Not To Bad If I Say So Myself, But You Are Missing Something *NEW* That You Can Add To Your Arsenal.
Nothing Last Forever, However This Real Estate Marketing Sales Letter Package Always Will.
All You Have To Do Is Open These Letters In Microsoft Word, Modify The Name, Address, Date, & Add Your Contact Info. This Package Displays That You Are Serious About Your Business, Well Equipped, And Will Always Have A Solid And Guaranteed Way To Be Able To Obtain New Business.
Homes don’t sell for as close to listing price in the summer, recent reports show that homes sell for more in the winter when there is less on the market. Spring listings sell a bit faster, but winter has 20 percent fewer listings added than the spring. Not to hijack this thread, but I want to know if I can have a short sale and I can’t figure out how to find a local, highly regarded realtor… have you ever heard of this realtor? For Detroit area real estate professionals, a postcard marketing campaign can be an extremely effective method of increasing visibility and sales. A successful marketing postcard should include elements that will relay a message that motivates the recipient to take a predetermined action. Grab their Attention: From the moment a person first glances at the postcard, there is a five second window to gain their interest. Determine the Focus: Is the intent of the postcard to attract buyers, sellers or to simply serve as an introduction for the realtor? Be Original: The ability to present a message through a unique approach can serve to pique the recipient’s interest.

Focus on the Message: While design elements are important to attract attention, developing a message that conveys key information in an uncluttered manner is vital to the success of the campaign.
Provide a Call to Action: This can be achieved through a promotion, displaying testimonials or offering a service no other agent is providing. Use a Quality Print Shop: Quality print shops in Detroit present their customers with a variety of services that will help ensure the success of a real estate postcard marketing campaign. Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful real estate postcard campaign is a well conceived and properly executed plan. For real estate agents, the holidays are a popular time to send calendars and postcards not only to celebrate the season but also to give buyers and sellers another 365 days – and reasons – to keep the agent’s name front and center. With real estate holiday calendars, agents can personalize with a photo and contact information. With this direct mail approach, you use the postcard to send holiday greetings and the removable, magnetic calendar as a year-round marketing tool. It’s the perfect time of year to get in the homes of buyers and sellers, and with holiday postcards and calendars you can also express the sentiments that are on your mind and in your heart. Postcards can provide important information about a real estate company to a highly targeted list of potential new customers.
In the planning process, it is important to incorporate a number of concepts that serve to improve response rates and enhance the chances for overall success. Above all else, a postcard must be designed to rapidly convey a message that causes the person to respond. A real estate postcard targeted toward buyers may include a listing as well as a photo of an attractive available home.

This can include using tasteful humor, highlighting accomplishments or creating an innovative postcard design. She is on a mission to help and encourage others to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams and kick-start their real estate business. For many of us in the real estate industry, these moments are filled with gratitude over the continued rise of the housing market. A real estate holiday postcard can also be customized with an image of the realtor and their personal details.
Postcards are inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising and they experience a high response rate when the message is compelling. A postcard directed to sellers may include helpful information such as the number of homes the realtor has sold or “average days until sold” information.
Planning and careful attention to details both in design and execution will result in a superior response rate and numerous legitimate lead opportunities.
Watch the video below and don’t forget to tell me your own tips for real estate postcard marketing in the comments below.
As such, we feel the need to thank those who helped us succeed – namely, our clients – and a natural way to do that during this time of year is with a real estate holiday calendar or postcard.

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