Even a small email list can drive massive results, especially for a real estate professional. HomeActions, a real estate marketing firm, found that email lists with under 200 subscribers actually received far better open rates than big lists. This is powerful finding from HomeActions because when people open your emails, they end up back on your website, reading your blog, and browsing your lists. The key to creating an effective newsletter is to be both informative and visually appealing. The ideas that I have shared above demonstrate the key characteristic of a newsletter: they send your leads (and current clients) back to your content. If you don’t know how to get started with email marketing, feel free to click here to ask me questions about creating your newsletter. A digest is similar to a newsletter, but has less of a focus on sending people back to your own website or consuming the content that you have created.
If you think that your leads are typically tight on time, a digest is a great option for you to send to them. Since readers may not be going back to your own site if you decide to send a digest, the use of strong and branded imagery in the email is extra important.
While I typically suggest to my clients to steer away from being overly salesy, I think that promotional emails have a lot of value in the real estate industry. For real estate, a promotion email does a great job nurturing your leads through the sales funnel. Make your leads dream about buying or selling a home in your promotional emails, and come up with a creative way to demonstrate that you’re the perfect tool to help them with the sell or purchase of their home. I am a big fan of piggyback emails because they allow you to use a stronger, more established brand or event to grow trust in your brand. This means that you send emails that piggyback off things such as the Super Bowl or a holiday. With a piggyback email, you want to do things like send your leads a holiday message or tie in a major event to your services. Your piggyback emails should be a subtle reminder that your brand exists and that you are in-touch with trends and key events.
While a transactional email can be powerful, I suggest not worrying about sending any transactional emails until you’ve sent some of the email types described above. If you are unaware of what a transactional email is, it is simply an email that is automatically sent when an action is completed on a website. Ultimately, a transactional email is a way to show your leads that you appreciate them and their engagement with you. Get Free Marketing Tips Delivered to Your Inbox:The Value of Social Media and Email Marketing for Real Estate AgentsThere is a lot of value behind social media and email marketing for real estate agents. These trends have proven to be incredibly beneficial for small businesses – real estate agents in particular – as they provide them with tremendously valuable opportunities for marketing, and for success.

Online social networks are incredibly popular today, with an increasing number of people spending ever more time on them. You can interact with your clients and potential customers directly, and assess their needs and requirements without having to meet them face to face.
Most of the time spent visiting and inspecting real estate can be saved if you put up pictures of the properties you have available on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest, so your clients can decide within minutes which properties they’re not interested in at all.
The potential customer pool at your disposal with social media is unprecedented compared to any other marketing tool. A highly affordable and exceedingly effective marketing tool, automated email marketing for real estate agents can provide them with amazing benefits. Create a visually aesthetic newsletter and emails sharing content that your customers and prospects want to read.
The biggest value of social media and email marketing for you is that they help keep you top-of-mind with the right people. Read previous post:3 Ways How Small Business Social Media Marketing WorksSmall Business social media marketing is no longer a nice idea, it's a must in 2013. Make your listing stand out with an impressive virtual tour including gallery photos, music and contact information. San Diego Real Estate Marketing is a full-service marketing company for the Real Estate and Mortgage industry in San Diego, Ca. I looked at many website companies offering an MLS solution with a custom website in San Diego, and I havent seen anything as affordable as San Diego Real Estate Marketing. Which means that even if you don’t have a big email list, it could still ultimately be very lucrative for you. This is powerful for real estate because it means you not only get to share updates about your business with your audience, but you also stay on the top of their mind as they interact with your brand. When people end up back on your content (website, blog, etc.) they trust you more, which increases the likeliness of them using (or reusing) your services. It’s a way to share links and other relevant information with your target audience that helps establish you as a trustworthy expert. Make sure that the images you use in your email are bold and high quality since opening your email is the key moment of interaction the lead is having with your brand at that time.
For example, if somebody signs up for your newsletter, you might send them a thank you email. Personalizing these emails with the names of your leads will also go a long way and be more memorable than a generic mass email.
Internet marketing, through social media or email, has pervaded every aspect of our daily lives.
The nature of a real estate agent’s work – its dependence on promotion and visual aesthetics – means that there is a significantly high value on offer for them if they use social media and email marketing.

This presents tremendous opportunities for you, as a real estate agent, to benefit from wide-ranging, free of cost marketing.
This saves both time and money, and allows you to present property options catered specifically to client needs when you do eventually meet them in person. Social networks allow you to engage in ad campaigns, promotional offers, word of mouth marketing, and customer referrals simultaneously. It is particularly effective for you, as a small business owner, if you need to target niche audiences. This will help keep you top-of-mind with them so when they’re ready to buy, they think of you first.
These would be people you think are most likely to be interested in the types of properties you have to offer. Use the expertise of an email marketing service and have your newsletter mailed to everyone on the list regularly. It is necessary in real estate field too, since real estate agents also require high internet exposure which is only possible with the help of social media activities. We have designed RE email templates for Property Listings, Real Estate News, and Holiday e-cards. We specialize in Real Estate Websites, Virtual Tours, Real Estate E-cards, Print Marketing, Listing Websites, Mortgage Websites, and more.
When people adore your brand, the likeliness of him or her making a purchase or sale using you significantly increases.
We go to search engines for everything we need, from making travel reservations to purchasing shoes and from finding the closest Thai restaurant, and even to seek relationship advice. Furthermore, the benefits they provide are not just short term, but provide long term value as well through customer referrals and word of mouth marketing. It’s necessary for real estate agents to mark their presence on the internet to get in touch with their clients.
We have pre-designed templates that can be customized for any real estate agent or company, this provides a low cost solution for Realtors and Mortgage Professionals.
Everything is propped up by photoshop files to allow you creation of your own, unique newsletter and fresh experience. For instance, you can look a renowned South Florida property consultant’s social profile i.e. Whether you are a Loan Advisor, new Real Estate Agent entering the business or a Seasoned Realtor, you will find our exceptional customer service representatives always available to assist you with your Real Estate Success!

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