things. For example, someone may need you to repeat some information, go into more detail or even ask you to show a feature you weren’t planning to show them. By having screen shots of what you want to show or even a product demo video prepared in place of a live one you may be able to avoid your prospect even picking up on the fact that things aren’t going as planned. The demo could be the deciding factor for your contact so below are some tips and tricks to help ensure you’re giving an all-star demo.

Remember not to bash you competition, keep it classy and beat them on product, knowledge and even friendliness. Being proud of your app and product goes hand-in-hand with being passionate about what you are selling, however, not every prospect needs to see and hear about every little detail of each feature. By developing a story around your prospect’s pain points and sticking to it while giving the demo, you will increase your close rate by making it more relatable.

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