Qt Designer can display custom widgets through its extensible plugin mechanism, allowing the range of designable widgets to be extended by the user and third parties. Custom widgets may be platform-specific, and designers may be developing the user interface on a different platform to end users.
The source code for a custom widget is not available, or the user interface designers are unable to use the widget for non-technical reasons. In the above situations, it is still possible to design forms with the aim of using custom widgets in the application.
In all other cases, where the source code to the custom widgets is available, we can adapt the custom widget for use with Qt Designer. If some forms must be designed, but certain custom widgets are unavailble to the designer, we can substitute similar widgets to represent the missing widgets.
When choosing a widget to use as a placeholder, it is useful to compare the API of the missing widget with those of standard Qt widgets. For specialized widgets that do not share a common API with standard Qt widgets, it is worth considering adapting a custom widget for use in Qt Designer. Now, when the form's context menu is opened over objects of the base class, the placeholder class will appear in the Promote to submenu, allowing for convenient promotion of objects to that class. A promoted widget can be reverted to its base class by choosing Demote to from the form's context menu. Custom widgets can be adapted for use with Qt Designer, giving designers the opportunity to configure the user interface using the actual widgets that will be used in an application rather than placeholder widgets.
To use a plugin created in this way, it is necessary to ensure that the plugin is located on a path that Qt Designer searches for plugins.

Can the Qt implementation handle the mime types to map the file types to applications and icons?
The full version of the "Qt ROOT" that includes both "Qt layer" as well as the so-called "Qt extensions" is provided from this Web site. ROOT "Qt layer" is to implement the TVirtualX ROOT abstract interface with the low level local graphics subsystem (X11 or Win32 for example).
As an alternative you can turn ON the Qt layers by providing your own version of the user ".rootrc" resource file. You are free to add this file either to your home directory or to your current working directory. You may opt to turn ON the "Qt layer" (with no "Qt extension") only by selecting another version of the resource file. Anyway the ROOT benchmark above is what the STAR collaboration at BNL can gain with the existent BNL cluster connection policy. No guaranty the interfaces and approaches this code exposes will be preserved with the next releases.
If you want to try it with other ROOT versions your should have your "Qt layer version"upgraded . The file defines the special "qmake" rule" to generate RootCint dictionary for the current QMAKE_TARGET. The NC version is fully functional and not limited by anything but its non-commercial license. Powerful built-in OpenGL viewer capable to create the high quality pixel and high resolution vector format.

The VRML format is useful to upload the geometry and make it a part of the animated 3D Web pages. Q: Can the Qt implementation handle mime types to map file types to applications and icons? This is a member function, provided for convenience and for the sake of the backward compatibility.
Alternatively, it is possible to use existing widgets as placeholders for widget classes that provide similar APIs. For specialized widgets that subclass standard classes, the obvious choice of placeholder is the base class of the custom widget; for example, QSlider might be used for specialized QSlider subclasses. If this is not possible then QWidget is the obvious choice for a placeholder widget since it is the lowest common denominator for all widgets. The process of creating a custom widget plugin is described in the Creating Custom Widgets for Qt Designer chapter of this manual. You may disregard this message as soon as you are not going to use the ROOT 3D objects and OpenGL viewer.

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