Mortgage MarketSmart started as data and an idea—the desire to bring localized mortgage forecasting into the digital age. When you’re developing a new product, choosing a trusted development partner is one of the most important steps in the process. After months of discussions, iEmergent and Far Reach realized we had the makings of a perfect partnership.
An inherent sense of trust between the two companies emerged as we realized our goals and business philosophies aligned extremely well.
Far Reach and iEmergent worked for more than a year on user experience (UX), branding, development, and marketing strategy to reach the minimum viable product (MVP) before Mortgage MarketSmart launched in October 2013 at the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Assess the performance of your website with our fully editable 13 slide Website Marketing Scorecard PPT deck. IDEA POOL - This post Website Marketing Scorecard for PowerPoint in Action shows how you can use this product in your next presentation. This Website Marketing Scorecard is a useful tool to assess the status of your website and where it is falling short.
The diagrams allow for easy input of values and data relevant to your business or industry.
When you download a PowerPoint Slide product from 24point0 - You have a professional team behind the product.

Our marketing firm was hired to design and develop all the marketing materials of the Bedsledzzz product line to the hospitality, rental and construction industries.
Zyphon Media is a full service marketing firm committed to providing marketing solutions to companies of all sizes.
Note: With the ever changing nature of the Internet, some external links may no longer be working. As companies around the world are struggling to build a coherent and practical Internet presence, experimenting and learning as they go, the website goes through a life cycle of its own.
Saying that a website has a life cycle implies that a website has a limited life, and goes through distinct stages through this life.
Website Administration: Countless companies trip up by not maintaining their site and kepping information and links current. Banks, credit unions, and other mortgage servicers use iEmergent’s data to understand how individual markets (from regional and state to county and neighborhood) are expected to perform in the future. We were first to market with our product, and we’ll make damn sure we remain the best, even as our competition grows. It helps assess the performance of the website through different time periods on parameters such as content, design, usability, traffic and also evaluate the various campaigns that have been launched. These editable PowerPoint diagrams also come with useful icons to represent the decision taken in a particular situation. In each stage, the website needs nurturing to take it forward, failing which the life cycle terminates in an early death.

The page ends with the customary contact address, phone and fax numbers, and if the company is savvy enough, an email address. Besides, one of the objectives of going online - to be seen as fresh and technologically in-touch - is defeated. Previously, iEmergent’s customers received their data in a spreadsheet with a static map. Clients can now interact directly with the data and see changes in the map in real time, which is much more valuable than a static snapshot. This collection of diagrams provides a range of options not only for Website Marketing Scorecards, but also for Campaign Grading and Best Practices Index. This worked fine as a snapshot, but iEmergent saw enormous value in figuring out how to make the data more readily available, interpretable, and interactive for its clients. In this scenario, you reap the benefits of working with a single partner who intimately understands your vision and goals and who can, as a result, more effectively implement a truly integrated approach to your product development and marketing efforts. In addition, iEmergent now has the ability to scale far beyond their current client base, which was limited by their inability to serve more than a handful of clients at a time because of all the manual processes required.

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