Take advantage of our expertise; we can help you with your promotional balloon projects from planning and conception to delivery and evaluation. Great for lasting promotions, employee recognition, customer appreciation, conventions, fairs, tradeshow! So, I guess, if you’re writing a cover letter, try to be humble, while also mentioning that your GPA is perfect. In the 1980a€™s, Larry introduced and developed the internal AV Department from the ground up at the Meijer Corporate Offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
In 1991, Larry launched his own company, West Coast MEDiA, utilizing his photography and video production talents for clients around the world. Beginning his career in the equipment staging business in Grand Rapids, Steve moved into the production side of the business at Gordon Food Service in the early 1990a€™s.
Each year, over 80 live events were staged, along with more than 200 video productions to inform an motivate employees, were produced by Stevea€™s department. Working in all areas of production at West Coast MEDiA, Dirk is an indispensable resource for the company. During the early 2000a€™s, Dirk served as Video Producer for The Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida.
Rochelle has a bona fide ability for building rapport with talent, helping everyone on camera feel at ease during interviews. During the 1980a€™s he participated in the team developing Lansing Community Collegea€™s television revised and updated video production curriculum. A true professional in every sense, Fred knows the importance of working with clients to exceed their expectations.
Surprising news broken by the WSJ: Disney is planning to launch a new, traditionally (2D) animated Lion King TV series, aimed at the preschool market, called The Lion Guard.
Updated: Kion is said to be the second-born child of Simba, and so the series is canon with the existing movies.
Disney is going to be releasing The Lion King on Blu-Ray (including a 3D version) on October 4, 2011.Also, in advance of this, on September 16, the new 3D version will begin a theatrical run.
Word on the web is that the schedule for Disney's animated classics' release on Blu-Ray is being finalized. According to Disney, a year of citywide celebrations will begin on November 9, 2007 to honor the tenth anniversary of the opening of The Lion King Broadway show.The first such display, kicking off the string of festivities, is a special lighting scheme for the Empire State Building. Italian reader "giagia" has alerted me to an issue with the Italian version of The Lion King and its voice recording tracks.
My apologies for the ten days' downtime suffered by lionking.org during the first half of May.
The Lion King Fan-Art Archive is currently being migrated to a new network at the hosting company. The game is now generally available, Lion King world and all, and Gamespot has a positive review.Via Bernardo. The official press release from Square-Enix confirms that Kingdom Hearts II will be released in the U.S. Rolf DeWolf sent me a couple of rough construction model sheets for Adult Simba that were used during the production of the movie by Simba's animators.
The resolution isn't very good, but you can make out the notes—they're bound to be of interest to fan-artists, costume designers, or just anyone with an interest in the art of animation. For those fans who still have the means and the desire to play vinyl records, Disney has now apparently released a Vinyl Record Version of the Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack. Shoka and Thiago Medeiros send word of some scenes in the Simba's Pride Special Edition DVD that have been re-animated, as well as the whole film being recolored to bring out formerly drab and flat colors.
There is a new "Legend of The Lion King" show at the Disneyland Resort Paris, which by all reports is outstanding. Steven recommends the movie "Pride", an original production by A&E that stars real-life lions with CG-animated mouth movements and star voices. On June 14, I attended a once-in-a-lifetime event: ASIFA's "The Lion King" Tenth Anniversary Reunion panel and fundraiser. Simba_thelionking notes this story that cites the Australian release date for the "Simba's Pride" Special Edition DVD as July 21, 2004-- more than a month earlier than the US release.
The Australian (PAL, Region 4) release of the TLK DVD now has an official release date set: February 25, 2004. Tanabi has noticed a number of other interesting things that have been redrawn or updated in the Special Edition DVD: Apart from the alligators in the "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" sequence, there were several other changes I noticed. And in the "Making of the 'Circle of Life' Video" (by the Disney Channel "Circle of Stars"), Hilary Duff claims that the original song was so "perfect and wonderful" and she is glad that the new track stays true to the original but only adds "the flavor of their voices". According to Tanabi: The Disney Channel "Circle of Stars" music video will appear on "Disney Mania 2", coming out this spring. Laura (aka "Coolraptor") writes with the following: Well, I came home from school today and guess what arrived a day early from the Disney Store and was sitting on my doorstep to distract me from more important work this evening?
Sichi sends word of this forum thread at Animation Nation, wherein it's observed that the crocodiles with the birds in their mouths in the "Just Can't Wait to be King" sequence have been redrawn. The Man Room, which had a mostly glowing audio-oriented review of the DVD earlier (though lacking a thumbs-up on the "Hot Women" score), now is holding a giveaway contest of five copies of the Special Edition DVD. Benjamin points out that Future Shop, an electronics chain in Canada, is running a major TLK-based promotion selling "King Size" home theater systems as well as the Special Edition DVD set. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has been created by Dr Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights to help you create a plan to improve leads and sales. These spreadsheets were previously included on the CD in Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Web Evangelist. I first came across your work when studying for Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, here in Australia. We are at the early stages of our digital marketing journey, Smart Insights templates and tutorials help us check and learn as we go.
I like working from a one-page marketing plan for my clients and for my own business, whether or not we have a multi-page written plan as well. I now use Microsoft Excel to show the marketing objective, tasks, resources, start dates, and timeline as well as the estimated and actual costs and measurable results. I usually reserve a cell at the top of the Excel spreadsheet to enter in the business goals that the plan supports. In the middle I graphically show each task, indicating its start date, duration and end date. On the right side are a number of columns for estimated and actual costs, estimated and actual results. I take the one-page marketing plan a step further and add a column on the far left, which is for category of marketing tasks. Of course a lot more than formatting a one-page marketing plan on an Excel spreadsheet goes into planning your marketing. Jennifer, I too am wondering if the document you formatted is available for me to download?
Wow-format as its answers key issues raised by clients: money spends, ROI and timelines in a easy to comprehend dashboard manner.
Can you please direct me to (or email me) your wonderful “One Page Marketing Plan” in Excel? Emily, see the download link for the one page marketing plan in bold at the end of the post.
Strategic marketing consulting, implementation, and results measurement services for (B2B) technology, manufacturing and green companies. We supply organizations worldwide with inflatable and promotional balloons and other promotional product items such as pens and writing instruments, coffe mugs, cups and drinkware, clocks, apparel, mousepads and computer related logo items, market bags, portfolios, tote bags, sport bottles and drinkware, lapel pins and business gifts including crystal awards and art glass from the world's best brands. All of the benefits come at a much lower average cost per impression than other advertising media.
Our products and services can help any organization in any part of the world to connect with its customer and employees in ways that enhance the relationship. The domain name includes our home base of Boca Raton, FL for easy geographic location recognition. Our internal marketing services include Incentive and Performance programs for employees and company stores.

Moreover, do you like stories about kids sending off cover letters and then tons of people trying to hire them? The company doesn’t really have anything to lose by employing someone who is literally willing to shine their shoes. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
From concept to completion, Larry produced the company's first training and historical videos, successfully lifting the company to a new AV standard that continues today. Using digital media to communicate his client's message powerfully and effectively, Larry takes a genuine interest in each clienta€™s goals, working meticulously to complete every project with excellence. From location lighting & audio, camera operation, field producing to video editing, Dirk does it all.
In the 1990s, Dirk formed a client-acclaimed production company, specializing in content for non-profit organizations. Living now on the shores of Lake Michigan, Dirk enjoys outdoor activities, an aquarium, and spending time with his 14 year old son. Rochelle is an accomplished field producer for our projects with The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Inside Edition with Deborah Norville and Tru TV cable networks. She has seen all 50 states and 5 continents for work, missions trips, pleasure, and for the adoption of one of her three children. In addition to his production skills, he is extremely technically knowledgeable with television technology. In the years 1999 to 2000, Fred played a key role in developing the current production and studio facilities of Lansing Community College. Many of these score tracks also feature "demo" alternative versions on the second disc, which are discussed in the new liner notes by producer Don Hahn and composer Hans Zimmer. It's set to debut in November 2015, and will star Simba's son, Kion—which seems to indicate that it will contradict the canonicity of Simba's Pride. Kiara will play a role in the TV series, which will debut with a direct-to-video movie, according to Disney's own blog. This will be the first time TLK has been seen in general theatrical release since the IMAX version began its circulation in 2002.
The detail is striking, though it will inevitably put on display a few of the shortcuts taken in the original animation that was made clear in the IMAX re-release, which has a much higher effective resolution than the 35mm print for which the film was animated. Look for it in November (a month before the theatrical debut of the new Tron Legacy sequel), or so says Jeremy Sheer who administers the Disney Movie Rewards program's Facebook site. The classic animated tale has been revitalized to include exceptional high-definition picture and sound quality and compelling interactive content such as virtual games, full motion picture-in-picture and online shopping capabilities via BD-Live broadband connection.
In the interest of spreading awareness of this matter throughout the Lion King fan community and the Italian fan base in particular, I'm posting the message here in full.
If we go back to 1994 we see that "The Lion King"'s italian dubbing, made by the sons of Disney Legend Roberto De Leonardis, had a preliminary version that was refused by Disney Character voices. The ETA I've been given for restored service is midnight tonight, but we all know these things often take longer than anticipated.Thanks for your patience. Because Wikipedia is a collaborative documentation effort, the listing is subject to change, and will become more accurate as people make changes to incorrect information.Meanwhile, another cast listing is available at GameFAQs, though it lists Jim Cummings as the voice of Scar, and Nathan Lane as Timon, suggesting that this listing is less accurate than the Wikipedia one. The linked site contains track information and a message discussion board, where more information can be obtained on how to find a copy of the score.
It's got a unique art overlay (which, I presume, doesn't interfere with the playback), and looks really hot. Laura (aka "coolraptor") has submitted this review: First off, the bonus lithograph pictured on the Disney Store website is the same one that came with the DVD.
Thanks to Epesi, who memorably notes that Pumbaa, drawn again in the "Simba's Pride" style rather than the TLK 1.5 style, looks like "an asphyxiated beet".
As Steven summarizes: The movie is live action and the story revolves around a group of lions, and two lion cubs, whose curiousity about the world outside leads them into a journey of discovery.
It comprised TLK's producer, directors, screenwriter, and animators, and was the most insightful two hours of in-depth discussion of the story of the production of TLK that I've ever seen, much less been a part of. The TLK DVD reveals all the rest of her character that has to this date only been the realm of speculation! The waterfalls in the "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" scene are no longer blurs, they are drawn as running water. Unless she is referring to the Elton John version of "Circle of Life", which I highly doubt, then she has never even heard the original song. The original "Disney Mania" included "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" (by S-Club), "Circle of Life" (by Ronan Keating), "Hakuna Matata" (by Baha Men) and "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" (by Aaron Carter). As spotted by many others before me, I noticed the new crocodiles on the "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" sequence. As expected, it covers the story of TLK, including the pre- and post- story, as seen from Timon and Pumbaa's perspective.
You can enter the contest once a day, as many days as you wish; you need to be registered with the site in order to win, though. The spreadsheet will enable you to create a budget for the year ahead to define and then optimise your investment in search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing and online PR to achieve target for leads, sales and profit. We referred to your Digital Marketing book extensively and I have since become a Smart Insights Expert member. Love the material that you guys publish. It has been a great asset as a channel of advice and insight, helping me to deliver an all-encompassing digital strategy. I used to use Microsoft Project to create a Gantt chart of the marketing plan timeline, but few of my clients had the program nor did they want to endure the learning curve in order to be able to use it. My clients can more easily maintain the chart if they choose to, which is so important in light of the fact that marketing is an iterative process, ever-changing as we learn about new tactics, new markets, new ways to do things, etc. These might include trade show marketing, web site updates, creating brochures and white papers, sending out press releases, holding webinars, etc. The time segments in most of my timelines are by week, so I show beginning and ending dates by starting or ending the graphic in the week in which the date is. I know it’s been mentioned a few times but is there a download available or would it be possible to get the template emailed Jennifer?
Our product range includes fine full lead crystal awards, trophies, and executive gifts, promotional products, and advertising specialties for small business, major corporations, organizations, and governmental entities. On the other, this clearly sends the message that if you want to break into banking, you should brown nose till it hurts and advertise the fact that you’re willing to work for no pay (because frankly, shining shoes, picking up laundry and fetching coffee used to be what you paid personal assistants to do). Dirk created and managed the AV departments for two multi-million-dollar private ministries. When she's not working or transporting kids, Rochelle enjoys snow skiing, reading, playing games, walking the dog, and lots of coffee.
To relax, Fred enjoys still photography, bicycle riding and spending time with his wife and four grandchildren.
It remains to be seen whether Disney will have done any further touch-ups to enhance the detail in background characters that now show up on modern screens.The Blu-ray release that the trailer advertises remains slated for fall 2011.
Beauty and the Beast is slated to make its Blu-ray debut in October, with Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 following in December. He also posts word there that Disney currently has The Lion King set for BD release in October of 2011. Then a new dubbing was made and the movie was released with the second one (this time approved by Disney Character Voices). The creator of Kingdom Hearts II, Tetsuya Nomura, has told people in numerous interviews of The Lion King being featured as a stage in Kingdom Hearts II, whereas in Kingdom Hearts 1, the idea for Lion King to be a stage was denied.
The direct-to-video "in-between-quel" earned the award for Best Animated DVD Movie Premiere, as well as Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Editing honors for a DVD premiere.
One of the lionesses, Suzuki, questions aloud about the purpose of being a lion, and her youthful mind leads her to make some unwise decisions about her life. Don Hahn explained during promotional interviews for the IMAX release that they tried a special effect on the waterfall at the last minute, and it didn't turn out right, but it was so close to the release date that they didn't have time to fix it. The version in the new music video is the same as that in Elton John's version, with the same lyrics and beats, and it is not in any way like the original film version.
On one page we can see where we are, what each person has to do, how much we have or will spend, and what results we’ve achieved.
Next I add a column for who will do the work, either an employee of the company or an outsource vendor.

I use different colors for milestones, and sometimes I use different colors for activities that fall in different departments, such as marketing and sales.
For example, if you budgeted $5,000 to update your web site but spent only $3,000, you are under budget by 40%. I do this so that I can sort the spreadsheet by person responsible, by category, by date, etc. But the one-page marketing plan is simple and nets out the information I, my associates, and my clients need to know as we implement marketing for the year. This is the first post I found as I was looking for a marketing timeline strategy and I’m definitely going to use this strategy. 16, 2011, showcasing the Oscar®- and Golden Globe®-winning film on the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™ for the first time ever, and its highly anticipated home entertainment debut kicks off October 4, celebrating the Diamond Edition release of the epic movie “The Lion King” in high-definition Blu-ray™ and Blu-ray 3D™. Meanwhile, already heavily-marketed Dumbo, which isn't part of the Diamond line but was clearly intended for re-release this week, won't arrive until February 2011 (rendering its proposed 70th Anniversary Edition moniker more accurate). We've been preceded by the Silent Generation, the Beat Generation and somewhere deeper down those marble halls, the Greatest Generation.I've got a proposal for the narrow sample of kids currently attending Yale College.
Hopefully this can get Lion King fans to check it out in the game which will be released this Winter.
One of the film's lead personalities, sarcastic meerkat Timon (voiced by Nathan Lane, animated by Alexis Stadermann), was commended as Best Animated Character Performance. Also, the ending credits no longer scroll by like a vertical marquee, they are shown in frames.
Or, if you estimate that you will generate 20 qualified leads and you generate 30, you’ve achieved 150% of your goal.
Sorting by category allows you to see at a glance how much you’re doing or spending in any particular marketing area.
I am an ecommerce marketing manager for a large corporation and I can see this plan lending us a much clearer direction for the year. Business Insider got a hold of this letter sent to a boutique investment firm which now has tons of people trying to hire the kid.
Beyond that, a big October 2011 splash is expected for one of Disney's biggest all-time titles; The Lion King is set to bow on Blu-ray then.
Oh, and whether they'll include a "theatrical" version without the "Morning Report" song.Thanks to Lindsay M. But a track of the first dubbing remained in London and it was labeled "Timon & Pumbaa Italy". If you were born between 1983 and 1987, welcome to the "Lion King" Generation.Hakuna matata. I don't know if it's possible that the quality could be better than the original DVD release but I swear it looks better—for example, during the opening as the sun is rising I see details on the elephants I don't remember seeing before, such as the actual folds of skin whereas in the original DVD all I saw were silhouettes. The original end credits only showed stopped frames up until the "Busa" theme ended and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" began. Was incredible,The whole outside red carpet was transformed with a rock backgroud and LK feel. When the new DTS track was made for 2003 cinema release (the movie went in just three cinemas here), the wrong track was used and nobody noticed it. The English version is widely expected to feature voice work by the included movies' original actors, in keeping with the previous game.Earlier Kingdom Hearts II news and press materials here. UPDATE: Ugo Coppola, who bought a copy of this product, found that it's the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, not the Special Edition as reported above (even though it's seemingly marketed by Disney as the Special Edition).
The colors in general appear a little less intense than the original DVD release—in general the film is "not so orange". Timon has a few creative ideas, but Pumbaa has some more believable explanations for fascinating scientific phenomena. I think these two lines alone let us see a little bit more of her personality, and Nala's as well. And here's some mistakes: The book sleeve opening DVD cover lists the deleted scenes as "Bug Football", "Hakuna Matata" and "Warthog Rhapsody". Then the DVD was released and the audio used in it had the wrong voices of Timon and Pumbaa.
I did see the aforementioned change in Kovu's facial expression during the one instant in the Crocodile Attack screen.
Proud Of Simba's Pride A Making-of featurette that highlights the seeds of the story, the development of the new characters, the African roots of the music and more! There is no "Warthog Rhapsody" included on the disc; it was replaced by Timon and Pumbaa's version of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight".
The party was in a huge tent and was incridible but the highlight was the live giraffe outside the tent entrance and sitting in front of Chich Marin in the theater where Elton John performed 2 songs from the movie LIVE!!! I am pretty sure race diversity studied millennial quality; maybe not gender equality,Always has been! When the DVD went in Buena Vista Italy from London, none saw it and the DVD was copied and sent in all the country.
In the original, there is a short section right after the song where we see Kovu and Kiara walking back towards Pride Rock, singing "In Upendi" over and over, until they eventually finish, and their step, which was going to the beat, relaxes back into normal walking. Rafiki's Challenge Rafiki's three gourd monty game, the classic shell game with a fun twist! The funny thing is that in the end titles report the names of the dubbers of T&P was the original dubbing and was different from the voices you heard on the DVD. Also I noticed how the screen fades a little faster right after the Upendi sequence so we don't see Kiara and Kovu going from walking to the beat of the song to a regular walk. Lots About Lions Learn more about "big cats," the animals that were the role models for Simba, Kiara and the rest of the pride.
Pride Land Games Using their math skills, kids can help Timon and Pumbaa gather grubs for the feast and arrange rocks so Kiara and Kovu can get around the crocodiles! Chapters are all the same except that the chapter entitled "Alligator Attack" is now called "Crocodile Attack". When it comes to music, I just LOVED the new version of Circle of Life, sung by Disney's Circle of Stars.
The "Matter-Of-Facts" option is a bit annoying turned on—it supposed to be a pop up of interesting facts you can choose to have on while watching the film.
And all come in a paper "frame" that would serve nicely as a mat if you really wanted to frame the sketches! The Timon and Pumbaa's virtual tour is possibly the least interesting of the three virtual tours and here we finally get subjected to some bad 3D animation, including the duo's new pet elephant Gertie (and yes, eventually she starts talking). Pride Land Games consist of three games (two mathematical, one a shape game) that are extremely basic.
Of all the bonus features, in fact, the Proud of Simba's Pride is by FAR the most interesting. We get to see some of the storyboards, character model sheets, and hear a few lines that never made the film, including one by Mufasa (or more accurately perhaps Mufasa's ghost) where he blames Simba for the war between the Pridelanders and Outlanders.
Also, it made me respect what is still my least favorite of the TLK trilogy a little bit more when I learned how some of the things we see in the film were done intentionally to invoke a deeper meaning.
For example, the animators explain how during the original we always see Pride Rock from the right but in the sequel it is nearly always shown from the left to cue in viewers that this is a different story to be viewed from a different perspective.
They also try to explain some of Simba's behavior during the sequel that I had previously considered irrational. So in conclusion: the film looks a bit better and cleaner to me and the bonus features, with the exception of the Proud of Simba's Pride featurette, are disappointing. I even played the games and did the safari in the hopes that maybe we would get them as rewards at the end. So if someone else figures out that they are on theA disc and how to get them, let the rest of us know, OK?

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