Team has perfected several unique processes for helping developers, builders and community managers take the necessary actions to effectively plan, position, market and sell to achieve success. The REMA team applies each of these proven processes, taking them from schematic concepts to real-time strategies for feasibility, product definition, consumer identification, applied marketing tactics and monitoring mechanisms.
Your browser is outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. 360 VOX Corporation is a global real estate company that offers comprehensive service in the investment, development, sales, marketing, operations and management of real estate assets.
With global expertise in urban, mixed-use, recreational and resort development, we develop visionary communities such as Edenarc 1800, maximizing the value of land and real estate. 360 VOX transformed Enchantment Resort and Mii amo Spa into an award-winning international destination, while doubling resort revenues and increasing profit.
360 VOX markets and sells the world’s most prestigious projects for clients such as MGM Resorts International, W Hotels and Four Seasons Private Residences. 360 VOX Corporation, Paragon Development Limited and Dundee Corporation have announced a partnership to create a new world-class urban resort in Vancouver's entertainment district. From established markets in North America and Europe, to emerging hotspots in Asia, India and the Middle East, our expertise and service spans the globe. We develop premier projects in the world’s top destinations, creating innovative, sustainable legacies for local communities.
The building site is vacant, and construction hasn’t started yet, but thanks to Panoptic Taris’ new virtual reality experiences you can step inside the new building as if it were already built. One of the challenges of  getting people into a Rift experience who have never tried anything like it is that it can be somewhat disorienting. Most users are fine, but some are more sensitive than others, so we developed the Quick Link Dashboard to eliminate the need to move from one location to another – which is what can occasionally cause motion sickness. With this dashboard, you are able to enjoy a scene standing in a single location, then fade slowly into another location to avoid sudden movements and unnecessary motion. Arch Virtual created this interactive, real-time architectural experience for the Panoptic Group, based out of Chicago, Illinois. The virtual application enables potential buyers of a real estate development project to explore the building before construction starts. The cost of developing a virtual application is comparable with traditional illustration, but offers a far more engaging and holistic way of experiencing a design. After experiencing a design this way, looking at a traditional architectural illustration seems inadequate. The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming, but it clearly has applications in architecture and real estate development as well. The virtual application enables potential buyers to explore the building before construction starts.
This 3D model was built from architectural blueprints, but we can use CAD drawings, Autodesk, Revit and other 3D models, it is often just as effective to build from simple set of PDF drawings.
While the application was only a phase 1 prototype, it was developed in just under 4 weeks and has been a huge success. In both cases, the struggle is the same – how do you make time and energy for self-development? Real estate is a serving profession, and many Realtors® are more focused on their clients than themselves. You can do this by blocking off time on your calendar and using it to read great books on real estate, do online courses, or seek mentorship. If you want to excel in your career, you’ll need to learn to focus on the most important work you have each day.
Too many times we fail to have time and energy for self-development because we don’t have a systematic approach.
Ad Army Group provides real estate agent web development services for a wide range of people. Take Trudi Johnson's real estate page as an example of the kind of real estate agent web development work that Ad Army Group provides.
Peter Babin's website is an example of the variety of people that Ad Army Group works with.
Connect The Dots is a bit of a different service, but it still falls into the real estate industry – and they still needed a real estate agent web development page, which Ad Army Group provided.
A final example of Ad Army Group's real estate agent web development work is the website for 311 Manhattan.
Ad Army Group creates attractive, effective real estate agent web development pages for teams and companies as well as it does for individuals. Not only real estate agent web development, but also web development for professional athletes. Ad Army Group has many real estate agent web development clients, and many other clients for many different service industries. As for websites, there are a few things a successful real estate agent web development should accomplish.

In addition to real estate agent web development, Ad Army Group provides consultation on marketing plans, marketing strategy, advertising strategies, and more.
If you are interested in having Ad Army Group provide real estate agent web development that will bring more clients to you and increase your business and income, contact them today.
Commercial Real Estate Web Design, Commercial Properties Web Design, Real Estate Web Design, Online Real Estate System. S360 Development is a full service real estate development and construction company specializing in all aspects of residential development. Our expertise encompasses all facets of land use analysis, site design, permitting and approvals. S360 has extensive experience in all aspects of residential design and construction from moderate, smaller homes to luxurious estates to attached townhomes.
S360 is also a full service construction management firm that employs an experienced staff of project managers, site supervisors and construction personnel, whose construction expertise range from single and multi-family residential building to large scale commercial projects.
The result is a clear series of steps to assist clients in taking new developments forward on the right foot, repositioning active projects or reviving dormant or aging master planned communities. The application features a custom interface that enables visitors to view an animation, orbit a camera around the exterior, and jump to each of the floors.
The Oculus Rift version of the application includes a prototype of Arch Virtual’s new “Quick Link Dashboard,” that enables visitors to seamlessly fade from scene to scene.
Both new and seasoned Realtors® are very busy, and it can be hard to take time out to learn new, more efficient and effective ways of doing things. While that can be admirable, it can also short-circuit your career if you don’t keep up with training and development. If you prefer to keep your time private, simply note it in your calendar as an appointment.
It’s hard to say no – “No” to a non-qualified buyer who wants to tour homes, “No” to a colleague who wants to chat about her frustrations – again, “No” to so many other unimportant things that take up our time. Do you want to learn more about getting listing leads, farming a neighborhood, and public speaking?
If you aren’t learning regularly and tuning your skills, you will fall behind and other Realtors® will be happy to take your place.
No longer will billboard advertisements and blurbs placed in the back of phone books suffice when it comes to marketing; as a real estate agent, you need a website.
Paul Cookson is a marketing and real estate agent web development expert with years of experience who knows exactly how to wedge his way into a specific niche and make his client the top dog in that area. Not only do they create fantastic real estate agent web development pages for Remax agents, but also for the Royal LePage company. The company is a professional staging company that helps makes homes look nice for potential buyers, but few real estate agents could find them because they didn't have a website. Ad Army Group has created websites for the Toronto Blue Ice jets, Sarah Wells, an award winning Olympic sprinter, Melissa Tancredi, and many others. They are an expert in providing all the information anyone might be looking for in one easy to find location, while simultaneous making the website pleasing to the eye. While an informational site is one thing, a real estate agent web development has the complex mission of reaching clients, enticing them to give you a call, and providing them with the information they may need, all while remaining nice to look at. Web Design Enterprise is the best option for your next Web Design or Web Development project, based on Miami, Florida we offer a very wide array of services to our clients at a very competitive prices, give us a call and speak to one of our experts, we can give you complete proposal in only hours 100% FREE. Our Sacramento based company and affiliates have been developing real estate in the area since 1980. S360 manages the entire development process from site acquisition and design through permitting and infrastructure construction, we assure a seamless and successful project from start to finish. We believe that every building site is unique, and that elements such as topography, directional exposures and natural site characteristics must be considered in designing a home.
S360 manages all aspects of construction including site and infrastructure development, building construction and final finishes. Sometimes you have to go back and make corrections because you remember the old way of doing things more than today’s methods.
When you focus on your most important tasks, you set your own priorities, including self-development. I have two or three learning plans going at once, and after a few days, I’m getting nowhere fast!
Make the time and energy to develop your skills by making yourself a priority, learning to say no, creating a development plan, and focusing on one topic at a time. Especially considering the state of the economy and the housing market at the moment, there are thousands of other real estate agents all vying for a slice of the same, small pie. The extensive portfolio of Ad Army Group proves just how effective they are, with clients ranging from realtors to athletes, charities, restaurants, and more. The large image of Trudy Right in the middle of the page shows her as a kind, approachable looking woman, and the pose she holds symbolizes the dual approach realtors must have when dealing with clients. Now, their website is centered, with an attractive off-white background and content that details exactly what they do in a short, easy to read manner.

The entire page is dedicated to a virtual tour and images of the interior of the home, making it easy for prospects to view the home at their leisure, and frees the homeowners from giving constant tours. The page has an attractive blue background with a city overlay, and the logo at the top of the page helps to make the company's brand more recognizable. The charities they have helped include Dixon Hall, Walk4Diabetes, Stop Concussions, Books With No Bounds, and several others. Then it also has to be optimized for search engines, so you have to take into account the meta tags, content, keyword density, and more. You and he can discuss the vision you have for your website, the future of your business, and how you want to succeed. We have been involved in the permitting of over 700 residential units, the construction of more than 500 homes and the acquisition of over 500,000 square feet of residential acreage. The final result of these considerations is a harmonious relationship between a house and the land on which it sits. S360 works closely with their architects, engineers and local officials to navigate the obstacles inherent to the construction process. Then, once you have learned it – or at least have a habit of making time for it – you can pick up another topic.
If you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you need a website of your own – and not only a website that looks nice, but that utilizes the principles of online marketing and search engine optimization, allowing you to climb to the ranks of search engines.
Ad Army Group helped hundreds of people get the marketing services they need, and they can help you, too. The sign is so recognizable that little more needs to be said, and the central banner is a different color than the rest of the page, immediately drawing the eye to it.
Peter stands in the center of the page, and his phone number is prominent in the top corner of the screen.
Their contact information is readily available on the page, as is their logo, further helping to spread their brand. While there is a lot of information included on the home page, it isn't cluttered, and is organized in a way that makes it easy to find what you may be looking for.
No matter the niche or industry, Ad Army Group helps their clients create eye-catching websites that get the job done. Not only can they take the process of creating a website out of your hands, but they understand the not always exact science of online marketing. We also maintain close contact with customers during construction to keep them involved and informed as their new home or building is being built. On the other, she invites sellers to discuss strategies for putting their home on the market and helping them relocated. The page itself is attractive, with a central image of the home immediately giving the purpose of the page to a visitor, and the arrangement of images draws the eye to the important information.
The two rows of icons include information for two specific sections: buying a home and selling a home.
Ad Army Group can help you ensure that your website gets noticed and that more business is driven through your doors.
They understand the mechanics and algorithms behind search engines and websites, and know how to succeed in real estate agent web development where so many others fail.
This hands on approach and attention to detail has led to a strong record of successful residential projects and ensures S360 Development's success in the future.
The result is a cohesive and efficient process that allows S360 Development to deliver the quality product our customers deserve. Her page establishes Trudi as an authority in the real estate market, furthers her personal brand, and draws clients in. The image of her on the side gives the viewer an idea of what the person they're considering looks like, which is largely important when it is someone they will deal with on a day to day basis during the process of buying or selling a home.
While not a real estate agent web development page for an agent, this site still serves an essential purpose. All of the information a browser might be looking for can be found on the home page, and yet the website still looks attractive. The rest of the page is a bit of a minimalist design; not too much going on, and it draws the eye to the relevant information.
Delving deeper into the site reveals specific pages for the individual agents on the team, as well as free reports that home buyers might find useful. They can provide you with tips and advice to better reach potential customers and clients through more traditional methods.

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