Stats indicate that many FSBO sellers are frustrated due to their inability to attract any offers to their home. The company offers a comprehensive suite of marketing programs designed to drive desperate sellers to investor clients using proven internet marketing programs such as Youtube video marketing and search engine optimization.
While the company specializes in real estate internet marketing and advertising, the firm also offers programs for professionals in vertical industries such as the mortgage and title industry.
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Creating a real estate marketing plan is of paramount importance for any investor seeking to begin a career in this industry.
Flyers– flyers are business size cards with the same message as a bandit sign that you place on the windshield of cars. Door Handle Signs- this is a sign that you hang on people’s doors with your message and a call to action. Hand written letters– handwritten letters take time to write out and costs money for the paper, envelope, and stamps, but this strategy also performs the best open and has the highest conversion rate.
Networking events– real estate networking events are great ways to meet other professionals to obtain referrals. When creating a real estate marketing plan, also think about what makes you unique and what will make your customer say ‘WOW’ and want to refer you to others?! Creating and implementing your real estate marketing plan will take some time, money, and effort, but understanding your options and committing to a time and financial budget before hand will allow you to choose the methods that are best for you and produce the best results quickly. Phill Grove has been called the most successful post bubble real estate investor in the country. In 2008, Phill Grove created a real estate investing program called the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System that helps buyers, sellers, and investors alike.
Phill Grove has also created a new 'All In One Done For You' Real estate investing program that will assist those who have the money to invest but just don't have the time to go out and find properties. Finally, Phill is a National Speaker, part of The Big Live Event, where he has spoken with the likes of Rudy Guliani, George Ross, Stedman Graham, Michael Gerber, JT Foxx and more. 5 Vital Tips for a Great Real Estate Investing WebsiteMore people than ever are using the internet for at least a part of their real estate dealings. Why Foreclosure Rates Matter To Real Estate InvestorsAs a real estate investor, you may or may not deal directly with foreclosed properties.

Tips On How To Build Credibility For Your Real Estate BusinessYour credibility is highly important as a real estate investor.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Our Realtors go beyond standard services and provide a full-service promotional approach that takes your customized real estate marketing plan to a higher level. You can use it as a literal roadmap to quickly position your business as the leader in your area.
You’ll get all of this as soon as you sign up for the special webinar that Greg is doing Monday night at 9pm Eastern. Just sign up at the link above and you’ll immediately be redirected to the download page.
Become a FREE member NOW, and get 6+ Hrs of Recorded Training, Including "How to Evaluate Deals for Wholesaling or Rehabbing", "How to Close 2-3 Deals a Week", & much more! Our goal is to help real estate investors create the freedom to determine their own future. The safest way to start a business is to research and by creating a fool-proof plan that takes into account every short term and detailed minutes about the business. Our free Real Estate Simple Business Plan Template examples for business will allow you to set your goals and will also allow you to calculate the number of prospects needed to keep the business afloat. New advertising tools for real estate investors change the way investors find qualified properties online.
With more investors going online to locate their ideal investment vehicle, the company’s new program lineup is sure to be good news for busy investors. Leveraging the for sale by owner market, the firm has created a unique approach for investors to find their ideal properties. For real estate investors, these targets usually include home sellers who are what the industry refers to as ‘FSBO’ sellers. When they reach that moment, they frequently turn to the internet looking for someone who will buy their home quickly.
Their systematic approach towards building their clients’ online properties works well regardless of the niche. Kim Gibbons' marketing plan gives sellers the distinct marketing edge in the local, national and worldwide markets.

Place your property on the Pensacola (PAR) and Emerald Coast Realtor (ECAR) Associations Multiple Listing Services, very few agents can do both.
Promote your property through "Just Listed Postcards", distributed to select neighbors and buyers in your area. Design and prepare a full-color, professionally written Property Brochure for distribution to prospective buyers and targeted marketing areas.
Prepare a professional Virtual or Web Tour of your property for distribution to buyers at open houses, direct mail, email, to send upon request to prospective buyers, and to distribute to cooperating real estate agents.
Attract more home buyers through television and national direct advertising by providing name recognition and high - level exposure of ERA Real Estate.
Follow up every week with buyer feedback, agent showing comments, market updates, competitive pricing and more. Create prospect awareness for your property through one of the largest Broker Referral Networks in North America, generating over 125,000 referrals each year. Make AHS Home Warranty Protection Plan (as provided and administered by AHS.) available to you and your buyer to protect against unexpected repairs and increase your property's salability.
Keep you informed regarding showings, inquiries, advertising and overall activity by phone, mail and written reports. Use these chattels real template samples which you can download for free and can be printed in many formats such as: Word and Excel. These are property owners who have chosen to forgo an agent in hopes of controlling the sale themselves,” states Simon Landers, spokesperson. When this happens, that real estate investor who controls the keywords these home sellers are using is the investor that gets to make the first offer,” continues Mr. Quality pictures of your home are essential for finding buyers and to justify the stated list price.
We strive to help you set up and grow your real estate investing business,  your lead base, and your revenue by sharing what has (and has not!) worked for us, and what we believe to be the best practices.

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