Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. Es por ello que nos aproximamos a revisar las opciones básicas que encontramos en el reproductor gratuito de Real Player 15. Plays all popular media formats including Flash, Quicktime MPEG–4, Windows Media, DVDs and CDs.
Comes with a built-in media browser so that you can surf the web while listening to your media. When you download the videos from youtube and other sites, is the download of the videos free as well, or is there a fee for downloading them? It is very useful article…Can any one tell me how to attach it with Google Chrome to download videos? Recognising this, version 11 has a much cleaner and less cumbersome installation process that offers a tick box asking which media-types you want associated with the application, along with the option to disable the new video download feature. RealPlayer 11 will be available in two flavors: a free option which is limited to CD-burning, and a paid-for option that enables you to burn to DVD. The first thing you’ll notice about the new RealPlayer interface is how similar it is to iTunes.
As already mentioned, the biggest new feature is the ability to download videos from the web .

While it will be hard for RealPlayer to shake off its poor reputation, there’s much to like about version 11. We will have the ability to transfer to a portable device (iPod) before the end of the year. Matt, i have to admit i was pretty turned off by real under the old software [realone player?], and most of the rep that real has is justified. HEY,I GOT THE PAID REALPLAYER SO I COULD BURN SO MUSIC, THE MUSIC BURNED BUT NO SOUND, ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE. When you are playing a video in your browser, RealPlayer SP will a download button over the video. Whenever you watch any video on Chrome, you will notice a small download link when you hover over the video. However, with the application only available to beta testers, it wasn’t untill last week that I actually got my hands on the software (currently Windows-only), courtesy of an invite from NewTeeVee. With RealPlayer 11 installed, when you visit a website with embedded video (Real, Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media), a floating tab appears giving you the option to download the file or ‘record’ it in the case of a live stream. This should help Real persuade content owners that its new player has the potential to send traffic back to the originating site. The new interface and jukebox functionality has been appropriately borrowed from iTunes, and the ability to download and save videos from the web, not only works well, but should prove popular with users who want to build their own personal video collection.

Our CEO, Rob Glaser, did a demo at All Things Digital where he transferred a YouTube clip to an iPod. Then when you go to some YouTube video, you will see an option to download video just above the video. In addition, Real made it far too difficult to locate the free version of its player, resulting in many users holding the company in very low regard.
The right-hand pane displays a column view of your content, and at the bottom are the player controls. Having said that, it seems a bit old-hat to only give the option to burn media to a CD or DVD and not covert it for transfer to a portable media player such as an iPod. Since the late 90’s they stuffed up real player with all the ads etc, and that remained for many years now they are realizing that no one wants ads, and are changing it to focus on their content.
Then, when you watch some video on YouTube and take your mouse over the video, you will see an option at top right corner of the video to download the video. Additionally, when playing video from your library, buttons appear giving you the option to zoom-in or switch to full-screen mode.

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