The promotion ( Promotional Mix ) is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term. Promotion is the process of marketing communication between the company that sells the product and the potential customer, with the purpose of influencing the attitudes and behavior.
Promotional mix is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term. Advertising is marketing communication with current and potential customers and consumers, done through paid mass media marketing services.
Public Relationship ( PR ) is marketing communication toward public, but is turned more to reputation and image of the company, than to it's products.
Personal Sales is a way of promotion activity where sales representative is directly contacting the customer. Sales Promotion represents marketing strategy as a set of different promotional activities that has the goal of animating customers for purchasing. The business marketing approach to promotional mix can be different, depending on marketing strategy.
The Promotional Mix than create the consumer's demand is then creating request for product through supply channel upstream. The primary goal of Social Media from a marketing standpoint is to engage, direct and provide value to a targeted community. Engaging your community to participate via social media is one of the biggest trends of the late 00’s and is continuing to grow.
Tweet© Rowan CaseyThis post answers the question of whether content production is a good strategy in internet marketing.
First of all, the internet is a content machine, every question you could ever have can be answered by doing a Google search. I then changed the title to content marketing ideas, and added the other one at the end, because that phrase has 170 exact match searches a month.
If I manage to rank first on the first page, I will get about half of those people clicking on my page, which makes it eighty five visitors a month.

Out of those people, perhaps five percent will buy something from me, if I manage to sell my services well, which makes about four customers a month, if everything goes exactly as planned. What I do is just about anything to do with internet marketing, including content production, Facebook page design, You Tube videos, articles, guest posts, SEO, ad management, social sharing, likes and followers and so on. What I try to do is sign people up to a monthly package which includes web design or social media page design, ad campaign management and SEO, which has as a component content production of all kinds. As I just explained, making quality content helps you rank on Google, not just for the target site, but for all the pages you make as back links to that one.
For example, I may try to improve the rankings of this particular page, to help it reach that first spot position.
What I will probably do is write a HubPages article, a Squidoo article, a Yahoo Contributor Network article, and perhaps an Ezine article. I would share this page on all of my social media accounts, including social bookmarking sites like Linked In, Digg, and Stumble Upon. If I wanted to go further with it, I might seek out guest posting opportunities, and even make sister sites on different hosts, and regularly update them with content as well. To go to all of that trouble to rank for one phrase isn’t really worth it at all, unless that keyword had tens of thousands of searches a month, or unless the profit margin of a sale was thousands of dollars. By blogging regularly, or making many different pages of all kinds, like You Tube videos, Facebook pages, Google Plus pages, articles, guest posts, etc, you can rank for many different phrases, while helping your target site to rank higher.
You get click-throughs from other sites to yours, and if you’re blogging on your own site, you have the freedom to say more of what you want to say to sell your product or services. The promotional mixis always serving to specific goal through marketing strategy. There are specific promotional tool that are supporting chosen promotional goal.
The promotion is always serving to specific goal of marketing strategy. The channels of marketing communicationcommunication can be TV, radio, Internet, billboards, etc.

The PR activity can be a press conference, TV interview with company representative, internet marketing, press article about donation of the company to charity or about latest environmental project. This person-to-person contact has the goal of direct product marketing of the product and conclusion of sales.
This can be value offer ( discount ), quantity offer ( 2+1 ), prize drawings, merchandising, direct contact by animators in retail outlet, etc.
The push strategy is transferring the supply pressure downstream through sales channels. Usually these two marketing strategy approaches are interlacing. One of the reasons that it is such a trending topic in marketing is because it made what was traditionally a one-way communication channel into a two-way channel by giving the customer the ability to be heard by the community.
Then I typed that phrase into the Google keyword planner, and realized it had no exact match monthly worldwide search volume on Google. These goals can be public informing, demand increasing, product differentiation, and product value increasing or sales stabilizing. The promotional mix represents a combination of different promotional tools. In the early stage of product life the pull marketing strategy is more dominant. The basic marketing strategy elements of promotional mix are Advertising, Public Relationship, Personal Sales and Sales Promotion. Later, when the market is saturated with own and competitor's products the push marketing strategy is predominant.

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