Since the elections of April 1994 the issues of economic empowerment and growth have been placed high on the agenda of the Government of National Unity of South Africa. Small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) represent an important vehicle to address the challenges of job creation, economic growth and equity in our country. We believe that the real engine of sustainable and equitable growth in this country is the private sector. This document is the result of an intensive process of consultation with key stakeholders in the SMME sector. We believe that the programmes and policies outlined here reflect the aspirations of many small-business people in our country.
May I express my personal thanks to the many individuals and organisations who have contributed to the development of this White Paper.
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Pauline’s day job is to lead Social Firms Scotland - a membership-led intermediary which provides advice, business support and representation for the Social Firms sector to support job creation for those furthest from the labour market.

Susan has responsibility for the broad range of policy areas affecting small businesses and represents the FSB on a number of national working groups and committees, including the Regulatory Review Group and Public Procurement Reform Board.
Before taking up her post with the FSB in 2002, Susan worked for the former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Sir George Reid.
In 2001 he took up a full time position with the Amalgamated Engineering Electrical Union (AEEU) in Research and Communications at their Head Office in London and, following its merger with MSF to form Amicus, was appointed a National Campaigns Officer working on a wide range of diverse industrial campaigns across the UK before returning to Scotland in 2003 to work in the private sector as Head of Employee Relations with Babcock Naval Services.
Prior to his election to the Scottish Parliament he was an Assistant Secretary at the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) where he had responsibility for the organisation´s media and political strategy.
My presentation at these half-day seminars will look at the Met Office's change from a vote funded organisation to a Trading Fund. I will share what happened and present some of the lessons learned from the process and the tensions which arose, some of which are still in evidence today, more than 15 years later. With millions of South Africans unemployed and underemployed, the government has no option but to give its full attention to the fundamental task of job creation, and generating sustainable and equitable growth. Throughout the world one finds that SMMEs are playing a critical role in absorbing labour, penetrating new markets and generally expanding economies in creative and innovative ways. We are committed to doing all that we can to help create an environment in which businesses can get on with their job. Such tireless activity on the part of small-business entrepreneurs, the corporate sector, support institutions and all other players will prove to be invaluable for the policies and strategies in this White Paper to be translated into real progress in our economy and our nation. Ceiling bаgs in conjunction wit? storage boxes will help y?u to store as much toys as possible. If the above mentioned safety guidelines and work rules are observed and followed carefully, one can achieve both the targets. After the 1979 general election he worked in America before returning to Scotland and forming his own economic consultancy business.
From 2007 Alex was vice-Convenor of the European and External Relations Committee and member of the Finance Committee. He specialises in public procurement and state aid law and their impact on major projects, as well as routine purchasing. Prior to this Chris worked extensively in the race equality movement working in Lothian Racial Equality Council (REC)  and then running Fife REC.

In essence we now have to make a return on capital employed (ROCE) or to put it another way, a profit. We are of the view that - with the appropriate enabling environment - SMMEs in this country can follow these examples and make an indelible mark on this economy.
We believe in the principle of working together with our partners in the private sector - big and small businesses - in realising our hopes and aspirations for this economy. The White Paper will become a platform for even further consultations with stakeholders involved in small-business development. In 1985 he joined the SNP and stood as their candidate in the 1989 Glasgow Central by-election. He was also co-Convenor of the Cross-Party Group on the Scottish Economy and on the Council of Europe’s Local and Regional Authorities Association. These varied posts have given her a comprehensive knowledge of government and public policy at both local and national level as well as experience of both the public and private sectors. Chris is a community worker by training and has also worked in Housing, Social Work, Criminal Justice and Health with a strong focus on social justice and equality issues. The stimulation of SMMEs must be seen as part of an integrated strategy to take this economy onto a higher road - one in which our economy is diversified, productivity is enhanced, investment is stimulated and entrepreneurship flourishes, This White Paper represents government's thinking about what it can contribute to the process of stimulating small, medium and micro-enterprises.
We are under no illusion that we have all the answers to the problems of growth and redistribution in this country. At the President's Conference on Small Business in March 1995, we intend to present our programmes for public discussion and debate.
She has a particular interest in the better regulation agenda in Scotland and in the relationship between local authorities and the business community. In May 2011, Alex was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment.
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