CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone. BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.
The research group of information technology at the School of Telecommunications of Vigo, the information technologies service of Juan CanalejoA?s Hospital in A CoruA±a and Galicia Wireless Company have developed a scale with Bluetooth for wireless control through the chronic patients applying the same technology used in proximity marketing. Guillermo Vazquez, information technologies manager of hospital center, said the telemedicine project is being completed with other applications to collect, besides the weight, details such as the level of exercise.
The system will be implemented on a project for people with heart failure, will have warnings, so as to warn the user via mobile when must weigh, or for example if the intensity of exercise he is doing is not right. Francisco Javier GonzA?lez, Professor of Telematics Engineering, as Xurxo Cegarra, from Wireless Galicia, stressed the importance of developing technologies with practical application from other applications tested, as in this case is based on bluetooth proximity marketing. Proximity marketing, take casto oznacovan za Bluetooth marketing, jsou propagacni aktivity zamerene na osloveni prijemcu a zakazniku na mobilnim zarizeni, tedy mobilnim telefonu, notebooku, mobilnim komunikatoru… Bluetooth marketing je pomerne nepresnym oznacenim, protoze krome Bluetooth komunikace je mozne, k navazani kontaktu s prijemcem, pouzit i WiFi a NFC technologie. Zarizeni jsou urcena pro rozesilani bluetooth, pripadne Wi-Fi informaci na mobilni zarizeni prijemcu, kteri se pohybuji v okruhu do 100 metru od zarizeni. Na vcerejsi prezentaci produktu byl zminen i poznatek obhajujici vyssi pocatecni investici do zarizeni. Proximity marketing is one way businesses, especially retailers, can produce near one-on-one marketing experiences with consumers. Proximity marketing, sometimes called location marketing, is wireless distribution of advertising in a specific place. Really, proximity marketing is just the more technologically advanced version of Kmart’s blue light special. Conference or convention – change messages broadcast to attendees based on what breakout sessions are happening.
Retail – As a customer enters the automotive area of a store, offer discounts on products found in that area. Improvements in existing retail one-to-one mobile apps – Target stores have a useful app called Cartwheel. Hotel – Restaurants tend to locate themselves next to hotels, especially when hotels don’t have their own restaurants. Car Parking Garage – When most people return to their car after a long day at work, they think about going straight home or worse, the errands they have to run before getting home. Mass Transportation – This industry has a long history of selling ad space on the sides of its vehicles.
About authorWanda Anglin (Wanda Anglin)Wanda Anglin has a passion to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by attracting more of the right website visitors. We provide search engine optimization (SEO), website design services, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising management, and offline and web marketing services globally. An enterprise-class mobile marketing platform, for engaging visitors and customers near and in-store. Install Private Airspaces across your real estate portfolio to give you direct access to your in-store customers, via their smartphone. Install an Open Airspace so you can provide brand advertisers contextual access to your shoppers.
Open your Private Airspaces to advertisers so you can both engage your visitors and monetise your Airspace through highly relevant advertising. In real time, use Geemo’s analysis tools to see how your campaigns impact on store traffic and asses the best times of day for optimal success. Integrate proximity marketing with your CRM system for a complete relationship with your customers.
Li da anni si e materializzato il futuro dell’informazione, dell’interazione con l’ambiente, della comunicazione e dei rapporti sociali che sembravano schiavi dello scatolotto televisivo, circondato da persone assuefatte dai messaggi “colorati” dello schermo, oggi ricatturate dallo stesso smartphone attraverso il paradigma del second screen. Proviamo ora con un grande sforzo a fare un balzo nel passato partendo dall’affermazione iniziale “il futuro e legato al passato”. Cosi comunicavano il proprio potere, la propria forza, i propri simboli utilizzandola come strumento personale, di cui andavano gelosi.
Sembra difficile, assurda e pazza come associazione, ma in realta piu torniamo indietro nella storia e piu troviamo esempi simili, di strumenti che hanno caratterizzato periodi precisi dell’umanita e che ne hanno influenzato anche i processi evolutivi.
Prima di cio ci furono altre forme riconducibili al Marketing che la storia ha dimenticato e sono convinto che addirittura l’uomo primitivo di Neanderthal avesse risposte alla necessita di comunicare, far sapere, pubblicizzare una scoperta, barattare la conoscenza attraverso la comunicazione. Io ho iniziato ad avvicinarmi a questa disciplina partendo dal Proximity Marketing, perche la trovavo prima di tutto utile ed efficiente nella mia esperienza di cittadino e consumatore. Online ho troppe informazioni. Mentre il Proximity Marketing che ho in mente io vive mettendo al centro l’esperienza e le emozioni. Ed in tutto questo, in questo scenario, il Proximity Marketing ha senso ad esistere come disciplina. Il Proximity oggi puo diventare l’antitesi dello spamming, del cartellone pubblicitario, dei biglietti da visita, dei volantini.
Noi di QuiCon sviluppiamo piattaforme di Marketing di Prossimita e si prevede un 2015 molto interessante.
An article published on Apple Insider reports that Duane Reade, a US based Pharmacy Chain has announced plans to bring iBeacon-powered proximity marketing to 10 Manhattan outlets in a new pilot program. Customers will be able to receive notifications, such as coupons, or product reviews on their lock screen as they approach a store.
The iBeacon functions have been added to their exiting app and include other new features such as access to their in-store rewards account, historical coupon data, and maps of the store locations including shelf position for individual items. I do however, think that their current implementation of the technology is a little obvious. In today’s newest innovation in IT technology, new generation marketing solutions are evolving that runs over digital medium.
Proximity marketing techniques are different and better than traditional marketing approach. It also gives an enriching shopping experience to the customers by making the information available to them when they are going for shopping. Proximity advertising broadcasts messages via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals, many consumers interact with new brands information and access online products or visit personally. Through proximity advertising customers cames to know about the new brands in the market and can access the products information online or through the stores.

Ashtopus technologies offers next generation proximity advertising solutions which helps in promoting and advertising products in a cost effective way. Retailers use this proximity marketing campaign to bring a variety of marketing messages to consumers who are both nearby and looking to make a purchase. Beacon proximity solutions technology integrates in many locations such as shopping malls, large retail outlets, and trade shows, where consumers are generally planning to spend at least an hour or two, are prime areas for a proximity marketing campaign. Support various types of file transferring, such as image, animation,audio, video, game and so on.
In the latest of a series of articles on how proximity marketing is being used, here we review how a UK shopping centre used beacons creatively for a special event. On the 29th of May, hundreds of retailers including Krispy Kreme, Hotel Chocolat, Cath Kidston and House of Fraser took part in a ground breaking launch at a Sheffield shopping centre. As reported by Shopping Centre magazine, Ladies’ Night was the start of a trial period based on increasing customer engagement using technology at the Meadowhall shopping centre. Walking in to one of the many beacon-enabled hotspots at the Ladies’ Night event gave shoppers the opportunity to redeem rewards, creating a user friendly treasure hunt style theme with a time limited and exclusive feel. One of the lessons learned from the event was that if hotspots were staged to go live at different times in different locations it created a great deal of excitement with consumers, and also managed their movement around the centre. This retail proximity marketing event saw 12,000 incremental visitors within a three hour period, and all offers were activated and redeem within 50 minutes. Our view is that this is a perfect example of using beacons to engage shoppers in a relevant and timely way, at the same time promoting the centre as an exciting place to be. Il proximity marketing e una campagna di marketing incentrata su un target che si trova in una posizione geografica ben definita. Il marketing di prossimita utilizza varie tecnologie che vanno dalle piu semplici ADV video o audio attivate dal passaggio di una persona, a quelle piu complesse che si basano sul comportamento della persona (spostamento in un negozio, tracciamento oculare per individuare il prodotto desiderato su uno scaffale…). Come e facile intuire, in molti Paesi la diffusione del proximity marketing avanzato e ostacolato dalle normative sulla privacy. Coca-cola e Red Bull con il Digital Signage – In Canada e stato sperimentato un sistema di marketing di prossimita che impega il Digital Signage (annunci su monitor digitali) e mobile.
Lynx e la sexy app – Un noto deodorante sul mercato britannico ha evidenziato alcune postazioni sparse per le universita della Gran Bretagna con dei pad in vinile. Perche GEMADa oltre 30 anni realizziamo programmi di formazione manageriale per conto di persone ed organizzazioni a livello nazionale ed internazionale. Ampia offerta di Master Post Laurea, di programmi Executive per imprenditori e manager e programmi Corporate per imprese.
Questo sito Web richiede l'utilizzo di cookies per funzionare correttamente, non vengono memorizzate informazioni personali. Using sensors that the patient be placed on the ankles, physical exertion will be recorded in their daily lives and, as in the scale, information is transferred to headquarters of Canalejo without the patient having to do any operation. Besides avoiding visits to the doctor's office with these applications, also may prevent acute episodes by opening the possibility that the health professional, also automatically, schedule an appointment when see that there is a risk for health patient.
Produktova rada zarizeni pro bezdratovou komunikaci obsahuje pristroje AP300, jehoz operacnim systemem je Linux, dale AP400 s Windows platformou, rozsirujici modul AP300X a Touch – bluetooth zarizeni kombinovane s dotykovou obrazovkou. FuturLink tak muzete umistit do prodejny, kinosalu, ve foyaer, do fitness centra, jednoduse vsude tam, kde chcete se zakazniky udrzovat trvalou komunikaci. To s sebou nese az neuveritelne moznosti optimalizace sdeleni a experimentu s originalniho osloveni zakaznika.
The ad content transmissions are received by on enabled devices (mobile phone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device) in which the prospective consumer has opted in to receive them…or at least not opted out on their device’s settings. From 1965 to 1991 and a few sporadic times since, Kmart, a discount retail store, offered surprise in-store sales. Perhaps at a home and garden show, if the main stage features a celebrity landscaper, then ads might broadcast time-sensitive discounts for people who shop online (or at a booth) for that celebrity’s products. Once downloaded onto your mobile phone, in-store shoppers can scan product UPCs to see if there are deals (coupons or price reductions) associated with the item. Most people hate push marketing so brands will have to be valuable and engaging, think non-promotional. Her empathy and understanding for small business challenges comes from a background in project management, sales support, accounting, and business ownership.
Visit us in person if you are in Houston, Cypress, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Brookshire, Sealy, Simonton, San Felipe, Fulshear, Pattison, Hedwig Village, Bellaire, Hockley, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Pearland, Pasadena, Richmond, Wharton, Columbus, Humble, Tomball, Magnolia, Waller, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston, Kemah, League City, or other metro Houston areas. Monitor heat maps and dwell time data for potential store layout issues, to flag popular items and discover trends.
Geemo can be used to monitor individual sections of the store for footfall and dwell times to build up a picture of your visitor’s preferences and behaviour.
Proviamo a chiederci se lo smartphone di oggi nel corso dei tempi non possa essere gia esistito in altre forme. Oramai considerato quasi vitale, lo smartphone e oggi quello che la clave era per i nostri antenati. E come lo smartphone sta alla clava anche il Marketing parte da lontano, dal cartello “wanted”, ai segnali di fumo, ai suoni emessi che i nostri progenitori ricavano da quello che avevano, ad esempio sempre dalla Clava. The purpose of the trial is to strengthen their multi channel customer engagement strategy, and add to their social media success. Walgreens communications executive Calvin Peters said in a release. Customers might also get discount offers based on previous purchases, or have product reviews pushed to their devices as they evaluate items in the store. Further expounded by incorporating their app to show relevant data, based on previous purchases further improves the chances of success.
Thanks to mobile technology which created and provided platform to people for fast communication and to remain connected. It is an effective way of marketing solution that direct and real-time connects more customers in that specific area such as nearby the particular shop or stall. Through beacon Ad campaigns it is becoming easy for marketers to spread the information and get more number of customers. It provides proximity mobile applications which are installed by the smartphone users on their device and then the business promotional messages are broadcasted to them when they are in nearby location of the beacon. The event called “Ladies’ night” was targeted at the female consumer, and was unique in that it was the first in the UK to gamify an event using iBeacon technology. The centre’s marketing team developed an app, designed to work in conjunction with key events across the location’s calendar.

What’s more, the centre learned a lot about visitor behaviour that it can apply to future events and its communication campaigns in general. Attraverso tecnologie di posizionamento o di prossimita viene diffusa la comunicazione promozionale, video o mobile. In questo modo, gli utenti possono ottenere informazioni aggiuntive sui dispositivi o sugli accessori ai quali sono interessati.
I clienti di determinati punti vendita possono scaricare i cupon di sconto o i contenuti promozionali ai quali sono interessati attivando il Bluetooth in prossimita dei “cartelloni digitali”.
In quelle aree era possibile fruire di contenuti via mobile ed effettuare il download gratuito attraverso connessione Bluetooth di una app per appuntamenti galanti (in linea con il resto della comunicazione del brand).
Jose Carlos Garcia, scale developer engineer, said that when it is marketed, "the market will be other more expensive conventional scales. By knowing location and time, even with limited or no additional demographic information, businesses can make assumptions about consumers. A store worker would light up a mobile blue police light in the area of the store where the short-time discount was offered.
Broadcast of discounts for online or offline shopping for music, T-shirts, and other fan paraphernalia are effective when the artist is onstage. A mall can be divided into multiple localized areas to offer ads for stores that are in the immediate vicinity. Surely there are some drive-thru fast food restaurants very near the garage that would be willing to buy the privilege to offer discounts to all those weary commuters.
When not helping clients, Wanda is traveling, fixing her home, or tending to her 900 trees (really). Qui trovate i contributi di uomini e donne che stanno cambiando il mondo con la forza delle idee.
Sempre, l’uomo ha avuto bisogno di portare con se qualcosa che gli permettesse di interagire con l’ambiente, di comunicare e “sopravvivere”. Oggi le geolocalizza ma le presenta ancora con dinamiche legate a temi lontani dal luogo in cui mi trovo e dalle mie necessita reali. Uno strumento real time in tutti i sensi. Siamo nell’epoca delle etichette, della diversita utilizzata per emergere, del sovraffollamento della comunicazione ma anche della necessita dell’avere velocemente, del tutto subito, dell’informazione puntuale. Ne ho inciso un inizio con gli amici Pier Carlo Pozzati ed Andrey Golub a MilanIN nel 2007. It allows marketers to optimize and enhance the sales productivity in real-time and location-based advertising, also known as proximity marketing. It helps making customers aware with the different brands and provides various choices to the customers before going for purchase.
Proximity marketing is also known as hyperlocal marketing as it relies on cellular technology. The app uses beacon technology to feed users with real-time discount offers and promotions.
L’iniziativa di proximity marketing era stata affiancata da azioni sul territorio dei Lynx ambassadors (test dei deodoranti). When checking out at the store’s register, a scan of the accounts QR code displayed on the phone results in all selected discounts being applied automatically. Remember that any marketing tool should be just one piece of an overall integrated marketing plan including offline and internet marketing strategies. Proximity marketing solution aims to reach the customers in proximity location through their Smartphones and by their consent. One of the key benefits of proximity marketing is that its messages reach a high percentage and engages more relevant customers. La campagna ha riscontrato un notevole successo tra i giovani assolutamente in target con Lynx. With modern technology and the combination of proximity shopping with a downloaded mobile app, the marketing can become even closer to one-to-one. No clipping coupons and consumers are more likely to find more discounts than without the app, plus Target can advertise its credit card or other complementary services on the app. Una tecnologia che gli permetteva di sopravvivere alle sue necessita e di comunicare con i suoi simili.
E comunque la pensiate sono convinto che anche in questo non stiamo inventando nulla ma stiamo solo vestendo con nuovi termini strumenti che hanno gia visto molte primavere. Proximity marketing also takes care of the privacy of the customers and it can not be annoying as it works by taking the consent of the customers. Per ora non siamo molto distanti: le nostre navigazioni online sono tracciate per proporci (o riproporci) prodotti che hanno attratto la nostra attenzione o che potrebbero farlo. For example, if the blue light special was for dog food and you had a cat, you just went about your business of shopping. Uno strumento solo, primitivo appunto, ma sufficiente e da cui ottenere rispetto e vantaggi. Un “inseguimento” di messaggi pubblicitari che ci pedina cross device (dal desktop, al mobile e ovunque si acceda con un account di Google).
But combining locally broadcast ads with an app, you can know a lot more about a specific customer. But how much more effective would it be if the consumer did not have to scan the product, but rather was guided to the products the store wants to sell to them based on demographic data?
Perhaps the app has discovered that a consumer owns a pool, then as they walk in the door of your store, you can offer discounts on pool supplies. If the app knows they own a pool and have an annual income over US$250,000, the ad can be for higher end automated pool cleaners or luxury pool toys. Erano di prossimita anche i segnali di luce, sonori ed emessi dall’uomo per attirare l’attenzione.

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