There is a secret in the real estate business and the big real estate companies don’t want you to know about it.
Knowing what kinds of marketing are effective is important for every real estate professional and separating out the hype can be difficult. Real estate companies would like their real estate agent’s brand to rely on proprietary company marketing services as much as possible so that the brand loyalty and clientele that you build doesn’t walk out the door if you do. Your general web browsing experience will be much improved if you upgrade for free to Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome. Real estate companies sell a brand, training, office space, bulk advertising discounts and marketing. Using the company website may be the only viable way to get your presence on the web when you are first starting out but as soon as you cash that first big commission check get your own website.

If location, location, location are the three rules of real estate then network cubed are the three rules of marketing. You knew that already but what you didn’t know is what they sell and who their customers are.
The ultimate question for a big real estate company is not “Will this sell houses,” or “Will this attract home buyers,” but rather “Will real estate agents pay for this,” and “How much will they pay?” Real estate companies are not the only ones selling to real estate agents. Either way you go, be prepared to commit resources (your time or your money to pay for someone else’s time)to maintaining, updating, and optimizing your site for search engines. You can get great recognition with your face on a billboard but real estate agents are in the business of providing valuable service, knowledge and guidance in the largest purchase of people’s lives. Web designers, SEO developers, printing companies, direct mail providers and real estate industry associations are lining up to sell marketing solutions to real estate agents.

Here are two of the most effective marketing strategies, one old and one new that can work for you. Most large real estate companies and real estate organizations encourage agents to utilize their personalized section of the company or association website. Respond to emails as quickly as possible (an hour or two maximum) and if someone includes a phone number, call them.

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