I think everyone has met this once in your life, or at least your loved ones with this meet. What can I say, some do work in certain offices, where and sell real estate, so they earn a living. According to the law of the real estate sales contract must be drawn up in writing and certified by a notary. The usual thing — the buyer may not like something in purchasing real estate, it can found not specified deficiencies.
Next you need to know a list of documents that are needed in a real estate sales contract for legal entities and individuals, both for the seller and for the buyer.

I know this list was incomplete, approximate, and also quite boring, but for a simple familiarization’s enough. A CV is a marketing tool that conveys your personal details in a way that presents you in the best possible light. The contract also must be given the date when the sale (or other property) becomes your property. Seller, if an individual is required to submit: a certificate of privatization, passports and identification codes of all property owners, data sheet, form number 3, and any other documents as required. After all, would you be more determined to, you would definitely not looking for information on the Internet, is not it?

If the house is already there, we take care of your own business (buying office) or a good vacation, buying a summer residence. In the case of non-compliance of the latter principle, the seller may refuse to transmit the real estate, and then you have the right to send a written demand. The legislation Think about it: you will have a certain period of time of about 3 years, during which you can find fault and complain that it was not specified in the contract.

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