The early results are in, and  what is clear about the year 2011 in the air freight industry is that nothing is clear. The first question to ask about industry performance in 2011 is what does one compare it to?
Overall, it now seems likely that total worldwide cargo traffic for the year will be down about 1% compared to 2010. Compared to 2007, we believe cargo traffic in 2011 will be up about 4%, reflecting an average annual demand growth rate of close to 1% – a far cry from the old standard of almost 6%.
Another comparison to consider is, in previous years there was usually about only a 3-5% overlap of ALL freight (sea + air) that could go either way (by sea or by air) so there was flexibility based on the pricing at the time, on which method of shipment would be chosen. Despite bouts of sabre rattling, hopefully cooler heads will prevail in Iran, Israel, and the US–stay tuned. We are pleased to announce that in Cargo Facts's parent, Royal Media, has acquired Air Cargo World, the air cargo industry's largest-circulation periodical. ADBlock DetectedIt appears that you are running an adblocker such as Adblock, Adblock Plus, Ghostery, Admuncher, AVAST! Advertisments are our only source of revenue and they help ensure that the site remains free of charge and running. Looking for the new How To Write Resignation Letter Australia Promotional Codes , styles and alot more!. Thanks for reading my post a€?How To Write Resignation Letter Australia Promotional Codes a€? to the end and you will enjoy it.
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There is a lot to learn about breaking into beverage modeling, but it is a whole lot easier than trying to be a fashion model that requires you to be a certain size. If you have the looks that make guys and girls take a double look, then you should consider modeling for beverage brands. My crystal ball is so cracked and foggy that it’s hard to make sense of the past, let alone look into the future. On the other hand, Lufthansa Cargo, one of the world’s top three international carriers, today reported 2011 cargo traffic up 6.5% for the full year to a new record. But 2010 was up over 20% from 2009, which in turn was down 10% from 2008, which was down 4% from 2007. Looking ahead, those industry leaders who will talk about it all are predicting more of the same – relatively flat demand – in 2012, followed by a return to more normal growth patterns either late in the year or early in 2013, but we point out that prediction has become something of a losing endeavor in recent years. If China can’t manage a soft landing of property values while stimulating domestic demand, more than air cargo is in serious trouble.
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Their jaws automatically drop as they frantically grab for their cameras just to capture the moment. Fuel pricing is glued to the upper levels of the double digits, and I think what’s happening now in freight is going to be a permanent shift.
But then, 2009 was also a crazy year, in which we saw demand swing from a decline of 25% at the beginning of the year to a gain of 25% at the end of the year, for a net drop of 10%. It was the pre-recession high point, and the end of a long period of relatively predictable growth in demand.

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