When asked about how the Philippines came to be a top country housing BPO(business process outsourcing) service providers, many people would say straight-out that it’s the Filipinos’ fluency in speaking English. The BPO services that the Philippines has been offering to Western companies and the global market have borne the mark of quality. Since most Filipinos have an affinity to almost anything Western, they readily have above-average skills in speaking and writing in English. It’s fair to say that being a fluent English speaker does not readily translate to being an effective communicator. With TYF, Inc.’s communications training, the trainees’ communication skills are enhanced and further refined in order for them to not only efficiently communicate but to communicate with impact as well. This entry was postedon Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 11:29 amand is filed under Blog, Sharpen Your Skills. When it comes to generating revenue, the University of Texas is the king of college football, with $93.9 million in revenue last year. Texas A&M, who must compete directly with the University of Texas for revenue and recruits in football-mad Texas, is not even in the same neighborhood as the Longhorns. The high-grade outsourcing services of the country stem from the frontline training programs of call centers in Cebu, Manila, and other outsourcing companies around the Philippines. It is said that a meaningful thought remains to be a mere thought unless one has established a connection that leaves a significant impression, one that incites action or prompts a response. The company’s training approach has made the output of its employees distinctive from the outsourcing services of other countries, contributing to how the country has made a mark in the outsourcing world with the BPO services Philippines delivers. The company stresses the importance of efficient communication; it is a way of living up to the prestige of the industry of BPO Philippines is globally known to excel in. To be part of a company that has contributed to the outstanding BPO services that the Philippines provides to foreign businesses is an achievement.
The company does not settle for individuals who are consistent in pronouncing words correctly, who have neutral accents, or who frequently have the right intonation in speaking.

Instead, the company maximizes those abilities by turning articulate speaking into effective communication.
Almost every healthcare facility requires a medical assistant - the people who keep the operation running smoothly and often interact the most with patients. The federal government anticipates the need for medical assistants is only going to grow, with a 31% jump in the number of medical assistant jobs expected this decade. On any visit to a doctor’s office, it’s likely the person you’ll spend the most time with, the one who takes your vital information, explains a treatment or even gives you a shot.
Medical assistants are the people who keep any medical facility running – from doctor’s offices to mega hospitals. And healthcare needs more than ever with breakneck job growth expected at 31%, according to the U.S. That’s faster than other support jobs in healthcare and more than double the nation’s overall job growth. Get Matched With Medical Assisting Degree and Certificate Programs Now It’s a field you can jump into with a high school diploma, though many employers prefer some formal training. Certification also boosts your employability and pay that can top $40,000, according to the BLS. Salary for Medical Assistants The BLS puts the median medical assistant salary at $28,000 a year, meaning half the workers earn more and half earn less. Other sources put the salary for medical assistants in about the same neighborhood, though where you live and what type of medical facility you work at can affect your pay. The website also said a medical office assistant can expect to make about the same, while a dermatology office assistant might earn $34,000. A 2011 survey by the American Association of Medical Assistants posted on the organization website showed the average pay for more than 3,800 medical assistants who responded was $29,000. The survey said certified medical assistants earned about 10% more than those who responded who were without the association certification.

This handbook includes advice on planning your career path and outlines steps you can take to increase your chance of professional success. The lowest average pay was in the southern states of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee at about $27,000.
For medical assistants with more than 16 years of experience the survey found the mid-Atlantic states had the highest average salary of $39,000 followed closely by the west coast states and New England, where the average medical assistant with that amount of experience earned about $38,000.
While 87% of the medical assistants surveyed work at a physician’s office with the average pay hitting $29,000, the roughly 4% who work for an emergency or outpatient hospital department earn more at $30,700 on average, the survey said.
Important Job Skills for Medical Assistants A medical assistant’s job skills should include the ability to understand medical charts, handle details, interact with patients and work with medical equipment. Also, the advance of electronic medical recordkeeping will expand the roles of medical assistants. The range of jobs can run from the administrative end, coding patient forms, filling out insurance documents and scheduling appointments, to clinical duties such as giving patients information about a diagnosis or treatment to getting them ready for X-rays to removing stitches, the BLS said. Medical assistant education is easy to find at community colleges, vocational schools and even universities with a degree taking about a year or certificate about two years, according to the HealthcareCareers.org website. Some community colleges offer associate’s degree programs that take about two years, the BLS said. More than 40% of the medical assistants in the association survey had an associate’s degree in the field and 62% had either a degree or certificate.
You need to finish an accredited medical assistant program to become a certified medical assistant through the American Association of Medical Assistants, one of four certifying organizations in the field.
The others, which grant different certifications, are American Medical Technologists, National Center for Competency Testing and National Healthcare Association and there is no formal education required to take their exams, the BLS said.

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