A successful product or service means nothing unless the benefit of such a service can be communicated clearly to the target market. Direct mail allows an organisation to use their resources more effectively by allowing them to send publicity material to a named person within their target segment. Promoting and selling your services online using various forms of online marketing techniques such as banner advertisments, videos or social media. An effective communication campaign should comprise of a well thought out message strategy. As products move through the four stages of the product lifecycle different promotional strategies should be employed at these stages to ensure the healthy success and life of the product.
When a product is new the organisation's objective will be to inform the target audience of its entry. As the product becomes accepted by the target market (at this stage of the lifecycle) the organisation will employ strategy to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. At this stage of the lifecycle the product will be experiencing increased competition and will need persuasive tactics to encourage consumers to choose their product over their rivals. As the product reaches the decline stage of its life cycle, all the organisation can do is use strategy to remind consumers about the product in a bid to slow the inevitable. Owning a website is a now a crucial ingredient to the marketing mix strategy of an organisation. Advertisers have now moved their money over to the internet as customers are on average spending more time online then watching TV.
Overall promotional strategies for your products or services can be separated into two types, a push strategy and a pull strategy. A push marketing strategy essentially takes the product or service directly to the face of the customer and “pushes” the product on them.
Over 80% of people share content because of the headline! 90% of people only read content because of the headline. Learn 101 Hacks to create headlines that get shared & your content read!
For small businesses, Twitter is another great tool in the social media arsenal to expand your company’s reach, build your brand, communicate with customers, and network with other business owners.
The importance of creating quality content cannot be overstated, and social media experts all agree that when it comes to content, the most effective way to build relationships is to provide useful and relevant content as oppsed to directly promoting your company.
Twitter provides some examples of how you might engage your customers over the course of a week. On Tuesday you could tweet behind-the-scenes videos or photos that your followers can’t get any other way.
On Thursday, highlight positive press stories and news about your company, industry or community that your followers will find interesting. According to social media strategist, Sarah Mincher, customers who engage with companies via social media spend 2040% more money with those businesses than other businesses.
Dan Zarrella claims tweets with less than 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate. Basbakan Gorunurluk suggests trending topics aren’t only tweeted about a lot, but also are heavily searched for on Twitter. Take a look at users who have interacted with your brand in the past or have mentioned your brand in the past on Twitter (in a positive way) and follow them back. Many brands follow their competitors on Twitter in order to keep track of their Social Media strategy. Use sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit to find, ve share with your followers, interesting stories from your particular area of business.
Take note of both how much your hashtags are being used and what people are saying through them, you may learn a lot about the way people perceive your business. Advertising:A  Is any non personal paid form of communication using any form of mass media.
Public relations: Involves developing positive relationships with the organisation media public.
Direct Mail: Is the sending of publicity material to a named person within an organisation. Internet Marketing Promoting and selling your services online using various forms of online marketing techniques such as banner advertisments, videos or social media. AIDA is a communication model which can be used by firms to aid them in selling their product or services. Marketing is integral to the successful running of any business, from multi-national corporations, to small social enterprises, without adequate marketing even the most promising of business venture can fail.

When you choose promotional mugs to deliver your advertising message, you choose a messenger that never gets tired. Promotional merchandise is a very popular marketing strategy because the same item can be used for different purposes. Promotional Mugs Are a Great Branding Tool More than a thousand years have passed since our ancestors discovered how to make mugs.
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There are many advantages and disadvantages of both models, as it depends on your business. For a service business,A they often use pull strategies, for example, Intel, the computer chip company created 'Intel Inside' their brand ingredient programme by persuading manufacturers that their computers would have higher perceived value if they featured Intel in their own marketing, resulting in customers wanting to know if the PC they were buying included an Intel chip. Useful for those manufacturing or those selling low value items as a distribution who is likely to place bulk items. The distributor may source alternative products (cheaper, faster delivery) once your product has established the market need. Instant payment as customers do not have credit facilities and pay online or in store at the checkout. As a small business on a budget, they had a challenge competing for supermarket shelf space and needed customers talking about them, so the supermarkets would want to talk to them. In our free, illustrated guide to 15 classic planning models diagrams we explain what they are and give examples of why and how to apply them in business. The art of good public relations is not only to obtain favorable publicity within the media, but it is also involves being able to handle successfully negative attention. This organisation usually has a high profile so that you know that your brand will be seen by a large audience. What aspects of the promotional mix will the company use to deliver their message strategy. Television, radio, magazine, coupons etc may be used to push the product through the introduction stage of the lifecycle. As with other social media venues, the most effective way to establish a community of fans is to know who your target audience is and how to reach them. You can link to your own blog postings, other people’s blog, articles and news reports. For instance, on Monday you could launch special Twitter-only promotions to your followers, and Tweet an offer code that unlocks a promotion, or tweet a secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit your business. On Wednesday you could create a regular series of tweets that are informative or surprising. Whether industry-based, seasonal or cultural, learn how to use events to tap into popular interests or conversations. Tweeting about a trending topic can help add your brand to these highly popular conversations. These users are already aware of who you are and are a lot more likely to follow you back then someone who is unfamiliar with your brand. A lot of these brands don’t know that they can do this in a much easier way, without letting their competition know, by creating a private Twitter list and adding them to it. Soltero, a Content and Social Media Strategist for Leaf, a Cambridge based tech startup, provides three ways to measure your success on Twitter.
A push strategy is where the manufacturer concentrates some of their marketing effort on promoting their product to retailers to convince them to stock the product. Either by the product being pushed towards customers or your customers pulling the product through the retail chain towards them.
For instance, manufacturers A tend to use a push strategy for finding distributors to promote their products. Thorntona€™s Chocolates operate both strategies in different ways.They have an own label option and sell to specific retailers and package their goods using the retailersa€™ own brand packaging and they sell direct to customers via high street stores, online and in other retailers.
Stormhoek wines went from selling 50,000 cases of wine a year in 2004 to 200,000 cases in 2006.
They were looking at changing their traditional business model from a push to a pull strategy.
Wea€™ve looked through The Chartered Institute of Marketinga€™s EBSCO database containing access to thousands of journals, articles and other publications dated back to 1902 and ita€™s not there. Putting up a business is a crucial one, an effective marketing scheme must be done to make a business profitable.

Yeah, I know you didn’t want to hear that and you wanted a definitive answer, but they all work! My unending thirsts for knowledge and personal growth give me the drive to continual improve & perform. You should spend at least an hour every day on developing content you can share on Twitter, and to maximize your exposure, make sure to use two or three hashtags at the end of your Tweet. They won’t know that they’ve been added and you can access your competitors all in one central location. You’re either not writing engaging or captivating Tweets, not Tweeting them at the right time, or not using hashtags well.
A combination of promotional mix strategies are used at this stage aimed at the retailer including personal selling, and direct mail. If you sell to merchants like supermarkets or major retailers, the challenge is often when your product establishes sufficient demand; the merchant may wish to replace your product with its own alternative.
Via a blog (gapingvoid) a bottle of wine was offered to 100 bloggers in the UK and Ireland. Planning must be given a huge consideration.Thus, whether its a push or pull strategy as long as it suits your type of business, you will indeed gain in profit. The 2012 Olympics being held in London is being sponsored by a number of organisations such as Mcdonalds and Coca-Cola as the event will attract a world wide audience that will run into hundreds of millions. Clearly the company must take into account the readership and general behaviour of their target audience before they select their media strategy. That said, small business owners should invest time in creating a cunning Twitter bio that concisely describes and clarifies who your company is, what it has to offer, and why your business is different from the competition. And on Friday, highlight the people who help run your company by tweeting photos of them hard at work and having fun.
Quality interactions are when your interactions come from people in your target audience or that qualify as leads.
If no one is clicking the Tweet links to your own blog content, then you might want to work on your titles for posts. Once you grab attention how can you hold Interest, through promoting features, clearly stating the benefit the product has to offer? For example, if you sell shoes to retail stores then it might be in your best interest to goto a tradeshow and book some orders!
Conversely, if people are clicking your links, they’re listening to you, and taking action. A pull strategy is based around the manufacturer promoting their product amongst the target market to create demand.
Quality interactions are signs that you’re doing something right, so whatever it is, keep it up. The message should reinforce the benefit of the product and should also help the company in developing the positioning strategy of the product. Consumers pull the product through the distribution channel forcing the wholesaler and retailer to stock it, hence the name pull strategy. You never know.a€™ It was a successful campaign and many bloggers started writing about the wine, resulting in the orders from supermarkets.
Targeting through effective media campaigns could save the company valuable financial resources. Effective targeting of their media campaign could save the company on valuable financial resources.
Organisations tend to use both push and pull strategies to create demand from retailers and consumers.
The final stage is the purchase action, if the company has been successful with its strategy then the target customer should purchase the product.
The message should reinforce the benefit of the product and should also help the company in developing a positioning strategy for the product.

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