GenderEqual's Mentors take our programs into classrooms all across America, because that's where girls really start to internalize gender bias.
When we were developing our classroom presentations, we knew that something innovative was needed to make meaningful advances in the way males view females. Our solution was to turn research-proven ways of stopping gender discrimination into an easily learned, practical, and effective set of techniques that girls can use to stop gender bias in their daily lives. Meeting the Mentors in person is the most powerful way to create a strong bond between our Mentors and our girls, and it's that powerful connection that has girls look to the Mentors not just as role models but as ongoing sources of inspiration and guidance. Classroom presentations also give girls and boys the chance to ask questions and get answers immediately, which is particularly beneficial for questions that are complex or subtle. The most important message that students take from GenderEqual presentations is that gender bias can be stopped.
While instilling gender-based limitations isn't part of the official curriculum, it's part of our young girls' reality.
Participating in a GenderEqual fun skate or no-drop group ride is a great way to get some exercise and hone your roller derby or riding skills, and it's also a great opportunity to meet and get to know our Mentors.
Greenways to School Campaign a€“ The Greenways to School campaign, funded by a $175,000 grant from the Marin Community Foundation's Climate Change initiative, features the new SchoolPool on-line trip sharing program and school and classroom challenges with cash incentives.
Walk and Roll to School Day Guidebook a€“ Walk and Roll to School Days are weekly or monthly events that encourage students to walk and bike to school through rewards and outreach. International Walk to School Day Materials a€“ Promote International Walk to School Day with colorful posters and other goodies.
SchoolPool a€“ SchoolPool Marin is an on-line trip matching program for parents who want to share in the duties of getting children to and from school through walking, biking, riding the bus, or carpooling.
Faith and Fantasia a€“ Faith would love to walk to school but her mother worries about her safety. Poster Art a€“ Poster Art engages students to paint colorful posters to promote walking, biking and carpooling to school.
Pedal Power Assembly a€“ Meet the Traffic Transformer as she battles the Traffic Monster and his side-kicks gas and oil to save a family from being stuck in their car.
Be Safe Be Strong a€“ How do you help your child deal with the people they may encounter on their way to school, from strangers to bullies.
Riding with Youth a€“ Learn how to ride with your children in this workshop that will give both you and your child the skills you need to safety ride together. The Bicycle Blender teaches students about good nutrition and physical activity all at the same time. MysteryVisits was honored in 1999 to bring the world's greatest detective to London's Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street ? the first time he had been portrayed properly in his own home! MysteryVisits Prime Friends may book our programs, participate in our services and use our resources at a 33 percent reduced rate. MysteryVisits also can arrange for your group to enjoy a fascinating magic show that's fun for all ages and all audiences. You've probably experienced it yourself - or perhaps you know someone to whom it's happened. At MysteryVisits, we work hard to be informative, so we can give you, your friends and your associates the kind of insights about insight that will have the greatest impact - and produce the greatest result. The staff of MysteryVisits understands that "being psychic" or "being intuitive" sometimes are ways of saying that people are able to anticipate changes, weigh the probabilities and make persuasive changes, often subconsciously. The challenge is to steer this subconscious gift *knowingly,* with constructive purpose and purposeful, persuasive intent. MysteryVisits' uniquely literate, laugh-provoking programs are varied and flexible to meet your time restraints, space requirements, topic demands and audience sizes.
We invite inquiries from meeting planners, human-resources professionals and event schedulers.
Answer: John has been demonstrating his intriguing talents since the mid-1960s, when he was a young man in Michigan. Answer: It never hurts to ask us whether we're available at your scheduled time and date - even if it happens to be tomorrow! Answer: If that's your preferred way to do business, we can set up a contractual agreement. Answer: That's not necessary unless you want us to honor or focus on someone in the group during the presentation.
QUESTION: In your psychic-entertainment performances for groups, do you ever divulge private, personal information that people wouldn't necessarily want revealed? Wishes, Wonders and Wealth - How to Flex Your Mind: Reboot your own portable computer - your brain - and bring it up to speed with powerful mental exercises. Creating Rapport for Results: How to get onto another person's seemingly private "wavelength" through self-empowering mental skills.
Sherlock Holmes at Your Service: Praised as one of the finest portrayals ever, the great detective himself explains how to use a variety mental techniques to achieve superb solutions. Ruthless Tactics of Rare Minds: Help your staff boost its awareness level, memory skill, motivation, client rapport and creative genius. Houdini's Ghost Tour: In the 1920s, Harry Houdini tried to convince the world that there were no ghosts and no spirit mediums. Mind-Reading Considered as One of the Fine Arts: Bewildering demonstrations of mental marvels ranging from amazing one-on-one thought transference to the subtleties of psychic influence and hypnotic suggestion.
Harvey the Pooka Knows Everything: After our Sherlock Holmes presentations, this has been our most praised portrayal.
How not to be Afraid of Ghosts: Kids need this information because they don't know it by themselves. Summer Camp Students & Staff from grades 6–12 to college-age have KICKed IT IN with Fran Kick at summer camp pre-season staff training, leadership workshops, team-building programs, retreats, peer leader training, first-day or welcome back presentations and camp events.

If you’re whining, griping and complaining, having a terrible time—maybe that’s why! Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of encountering only a few adults who innately know how to connect with youth, especially ones that come from such a diverse background. The role you play in the planning and presentation of the Leadership Weekend is vital to its success. The leadership team of the Ohio Speakers Forum continues to sing your praises six months after you facilitated our Board Retreat in June 2000.
Group Size: As few as 40 to audiences as large as 10,800+ Fran Kick interactively inspires students to be self-motivated and develop the personal leadership they need to succeed. Program Length: Available for 30-, 40-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute presentations for any event as well as 3-hour (half-day) and 6-hour (full-day) for workshops. Gymnasium: Only if none of the above rooms are available, please sit students on one side, with any additional students sitting on the floor (2nd choice) or in chairs (1st choice) in front of the gymnasium bleachers.
Microphone: Wireless hand-held (1st choice) or wired with plenty lots of cord (2nd choice).
Russ Simon, Senior Policy AssociateNew York Association of Training and Employment Professionals, Inc. Jamie, tomorrow it will be 3 years years since I received that horrifying call that you were gone. Words can not express the little things I want to share with you, cause the little things always made you smile. As once again, your anniversary will come and go today, my love for you will forever remain. For example, research has determined that girls as young as 7-years-old believe they aren't good at math simply because they're girls. Girls learn how to identify and stop it, and boys are taught to understand why it's so damaging and how to avoid gender stereotyping. That's why there's such urgency to teach as many girls as possible the skills they'll need to protect themselves from gender bias. Athletic activities are empowering, and empowerment is what our girls need in order to defeat gender bias in their lives. Classes can earn from $50a€‰a€“a€‰$100 and schools can earn from $500 to $1,500 by increasing their number of green trips to school. You can order an 11 x 17 color poster plus an editable flyer that allows you to put your own information on where to meet and contact information.
This two-hour workshop includes important information and an opportunity to practice skills training. Students can take turns powering the blender and everyone shares in the fruits of their labor. Post to life for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Post Cereals, presenting a series of programs in Post's own office. This special privilege, obtained for $250 per year, produces great savings for those planning to enjoy our programs regularly. And when we're done, we think you'll have developed a new sense of your own powerful foresight as well. Everyone understands that a person may be able to "look ahead" consciously, make some informed guesses and say he has the gift of objective foresight.
That's what we try to do at MysteryVisits - in a style that's entertaining, engaging and enlightening.
Every performance gets people into the act in a casual and respectful way, without embarassment. MysteryVisits' entertaining, informative programs help corporations and fund-raisers to generate publicity, bolster community relations and coach employees. But, if you contact us a week before your date, you shouldn't be surprised if we're unable to help you.
When multiple services or performances are involved, sometimes a contract is best so all your needs will be met. Can you prepare a customized program - such as an interactive mystery or a specialized paranormal investigation - adapted to our particular situation?
Experiments in hypnotic suggestion, psychometry, clairvoyance and remote reviewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, applied kinesthesiology, sortilege and prophecy are all part of the repertoire and may be drawn upon. More than just a look at great literature - the ghosts and magical creatures of the Bard's immortal tales become vivid in an imaginative presentation.
Inspiring students to be self-motivated and to develop the personal leadership they need to take the lead. Moreover, the planning and execution of the extension of leadership programming and experiences to the full week camp were a complete success. I've been attending this camp for 22 consecutive years because of the leadership component. In our 23rd year in operation, the Ohio DECA Summer Leadership Retreat hit a mile stone with 245 campers in attendance! Thanks to your innovative program and the challenges you placed before us, we have become the most supportive, cohesive and committed leadership team in the ten years I've been a member.
His setup needs are few and because every program is different, every location is different, every audience is different, we’ll always confirm exact setup and AV requests prior to the program. This Audience-Centered Seating™ approach creates the most comfortable, viewable, and focused presentation possible.
Educational Psychology, CSP, author, professional speaker and consultant knows What Makes Kids Kick! I wish it would've been different but I know you are watching over us and you have helped me.

As much as it hurts, I couldnt have asked for a better friend here on earth while I had you, but now I have an amazing guardian angel.
Anthony got it when she said, "I think [the bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. So strap on some roller skates or clip into some pedals and prepare to be empowered by athletic accomplishement! Special Walking School Buses or Bike Trains can also be organized as a way to encourage groups of students to travel together. Fortunately, Faith has her superhero alter-ego, Fantasia, who saves the day when Faith's mother has too many near misses. This environmental assembly includes kids from the school playing key roles as they learn the benefits of walking and biking to school. This Safe Routes to Schools workshop will give a taste of what parents can learn to better prepare their kids for being out in the world. Program includes trip planning with teachers and students, logistical assistance, safety instruction and trained instructors to accompany the students on the trip.
But intuitive foresight also comes to us as part of our subjective and subconscious mental powers, through the use of that part of our brains we don't normally control consciously.
We also touch the emotions memorably to captivate and educate - and we specialize in the healing impact of humor! Gifted-and-talented programs and educational organizations also call on us for our problem-solving dramatizations and consultation services. If you can call us a few months in advance, it's much more likely that we can work things out! Under no circumstances would we embarrass anyone or try to turn anyone into the target of an inappropriate joke. All confidences are regarded seriously, and we would never reveal information to others that should remain yours alone!
Best of all, this is a stimulating search for unusual skills hidden within the audience - and the results are different every time.
This program, one of our most popular since 1983, scans Houdini's life, his bizarre talents, his daring escapes and his suspicious death. Dowd explains how he came to know Harvey, the famous giant invisible rabbit, who not only shows up for the event, but also demonstrates some strange talents!
If you want to know What Makes Kids KICK bring this educational experience and enthusiastic excitement to your next summer camp program.
It was a perfect way to set the tone for what our focus was and what we wanted to accomplish throughout the summer. Our record-breaking numbers (over 550 in leadership and almost 1,600 full week participants) also attests to the results of our pre-event planning and marketing efforts. We could go to camp in a lot of places that wouldn't require an all night student lock-in or a 14+ hour bus ride, but it just wouldn't be the truly "life changing experience" that YOU help create. Thanks so much for all YOU do!
Your opening exercise provided an indelible experience giving each of the team members the right to express their own opinion in a safe environment. I didn't realize I was listening to you to learn how to motivate myself, motivate others, and become a leader – I was having too much fun. If the audience size will be over 400 and the room has a flat floor, a few 12–24 inch high platform risers would be suggested. This light-hearted book is a way for parents to learn about safe driving through their children.
Dowd, the best friend of the famous invisible six-foot-tall rabbit, Harvey, a pooka who knows everything, is prepared to prove it, and how are you, Mr. What's more, you've wondered how - and why - someone can know such things - and take advantage of that knowledge in a persuasive way that benefits everyone.
Charitable organizations, libraries and schools may book our basic half-hour Sherlock Holmes program at a 60 percent discount! Your best chances of securing our availability is to plan your event for a weekday evening or any time of day on a Saturday or Sunday. We want you to be able to recommend our services to others, so our aim is definitely to please you.
Our programs - while still humorous and amusing - are "clean" and free of inappropriate remarks or gags. Sometimes we ask people to think of friends or incidents in their past in an effort to establish an emotional "charge" to their energies, but if we detect thoughts of a sensitive nature, we tend to bypass them - and forget about them. Your message about 'paying attention and responding appropriately' ties in so well with what we strive to do—teaching young people to think for themselves. Again, thank you for all the preparation you did to incorporate examples that supported my vision for the OSF 2000-2001 term. You have the freedom you were searching for, we just can't share it with each other now.
As for our rates, you'll find many of them listed on this page - just scroll down to the program that interests you! So that, as you put it, they can 'figure things out on their own' focusing their potential to kick it in and take the lead!

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