Programmatic advertisers are bullish on the holiday season, as retailers and packaged-goods companies look to hypertarget audiences more than ever. Programmatic vendor Flashtalking, which has seen its business increase by 50 percent so far this year, will help merchants like Walmart and Kohl's this yuletide season. Half of the consumers surveyed by The Trade Desk stated they wanted their personal information used to provide them with a better shopping experience. This is where a digital marketing consultant can be invaluable in directing your brand safety efforts. Fortunately, there are technologies and strategies available to make this desire a reality. In the programmatic world, ad verification is a form of quality assurance — it oversees ad placements to make sure that the location is appropriate and that the ad has been delivered as desired. Verification can also watch out for instances of ad placements too close to your competitors’ ads or on websites created by competing brands, and it can alert you when possible signs of fraud turn up.
Even as campaigns are occurring, certain steps can be taken to avoid potentially bad situations. Because it’s hard to know which websites might pose a brand safety hazard, the need for this flexibility is important. With brand safety technologies and their strategies fairly new — in fact, it’s possible that none of your managers or peers will have heard of these solutions — it could be helpful to enlist the support of a digital consultant to assist in the implementation. Businesses are reaping huge benefits from programmatic advertising, but effective campaigns need the additional brand safety support of the newest technologies.
Interesting in learning more about how to integrate programmatic advertising into an online marketing strategy for your business?The AJC has multimedia experts that can help you.
Find out more at our upcoming Digital Marketing Summit on May 3, or contact us for a one on one consultation today. Amazon is opening its first physical bookstore, 20 years after the world’s biggest online retailer started selling publications on the internet. Black Friday will cause ?160million worth of stock to be returned over the Christmas period, according to a new report. The first-ever eBay 'rich list' has been published - and reveals that Britain's top sellers are raking in up to ?17m a year trading on the site. This month's round-up of the research, trends and case studies impacting digital marketing. Take a look and get back in touch if there's anything you'd like advice on about how it could impact you and your team. This chart shows the Path to Purchase during which customers worldwide are most likely to interact with social network advertising, by site, Ql, 2014. This chart shows that paid ads on social networks have better conversion rates than organic content. There are now more women playing video games than men, driven by 25-44 year old women downloading free puzzle and trivia game apps, according to a new report. This chart shows the projects that Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officers take responsibility for within different organisations. This chart shows what connected smartphone and tablet users are doing whilst watching television. This chart shows the responses TV audiences give when asked the question "What impact does social media have on your television viewing'?".
This chart shows the response content marketers give when asked the question "during the past 12 months how effectively have your content marketing efforts delivered business value?". Google, Facebook and eBay were the most popular sites in Germany during May 2014, according to new data from comScore. This chart shows the number of apps that consumers own and the amount of free time per month. How can you ensure your app stands out from the crowd and is easily found on Apple’s App Store? This chart shows the average number of interactions brands can expect when they post at different times of the day. Programmatic media buying is the fully automated process of buying and selling digital media using disparate data for precise targeting. Many advertisers, agencies and publishers are taking advantage of this new form of media trading, yet most people in the business do not have a firm grasp on how complicated the process is. The reason that most players have a limited understanding of the full lifecycle of a real-time bidded programmatic ad impression is that very few players work across the entirety of this massive environment and, like a complex American football game, it is difficult to get a comprehensive view from any one perspective. The reality is that programmatic media trading has huge possibilities for advertisers, agencies and publishers.

This 200MS graphic highlights a variety of different participants in hopes that this effort will explain where each sits in respect to others in this complex process. This infographic and accompanying video 200MS, is meant to share perspective into the multiple levels and companies involved in programmatic media trading industry. We write a daily newsletter featuring current events and the top stories in technology, media, marketing and entertainment. How Brands Should Measure in a Programmatic World: What would measurement mean in the programmatic buying environment? Let’s Talk Programmatic – NetSeer’s Behnam Rezaei on the changing role of humans in campaigns PT2: Behnam Rezaei’s mind is like a sponge. And while major brands have used big data for a while, the strategies are also beginning to benefit smaller retailers around the country, underscoring how automated marketing continues to gain traction. With that in mind, tech giants are getting ready to capitalize on the holiday season with more data targeting and automation. In a 2015 survey of 500 CPG brands and retailers, Cofactor and partner Altimeter Group found the most common problem brands face in executing digital campaigns is a lack of budget for an effective omnichannel endeavor. Other factors enter the equation, particularly when it comes to the type of website where ad space is served. Programmatic advertising has made the process of matching ads to available spaces much easier, not to mention hands-free. Here’s a quick guide on some of the ways that a digital marketing consultant can help ensure your brand is protected in the programmatic advertising realm. Real-time filtering solutions can remove undesired publishers quickly, blocking out either certain pages or entire URLs. To stay on top of this in-progress management, it’s best to have additional help that can monitor this at all times. An expert in programmatic advertising, as well as the requisite brand safety measures involved, can help you leverage an effective ad verification solution and interpret the data from campaigns incorporating brand safety measures. Addressing the challenges with a trusted media consultant will allow your brand to embrace programmatic ads without worrying about the risks.
Facebook has the highest reach among smartphone users with 73.6% downloading the Facebook app. Mobile apps are the most evenly split between job roles with 74% of CMOs taking responsibility and 86% of CIOs. General web surfing came out as the top activity with 49% of smartphone users and 66% of tablet users accessing their second screen to browse the internet. The top answer was that the audience member became aware of more programmes rising from 18% in 2012 to 25% in 2013. Somewhat effectively came out as the top answer with over half of all marketers surveyed giving this response. People who have over 30 hours free time a month also download the most apps with almost 27 apps installed on their smartphones. Consumers are most likely to want to receive deals or offers from their supermarket, or updates on their favourite music with both categories having a 22% favourability rating. Programmatic refers to display ads that are bought and sold using automated systems and processing, such as real time bidding. As to be expected, posts that are made after work hours achieve the highest number of interactions with 2.49 per hour. Interestingly the majority of branded posts are made during the workday (62.7%), but this approach may offer little reach for brands as their fans may not be able to access Facebook during work hours.
This tiny fraction of time is two hundred thousandths of a second – about as much time as it takes to blink. Sites that run paid advertising will automatically call up available inventory based on this trigger.
Typically, this process is completed using algorithmically-driven trading systems with direct access to publisher ad servers, ad exchanges, supply side platforms, demand side platforms, trading desks and other auction-based electronic marketplaces, sellers and buyers. Few players comprehend the full lifecycle of the ad impression because most only touch one small part of the wider ecosystem. For example, an ad network and a publisher work on very different sides of the playing field, and, therefore, have quite differing perspectives. The countless players in this game can benefit from a bird’s eye view of the process, thus enabling everyone involved to make more educated choices and giving them a wider appreciation for the intricacy of the execution.
Hopefully, this viewpoint makes each of our players better poised to engage in the programmatic cycle. It will change over time just as the programmatic media trading industry continues to mature.

Former divisional CEO and C-level global digital media operating and strategy executive with Kantar, WPP’s media, marketing and data services division. Google last week launched a tool called Shopping Insights, a service that combines search and mapping data to help brick-and-mortar retailers identify trending products in specific parts of the country. Brands are deservedly concerned about where their advertising dollars are spent, and they weigh all the pros and cons of their marketing with television shows, print publications and, yes, digital media.
But it’s also created an increasing need for brand safety solutions — technical measures that can help your business ensure its ads are only placed on quality websites that align with your company values.
It can also monitor geotargeting fulfillment, making sure your ads run in their intended location. Leveraging post-impression analytics, meanwhile, will improve your digital marketing strategy for future campaigns.
On Pinterest, the situation was reversed, but overall, brands using Convertro saw around a 25% lift in conversions with paid social ads vs. Google have a several apps among the top 15, with Google Play, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google+ all featuring.
Respondents aged over 65 are most likely to respond to ads related to what they were searching for with 41%. Advertising platforms are the most disproportionate between job functions with 83% of CM0 taking owenship of the function compared to 15% CIO.
Interestingly for advertisers, shopping came out second with 44% of tablet users shopping online as they watch television.
The threat of spoilers that social media posting presents does not pose a threat to the surveyed audience with only 3% watching less TV because of spoilers. Social spend made a gain of 20% but was not as attractive to marketers as video advertising which made a gain of 65% in 2014.
Only 14% of respondents answered that their content marketing activity performed very well.
Ad revenue also sees a dramatic fall from Q3 2011 but shows steady gains since Q2 2013, finishing Q2 2014 with 19%. Location-based offers and new product launches are the least popular themes for push notifications each receiving 26%. This chart shows that across several digital media, direct is the preferred buying and selling format Programmatic is most popular on mobile display and video ads, but forecasts predict programmatic processes will amount to half of an digital display ads. Posts made earlier In the day (1am-8am) see the lowest amount of interactions with 1.93 per hour.
After hours sees brands posting 28.5% of their content, this is arguably a time when the a brand's fan base will be most engaged with a post. Digital ad inventory is now traded in this extremely short increment of time, thanks to the availability of automation, data, analytics and real-time technology.
The process might seem so simple, but there are many touch points involved between when a visitor loads a news article on Kanye West’s wedding and an ad for new dress shoes is served.
Think of it as indicative of the time and actions it takes for an ad to be monetized and served programmatically. But sometime old habits, especially in TV buying, can get in the way of healthy experimentation.
And Pandora is touting the ability to accurately target Spanish speakers, allowing its audio advertisers to utilize copy in the right tongue. Despite the instantaneous nature of the trade, this process is quite complicated and includes thousands of actions from the moment a web surfer loads a page to the moment she can actually see an ad. However, if it has not been sold, the process goes through a series of steps, which are all part of the programmatic media buying transaction (25% of the time ending in the inventory being unsold). There are many elements at play, and this process often takes slightly more or less time for completion. I encourage you to discuss and to share this graphic with your co-workers and business partners.
Analyst, Portfolio Manager and VP-Research with two leading institutional investment firms.

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