Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once the assessment and planning phases have been conducted, and interventions have been selected for implementation, the final stage of designing a workplace health program involves decisions concerning the monitoring and evaluation of program activities. The definition and approach to program evaluation The systematic investigation of the merit (e.g. As noted in the framework, effective program evaluation A systematically examines the implementation and results of strategies and interventions A with the aim of using findings to improve those actions.A  As such, ita€™s important that the evaluation approach be useful, feasible, ethical, and accurate. Besides producing practical, useful evaluation designs, the framework encourages an approach aimed to integrate evaluation with program planning and routine program operations. The level of corporate investment in workplace health programs will depend on the perceived value of these programs.
What aspects of the program will be considered by decision makers (e.g., senior leaders) when judging program performance? What benchmarks (i.e., type or level of performance), if any, must these activities or outcomes reach for the program to be considered successful? What kinds of evidence on performance are most credible to key decision makers in making judgements about how the program has performed? Clearly, these questions encompass both program implementation and program effectiveness.A  Either can be the focus of a given evaluation, but usually aspects of both need to be addressed. Process measures examine all the steps and activities taken in implementing a program and the outputs they generate, such as the number and type of educational materials for a stress management class that are developed and given to employees.
Short- and intermediate term measures, by contrast, relate to the intermediate steps and a€?driversa€? necessary to achieve the long-term outcomes, such as individual employee reductions in healthy lifestyle risks such as tobacco use, or process changes such as implementing a new health-related policy or benefit at the organizational level that supports lifestyle changes. Whatever program components have been included in the evaluation, it is important that they be both measurable and realistic. Some subset of the process or outcomes measures may need to be collected from the very start of the intervention as a€?baselinea€? measures.A  The need for baseline measures is one key reason for designing the evaluation plan before implementation begins because they establish a starting place and frame of reference for the workplace health program. Participation in health promotion activities through a workplace health program allows individuals to develop knowledge, self-management and coping skills as well as build a social support network among coworkers, supervisors, and family. Creating a culture of healthThe creation of a working environment where employee health and safety is valued, supported and promoted through workplace health programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports.
There is no point in deciding in late December that you are going to send out a Christmas themed Newsletter – Plan ahead for best results.
Every company will send out a newsletter at Christmas – It is going to be a crowded market so you need something to make your newsletter stand out. Make sure to re-assure your customers that if they order from your website they will have their products delivered in time for Christmas. Behind every good social network and twitter account there are email notifications updating you as to what’s happened.
And there’s a very good reason why email works so well as it does and that’s because almost everybody has it. Of those 200 people who open it, 8 are going to click on your campaign, so can I ask just the front row to stand up and everyone else to sit down.
I use that sort of as a baseline for you and also if you are using email and you are not achieving those kinds of results you need to seriously look at what you are doing.
Some of the most effective ways of getting subscribers is of course, ask, captured through your website.
Put out an e-book I know another B+B and what they have done is they have traveled around to all the local attractions and put together an ebook that can be downloaded for their area, giving them a tour guide. Just some examples of subscribe forms that are out there at the moment, I wont name these guys …it is a terrible subscribe form. A particular technique for catching subscribers was from a hotel in the US called the Broadmoore Hotel and what they did was a trade conference and they offered a competition for a free digital camera. They spent around 15 thousand setting up the booth and the competition, and in return they brought in about 250 thousand dollars worth of business from that individual campaign and they still have the subscriber base to build upon going forward.
In terms of detail and capturing lots of information, there is a lot of information you can capture without asking. There is a third concern regarding spam laws, and that is that you need to be concerned with the spam laws in the country you are sending to. If there is only one thing you do with your emails lists, do this: segment your users into tastes, events, dates, anything you can to narrow them down into particular groups. Local, again, why, are they there for a birthday, are they there for an anniversary, it happens every year, are there particular activities are there some sports on TV, you can talk to them again next week when there is another football match, you can bring them in. One is the “I’m not dead” email – “Hi, we are here, hope you are well, just touching base.” And the other is a particular sales targeted campaign which is based on your segmented list. Brand it, Keep it short and sweet, about 3 short paragraph articles, you don’t have to go into any great depth. There is a great video on Youtube on how to pack like a butler, which has 42 thousand views on Youtube.
Top ten lists are very effective, I think that keeps the TV station Channel 4 in business with their top 100 comedy moments every Christmas.
The second campaign you send out each month is a targeted offer or offers, depending on your groups. If you are checking in with the rest of the hotel, you know who has not played golf in a while.
But don’t target it too much because we had one hotel and golf resort send out a great offer for the ladies night for the over 50s. Google reader after a week will show you these nice charts of when people mentioned that particular term, last week, last month and when during the day most people were mentioning that term. For bookings, events, locations, look at setting up an automated series of mails that can go out, associated with that.
I was at a hotel just about two weeks ago and I was looking closely at the customer journey in preparation for this and I was looking at how I might improve it and I so I booked the hotel and I just got a confirmation email and not a whole lot more. Just before I arrived I should have gotten an email confirming all of my details, how to get there, my travel itinerary and possible other things I could see while I m there. Again, as I just touched on there, upsell your customers and there are huge amounts of opportunities you have. Upsell dinner, spa, breakfast, an upgrade in hotel room, but make the offer time limited in order to get them to respond very quickly. This is an example from the Luxor in Las Vegas after a booking they send out information on their restaurant and their dinner.
The more you segment your lists and the more you target your messages, the more those numbers are going to go up. Typical example of what the tools can provide: subscriber management, email templates, editing, personalization, sending, tracking. I am over time so I am going to just flick through a few creative examples that I came across, I really like this particular design for an offer.
A landing page is the webpage you direct traffic to from a specific email, ad or piece of marketing. The tricky bit is to get the balance right; giving just enough information to get the conversion. An article over on I am a landing page designer offers a good explanation why this new page converts so well.
The redesigned page swapped the main header copy and image positions – copy on the right, image on the left.

2009 Webby Awards nominee icon is included along with an iPhone App notice and iPhone image.
As Featured in the Press, icons of CNBC, TechCrunch and Cnet, logos added to the bottom of the page.
In summary, adding these visual references and clarifying the layout of the page gives the user confidence in signing-up for this service.
Here is an example of an order page for a free Audiobooks Catalogue featured over on Which Test Won.
In the first page version, the left and right column had no relevance to the purpose of the page. The answer then, lies in not making a form ask for fewer details but just enough to secure the sign-up. To jump start your marketing I have put together a wonderfully simple online marketing plan for you for the year. If you think you could do with some more information on how to get started or improve your email marketing campaigns sign up to our free email marketing course.
Keep us posted and let us know how the plan helped your business and let us know how we can improve it. Occasionally emails do not arrive after you send them from toddle, and due to restrictive email filters in companies, they may not arrive as beautiful as they should.
So we have done some testing and have an alternative way for you to import your finished Toddle newsletter into your email client ready to send to your subscribers. When the new page opens displaying your newsletter, click EDIT > SELECT ALL and then COPY. If you have any problems with this or you are using this in any other email client not mentioned above please let us know how you get on. We have been working with the hotel and hospitality industry developing email marketing strategies and designing custom email newsletters for some time now.
In response we designed this easy monthly checklist to make sure you are harnessing the potential of your email marketing campaigns. I was catching up on some reading this morning and the question of buying email lsits came up again. In my experience bought lists can cause headaches, namely receivers hitting the spam button and not appreciating the unsolicited mail.
To my mind bought lists are not worth the financial outlay and are in fact a danger to your business.
It is tempting to try to fast track to thousands of connections but in reality it may turn out to be a very backward step.
Seth Godin has a great story of a wine merchant, who used free information provided to him, to create a wine appreciation course by email. I noticed in a local restaurant a big fish bowl by the cash register offering a years free membership to a local gym as a prize.
Once logged in, click on Messages, then Broadcast and then on Create Broadcast Message button.
When you are sending an email newsletter to many people you really do not want everyone to see each others email address. If you are using Word as your e-mail editor, on the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Options button, and click Bcc.
Other email clients should be pretty similar or have a Bcc button placed somewhere around the To: field. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Promotion plays a role in the perception the possible target audience may have about your service.
Services marketing is that elusive concept which stays incomplete without a thorough understanding of 7 Ps.
Also did you read our article on the The 4 P’s of Marketing – The Marketing Mix strategies? Just as assessment data are critical for evidenced-based program planning and implementation, so too is evaluation to prove that workplace health interventions have been effective and build the business case for continuing them. The framework guides professionals through a series of steps that are intended to ensure their A program evaluations meet these standards and are most likely to yield results that will be used for program improvement.
The early steps of engaging stakeholders and describing the program yield insights for planners and implementers as well as evaluators. These are often similar to the goals of the program and these long-term outcomes often take years to observe. These can usually be developed from data collected during the initial assessment activities and summarized in the assessment final report.
Building a Culture of Health involves all levels of the organization and establishes the workplace health program as a routine part of business operations aligned with overall business goals. Make sure to mention your cut off point for last orders to ensure that they are delivered for Christmas. You may be getting my credit card details and name on the booking but it is my wife who decides how the credit card gets spent. And then afterwards I definitely should have gotten a thank you email and can we send you more information, check out our social media channels. When someone’s making that booking they have the credit card in their hand, they have trusted you enough, you want to take advantage of that, they want to have a good time. Include too little or too much information, or add unclear messaging and you start loosing sales. Benefits are clearly outlined and, most importantly, we know that Rudder is free and secure; a vital element, not to be ignored when dealing with issues of personal finance.
At the very least, they distracted a visitor or at worst, led a visitor to click away from the order page without taking any action. It is put together as a checklist and it has the basics filled in with space for you to add your own twist and cross them off each month. More useful tips and tricks are found on our monthly newsletter so feel free to sign up below. Over the course of working with many hotels, travel sites and hospitality services we realized that key information necessary to run successful campaigns was being missed on a regular basis.
Why take the chance of destroying your goodwill by sending emails to people you don’t know and have no connection with.
For readers who prefer books to courses package up your information into a downloadable eBook. All you had to do was drop in your business card and agree to get a healthy living newsletter monthly. The restaurant gets a free prize for their customers and the gym gets a list of people who have indicated they want to get more active and healthy. When you are exchanging business cards ask if you can send your newsletter to them and mark their cards for adding their details later.
Play around with the location, colour and wording of your email subscribe box on your site. Enter your email Subject, and paste your HTML code in the text area for HTML message under Source tab. But there is also a Bcc: option where everyone will get an email addressed to just them and no other email addresses are visible to them.

Who would want to travel 10 miles to have a regular dinner, even if that is priced very competitively and has a super quality?
Services being intangible, processes become all the more crucial to ensure standards are met with.
These form the critical success factors for any service as evaluated by a possible customer. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises.
Ideally, evaluation plans should be developed as part of the planning process and before beginning the intervention activities. By involving diverse program stakeholders such as business leaders, managers, and employees, not just evaluation experts, the evaluation design can be a driving force for planning health strategies, improving existing programs, and demonstrating the results of resource investments. The results of this culture change include engaged and empowered employees, an impact on health care costs, and improved worker productivity. This is a sure way of people actually opening your newsletter but also clicking through to make a purchase on your store. For example not getting the email addresses of both parties who book a double room or not getting contact details for a whole team not just the person who books the rooms. This way you will never wonder again how to structure your campaigns and if you are gathering emails from every possible source, client booking and referral.
We design fantastic custom newsletters for the hotel industry so give us a shout and we will be sure to help you.
It is far better and far more sustainable to grow your contact lists through opt-ins like sign up forms on your website, from connections made in your business and by simply asking in the first place. After all email marketing is about relationships built over time, advice and support given to your user that is valued and appreciated by people who want to read about what you have to say. Email is a great way to hook them in and remind them to come back when you have new news and updates. Newsletter by newsletter he explained the virtues and characteristics of the wines in his shop and along with it, gained the trust and confidence of would be purchasers. As part of the download process ask them to subscribe to additional information and advice from your newsletter. You can offer a competition via your website, local newspaper or try and find out who else is sending newsletters to your target market and team up with them. An eBook, as above, a free 30 minute consulting session or a special offer only for subscribers. Most of us are more then happy to refer other people to services, sites or information that they will find useful. If you are standing up in front of these people then you are already perceived as an expert in the field and someone worth listening to. Services can range from financial services provided by the banks, technology services provided by the IT company, food and ambiance as a service provided by restaurants or even a blog where an author provides a service (information presentation, interesting reading etc) to his audience. The attributes of the product, vis-a-vis the attributes offered by competing products and substitutes, are important in estimating the competitive scenario for the marketing strategy formulation. Promotion leads to service (brand) recognition and further establishes a proxy to evaluate quality of services based by potential customers. Process mapping ensures that your service is perceived as being dependable by your target segment. As well as creating a level of urgency with the last date of ordering, you are also giving a feeling of assurance to your Customers.
In this case, the new Landing Page is much better off for this decision, as users know exactly what this form is for.
The new order page resulted in 42% more visitors registering for a free catalogue, a dramatic increase. A new year, a new opportunity to try new things and I can feel it in my water, it is going to be a good one.
It is based on one I have been using last year and I can tell you it helped me focused and on track. Firstly, where did the list originate from, are those on the list in your target market and did they give permission for their emails to be disseminated to third parties. So instead of blacklisting you they send your insigntful content to their frienda and family thereby growing your connections organically as a trusted expert and friend!
A sales call, a first meeting, a network event, before you say goodbye tell then you have information you believe would be useful to them in your newsletter and can you add their email. Your customers have done the hard work and found you among the millions of sites on the web. I noticed a tourist office recently offering USB drives for the first 100 people who signed up.
If your customers and subscribers are happy with you, then they will only be too happy to refer your newsletter to someone else. So at the end of the talk, tell the audience you can send them more information on a particular point or topic, they just need to drop up their business card. Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price,  Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.
What is important to note that services being all the more intangible, the price becomes an important factor for the actual service consumption to happen, after service awareness and service acknowledgement. Many different promotional tools are often used like internet advertisement, special events, endorsements which happen out of the store or in-store merchandising like branded boxes from Custom Boxes Now, plastic dump bins and digital signage. Intensive training for your human resources on how to handle customers and how to deal with contingencies, is crucial for your success. Would you like eating at a joint where the table is greasy or the waitresses and cooks look untidy and wear a stained apron? Value consists of three dimensions: merit (was the program a quality program), worth (cost-effectiveness, did the benefits exceed the costs), and significance (did it accomplish something important). Think about your content and remember you need a call to action in every single newsletter. But at the same time, you need to try and capture as many details as you can from those subscribers as possible, and I will tell you how you might be able to do that. Now you have promised to deliver good, useful content so make sure you deliver or your customers won’t be long unsubscribing. Your message will be sent immediately or saved for later according to the schedule options you chose.
The 7 P framework is one of the most popular framework for deciding a marketing strategy, right from strategy formulation to actual implementation. VERY prominently on your blog or site put up an email subscribe box with a GREAT reason to sign up. Like our wine merchant think of the expertise you have in your field and see how you can repackage it to your subscribers. If they are coming over for a particular date, find out why and maybe there is a chance you can attract them again next year. One hotel group I was working with was actually monitoring at what particular time subscribers were actually opening their mail so that they would send a campaign again next week or next month at that same particular time because they knew chances are the people are sitting in front of their computer at that time.

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