IMPACT VIDEO & AUDIO PRODUCTIONS - IMPACT VIDEO & AUDIO PRODUCTIONS got their VocalBooth up and looking great! As every professional application is different, our Gold, Platinum and Diamond Series are sure to meet any of your needs. Donny Osmond Orders His Second VocalBooth - Recently Donny Osmond called me to order a second VocalBooth.
Announcing Two Major Improvements to Our Ventilation System - Using the latest in quiet airflow technology, VocalBooth has redesigned our ventilation system, eliminating the need for Vent Silencer Upgrades!

Major League Baseball Takes Delivery of 3 Silver Series VocalBooths - We were so stoked when we got a call from Major League Baseball. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the VocalBooth size and interior acoustic treatments are a perect match for their application. During a period of rapid development and expansion, our company has accumulated lots of valuable experience, extended our operations into many new areas such as Shanghai, and become one of most competent exposition companies in China.
Proper treatment for control rooms, live rooms or individual isolation rooms are our specialty.

Working with one of the nations top acoustical engineers we were able to treat each room specific to the rooms application.

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