Zonablu® PC is software developed to run proximity-marketing campaigns and transmit messages free of charge to Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.
Delay before re-trying to send a message to a receiver that had not successfully received the message the first time.
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Software, This fantastic software can be used to send advertising messages directly to Mobile or Cell Phones that are in range.
Many organisations can benefit from Bluetooth Advertising Software including Car Dealerships (Send your business card to people on the forecourt), Taxi Companies (Send your number out all day as you drive around), Estate Agents (Send house details and contact details out), Police (Send pictures of missing people, crime scenes, calls for witnesses), Trade Shows (Send company details out to visitors) and many other organisations can benefit. Internet direct marketing via Newsletter - Create and send successful newsletters with Microsoft Outlook and QNewsLetter.
This is software for proximity advertising via Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Marketing). Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 is an application which allows users to make advertising via Bluetooth connectivity. XRange2000 is a long range Bluetooth transmitter that can be used for Bluetooth communications or Bluetooth advertising. Website Marketing Tracker is a calculator of the basic marketing metrics of your online business that allows you to track your progress, plan for the future and understand the key aspects of your business. Bulk Email Express Software: Create and Send personalized Newsletters with our Bulk email Marketing Program Our email marketing software is a complete mass mailing program. Report Viewer is a professional Crystal Reports viewer which now supports Crystal Reports 2008.
Medoxis is an intuitive emr, electronic medical records software, designed specially for physicians, who have no time to pass on trainings or typing records.
Distribution of promotional materials (as files) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones, hand-held devices, communicators, laptops, mini-laptop computers) within coverage.

You can use «Proximity Promoter 24x7» for distributing your promo materials with no time constraints, i.e. Does not require any special hardware – only a computer (PC, laptop) and a Bluetooth adaptor. Flexible configuration settings allow running promotions by a variety of algorithms, not bothering your prospective customers.
The program maintains a database of subscribers who have already been sent certain files, so that the same material is not sent to them again. Project-oriented approach and centralized database allow running several advertising campaigns, quickly switch between them and remain independent from external files. Built-in scheduler allows fully automating distribution, launching different advertising campaigns and ceasing them at appointed moments. Absolutely any files can be distributed; however, keep in mind that the files must be viewable on your customers’ Bluetooth devices. Mobile Bluetooth Thermal Printer For Android Mobile Phone And Iphone Iphone Mobile Receipt Printer Quick Details: 1. Bluetooth smart card reader and writer iTec-BT mobile bluetooth chip card reader bluetooth emv card reader 1.
Best Foldable Dust Prevention Wireless Portable Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard For Iphone4 Main Features: 1). We offer a complete range of visual communication solutions to inform, promote, & entertain.
Request aComplete the form below to contact our digital signage consultants and request a demo. Simply install the software onto your Laptop or PC and press start, the software automatically searches for phones in range and sends your advertising message,advertise to all mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled that are in range.

Newsletters by email and email marketing are some of the most efficient marketing methods available today - if used right. It covers a very long range when compared to normal cheap Bluetooth dongles currently available in the market. Learn everything you need to know to begin beading like a pro - even if you have no previous experience whatsoever. Probably not, as most calendar organisers are designed in the same way and tend not to suit everyonea€™s requirements making it difficult to organise your schedule.
Software helps car dealers to organize, catalog, and manage all car and customer related information.
Let your computer get in touch with your potential buyer and convey your promotional message to him.
We doesn't provide mobile bluetooth products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Our products are designed to actively engage, intelligently influence and enhance customer experience. We value our clients feedback, and are dedicated to ensuring that we meet their needs in as efficient and expeditious manner as possible. Let it work on this around the clock; that’s a lot better than handing out promotional materials through promotional folks! Moreover, the software will let you cut your advertisement budget, since a computer doesn’t require paying it wages!

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