If you’d like to get off the beaten path of groundhog puppets and paper valentines, here are a few unusual ways to celebrate in February. In the past, Valentine’s Day traditions said that if a woman saw certain birds fly overhead, she would marry different types of men. This year you can have a big party on Leap Day (February 29) to celebrate all the people who only have a birthday once every four years. We’re excited to celebrate Chinese New Year (Feb 8) with the Chinese New Year Online Unit Study .
Disclosure Some of the links in my posts and sidebar are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive a small affiliate commission. An jltra-Orthodox Jewish man prepares special matzoh, a traditional handmade Passover unleavened bread, at a bakery in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv, Israel.
Passover, a Jewish holiday requiring participants to eat special meals and participate in religious rituals for eight days, begins April 22.
This story is part of the Deseret News National Edition, which focuses on the issues that resonate with American families. Jews have been celebrating Passover for centuries, and modern life has influenced the ritual in surprising ways. The eight-day holiday, celebrated this year from sundown on Friday, April 22, to Saturday evening, April 30, commemorates the Israelites' escape from slavery in Egypt. Jews gather for special meals, or seders, on the first two nights of Passover and eat a restricted diet throughout the week.
These key parts of the holiday remain in place as other traditions evolve to fit contemporary society. Passover is an opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones, as Jewish families come together to share meals.
Guests on a Passover-themed trip enjoy typical vacation attractions, such as sunbathing and performers, while also having the opportunity to hear from acclaimed Jewish speakers, such as Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of England. Although these trips have been criticized as an extravagance, "defenders say leaving home allows for reunions of large extended families (and) eases the burden of having to cook special, unleavened meals for a week," the Times reported. Interfaith seders are a contentious development in the Jewish community, because Christians have been criticized in the past for co-opting the sacred tradition. Some Jews have welcomed outside interest in their holiday and avoided conflict by hosting a seder for outsiders before Passover begins.
Conversion to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His Atonement is the key, taught the Renlunds. Utah boasts an architectural freak-scape of sky-spanning natural bridges, but what's in it for you?

Giving your plain or printed designer kurtis a wacky appeal is extremely simple with the ready availability of cropped drawstring jackets.
Pulling on a full length jacket layered over a kurti is also very much in trend these days. With the changing time, Shervani has no more remained a style that can be only worn by men!
Angrakha cut is earning a lot of popularity among the women, who follow the latest trend religiously.
March 3rd is National Anthem Day, the day The Star Spangled Banner was declared our national Anthem.
Frames can be pricy, and sometimes just plain old black photo frames can be a little bit of a bore. I love these charming little photo wreaths, which can be hung over your bed or on the wall of your bedroom.
Frames can works in a lot of ways, but if you want something with a rustic, vintage aesthetic, especially if you have some black-and-white photos of ancestors you’d love to display, I love these brass stand-up frames. There are a hundred other ways to display photos, whether through corkboards, photo lines or embellished photo boxes for your coffee table.
February was named after the Latin februum, which means purification, from the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 in the old lunar Roman calendar. A robin meant she would marry a sailor, a goldfinch meant a rich man, and if she saw a sparrow she would marry a poor  man and be very happy. We’re going to work through study (should take us 3 days), then have a par-tay Chinese New Year style with some friends. They also recite the Haggadah, "a liturgy that describes in detail the story of the exodus from Egypt," according to Chabad.org. For example, growing interest in gluten-free diets partially inspired a change this year to dietary restrictions.
Increasingly, these gatherings take place in exotic locales, according to The New York Times. For example, around 100 Muslims and Jews shared a meal in New York City on April 14, The Times of Israel reported.
Leaders in the Conservative Jewish movement updated a dietary restriction in November, paving the way for platters of sushi and peanut-based sauces.
Accessible in bright pouty colours and jazzy designs, the rich magic of these jackets can be very beautifully combined with kurtis paired up with usual leggings. Now, even women can go on combining a shervani style jacket on top of ethnic kurtis to enhance their look even more.

Other than wearing something extra to give yourself a layered up look, stylish suits and kurtis having multiple layers are hitting the show right in giving you a ready-made layered up look! The angrakha cut in a kurti makes the two layers of the fabric to fall on each other by giving an overlapped effect to it. Apartment Therapy shares a post of 9 different bubble solutions (and there’s more in the comments). Based on the famous quote from Alexander Haig after the assassination attempt on President Reagan, it has morphed into a day to get your life under control – create goals, start bullet journaling, decluttering, etc. If you’re willing to get creative though, there are a lot of fun ways you can display photos of your friends and family throughout your home. Easily customisable to fit any room or any decor, they’re a great way of displaying your favourite snapshots in a unique and eye-catching way. It may look a bit complicated, but if you have a copy of Photoshop and a printer, it’s fairly easy to follow and put together. These would look great on a mantelpiece or on a bedside table, bringing a touch of class to your interior design. If you have something you’ve seen you really loved, or a photo project you’re really proud of, comment below and tell us all about it! I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to my readers, most of which I have used personally. This style will completely change the way you have been putting on kurtis for past so many years!
Rather than buttoning up the entire shervani, keep it open to show up the kurti that you are wearing inside it!
The great thing about this piece is that you can display a lot of photos together, and see all different photos from all different angles.
If you have an old bike the kids are too big for now, or one that’s rusted over, you can remove and restore the wheels, pegging photos onto the spokes. Passover celebrates the biblical story of the Israelites' escape from slavery and exodus from Egypt.
These make great decorations for the kitchen or bathroom walls, and look especially great if you paint the wheel to compliment the colour scheme of your home.

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