In today’s newest innovation in IT technology, new generation marketing solutions are evolving that runs over digital medium. Proximity marketing techniques are different and better than traditional marketing approach. It also gives an enriching shopping experience to the customers by making the information available to them when they are going for shopping. Proximity advertising broadcasts messages via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals, many consumers interact with new brands information and access online products or visit personally.
Through proximity advertising customers cames to know about the new brands in the market and can access the products information online or through the stores.
Ashtopus technologies offers next generation proximity advertising solutions which helps in promoting and advertising products in a cost effective way. Retailers use this proximity marketing campaign to bring a variety of marketing messages to consumers who are both nearby and looking to make a purchase.
Beacon proximity solutions technology integrates in many locations such as shopping malls, large retail outlets, and trade shows, where consumers are generally planning to spend at least an hour or two, are prime areas for a proximity marketing campaign. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Proximity marketing technology is rapidly changing in a world that is heavily reliant on it.
There are number of ways which you can start the Bluetooth mobile advertising, and the greater part of the ways are incredible and successful in somehow. 1.The fundamental or basic contrast between SMS marketing battles and Bluetooth proximity marketing is the first technique is basically utilized for particular fragments of populations. Bluetooth mobile marketing is comparatively cheap and easy and there is no discrimination done on the advertising message.
Despite what might be expected, if the message is too short, it would turn out to be only by difficult to get past the genuine significance of message and everything would simply arrive at deadlock, subsequently, you must make sure about freshness and length of message if not whatever else.
When you go for the SMS messaging, you have to pay to the system network supplier for each promoting message that you send .However this is not the situation with Bluetooth messaging.
Infatti il Proximity Marketing sfrutterA  la tecnologia giA  integrata nei nostri dispositivi, come GPS, bluetooth e Wifi, per accalappiarci quando siamo vicini ad un dato negozio.
Non pensate solo agli smartphone ma anche a pannelli posti in mezzo alle strade che semplicemente avvicinandoci con il nostro dispositivo, tramite il GPS, NFC, Bluetooth e Wifi, possono mostrarci pubblicitA  mirate. Il marketing di prossimitA  (proximity marketing) A? una tecnica di marketing che opera su un’area geografica delimitata e precisa attraverso tecnologie di comunicazione di tipo visuale e mobile con lo scopo di promuovere la vendita di prodotti e servizi. Amo la mia terra, la mia donna e tutto ciA? che A? TECNOLOGICO in particolare la Telefonia ed Android.
Amo tutti gli Sport ma la Corsa A? la mia valvola di sfogo dove stacco la spina da tutto tranne che dal mio Smartphone che mi segue anche durante gli Allenamenti. Using iBeacon technology, retailers can target the right shopper, in the right place, at the right time, interactively engaging in new ways, while learning in real-time from its movement patterns and behavior. Although proximity marketing—with a geographic radius of roughly 100 meters—has been in place for nearly a decade, the field is still new enough. This innovative technology acquires a wealth of information on in-store shopping behavior prior to purchase in real-time and engages the shopper with timely customized content and marketing initiatives related to specific products, when the shopper is in front of the products.
Abandoned online shopping-cart follow-up can be a realistic opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores.

Evaluate and act on conversion-rates to maximize ecommerce and in-store sales at the same time. Both Apple iOS and and Google with Android have committed to support for Bluetooth Low Energy that means very broad availability.
In- store Proximity marketing also known as ‘hyper local marketing’ helps in targeting potential customers with contextually relevant mobile ads. Beacons are the most widely used and effective proximity based marketing device in retail industry currently. Happiest Mind helps transform your retail in- store experience by providing the intelligence and tools that enable you to make well- informed business decisions.
Enhanced Shopping Experience: In-store Beacons provide ‘on the spot’ personalized offers, coupons, and rewards for the customers, which inspires the customer action. Customer convenience: On the spot personalized offers diverts the customer attention away from competitors when they likely have a purchase intent. Affordability- Highly economical beacon technology makes it affordable for most any small business to implement it. Customer intelligence: Beacon-enabled apps collect data on customers’ shopping preferences and spending habits thereby enabling retailers to create more personalized and targeted offers. Competitiveness: Beacons will add synergy to existing marketing campaigns and increases your competitiveness.
Thanks to mobile technology which created and provided platform to people for fast communication and to remain connected. It is an effective way of marketing solution that direct and real-time connects more customers in that specific area such as nearby the particular shop or stall.
Through beacon Ad campaigns it is becoming easy for marketers to spread the information and get more number of customers.
It provides proximity mobile applications which are installed by the smartphone users on their device and then the business promotional messages are broadcasted to them when they are in nearby location of the beacon. It help to sharing product sell information and product notification ,new offers attract more costumer and increasing loyalty and building a stronger relationship with them. With the help of high quality Bluetooth apps, the advertising message can be emitted across different groups which fall within the range of proximity of Bluetooth device. While going for the Bluetooth message, it is very important that the sender watches the length of message.
One of the important points to take into consideration here is that Bluetooth marketing campaign is the cheap cost. SMS adverting crusade would bring tremendous expenses on your business spending plan and toward the end of day and everything would appear to escape from your psyche, Bluetooth ads is a conspicuous decision for retailers. The revolutionary tool allows a more direct relationship between brands, companies and the consumer and could transform the coupon-snipping supermarket mum into a savvy shopper with a powerful tool in tow.
This means that whenever you see something with that iBeacon logo, you know it should work seamlessly with your iDevice. Proximity to a specific iBeacon can trigger some apps functionality to perform a specific action on a specific mobile device, at exactly a specific time and in a specific location. With the great amount of smartphones nowadays all over the world, the iBeacon could become a marketers? new play toy. Unique and personalized messages send to the customers at the right place and at the right time helps you achieve this.

It triggers more in-store purchases and is a powerful method for marketers to compel consumers to do in- store purchasing.
The Wi-Fi enabled or low energy blue tooth enabled Beacons provide a more granular level of location awareness while comparing with GPS enabled devices. Our Beacon Proximity Marketing solutions help boost in-store traffic, understand customer preferences, increase customer loyalty, analyze product performance statistics in real-time and deliver an enhanced customer engagement.
Customers will appreciate receiving a discount or loyalty reward, and go for the product even if they have no initial solid plans to purchase it. It allows marketers to optimize and enhance the sales productivity in real-time and location-based advertising, also known as proximity marketing.
It helps making customers aware with the different brands and provides various choices to the customers before going for purchase. Proximity marketing is also known as hyperlocal marketing as it relies on cellular technology.
The collector will get promoting message on his gadget just inside of the 10 meters extent and no further. Bluetooth signal closeness showcasing in the later times has increased gigantic prevalence for the reason that it can be utilized for modest and simple technique for sending of brands redesigning data their promoting systems around this new innovation without contribute immense measure of cash.
Bluetooth closeness is a compelling strategy to achieve the undeniably portable group through nearness advertising, and the see the distinction it makes in your business.
Considering how many white headphones you see attached to peoples ears, it’s easy to assume this is a big opportunity. Interaction and engagement can be furthermore improved if the app is able to connect to the Internet, for example to fetch the shopper?s shopping history, etc. By utilizing mobile technology the proximity marketing devices identify the mobile devices within a certain proximity area especially close to a retail outlet or public space.
Our comprehensive Analytics platform helps in having a compact review of store performance, sales and customer behavior in a store. Proximity marketing solution aims to reach the customers in proximity location through their Smartphones and by their consent.
One of the key benefits of proximity marketing is that its messages reach a high percentage and engages more relevant customers. On the off chance that the message is too long, it would set aside parcel of time to get exchanged over the Bluetooth gadget. Indoor or outdoor sensors detect the customer’s location and share it with the integrated data base which enables the retailer to send enticing highly contextual, tailored and personalized messages. We enable retailers to gather and analyze a complete customer profile by integrating data gathered by in- store beacons and sensors and helps in churning out rich insights and solid strategic plans, to maximize your ROI.
Proximity marketing also takes care of the privacy of the customers and it can not be annoying as it works by taking the consent of the customers. These highly engaging content or personalized offers prompt customers to arrive at a purchasing decision swiftly. Leverage our deep rooted retail experience, best practices, and proven solutions, to create flexible platforms and custom applications that enable to enhance and simplify your retail business.

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