As an entrepreneur, social media is very important within your startup or current small business. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. The advent of social media has brought about a revolution in the online world and besides being a medium of communication, social media and social networking sites can be effectively used for business promotion. Use these ways to effectively promote your business on social media sites and you will reap the benefits. Promoting your business online through Facebook is a viable way of generating revenue and spreading your reach.
You can set up a business page on Facebook and highlight special efforts to all those who like the page. For example, If the business is related to information technology, you can ask the readers their preference of the laptop models. Ask your customers to share pictures of products they bought from your website on the facebook page.
This way you will not only instill confidence in the new customers but will make your regular ones feel special and they will connect with you in a better way. Add a touch of innovation to your efforts and reduce the workload on managing separate Facebook pages. Allowing subscribers on your personal page is a good idea as this will increase your reach and even your friends and family who have little knowledge of your online business promotion endeavors will connect with you. Twitter is another social media platform that can be used to generate revenue and promote business, the online way.
To make your business ideas acceptable and understandable across the customer segment, you can promote small tips on Twitter on the ways to use products or service.

This will help them develop a judicious view of your ideas and let them understand your vision in a better way. Post a small video on You Tube wherein you are explaining about the benefits of your product range.
This will create a positive ambiance with the customers and they will appreciate your professional attitude.
The more you get active, more are the chances of receiving business queries that will eventually stand to benefit your business.
Google plus is a recently launched social media platform that has gained popularity with tech savvy people. You can create circles in the personal Google plus profile and use the same specifically for your customers and other people who show interest in using your service or product. Post quality content related to the brand or service on the Google plus profile and ask customers to offer their comments and suggestions. The multi user chat tool in Google plus should be used creatively to connect with customers. Just in case it's not intuitively obvious, this infographic was provided by Meetings Four You, which offers conference venues in Oxford and all over the UK. Great and simple infographic that shows the most basic things you should do to promote your event through social media. It's the best way of promoting an event through social media sites as it helps to gather large amount of traffic . An eclectic mix of news about meetings and events, hospitality, and business travel, along with helpful hints and the occasional rant. In this seminar, small business expert, Victor Acosta, will present on ways to promote your business through social media.

Additionally, you can post polls in form of questions on the page and ask the readers their comments on the topic. Twitter can be used to tweet unusual facts related to the business, simultaneously you can also leave a link to the product page on the site. You can create a YouTube channel for the business and add videos that help you promote the product range. Start a video contest for them and ask them to post videos of your products that they might be using. You can post questions and comments on these group pages and ask your customers to offer their answers and suggestions. This helps in being updated on various developments and being a step ahead of your competitors.
Visual contact helps generate compassion and develops a genuine bond between you and your customers. Ensure that you update the profile with new links, articles and books that you are reading. Topics to be covered: Financial Resources - LiftFund Small Business Resources - NCI Promoting Small Businesses on Social Media - NCI Please bring your pen, paper, and business cards for this key resource event.  REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED!

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