Earlier this week we asked you to guess the highest-selling singles and albums to come out of Minnesota—and the answers to those two big questions will be revealed this Sunday night on the Current Presents: The Best-Selling Minnesota Artists of All Time. All data courtesy of the RIAA On the left we have a pie chart that shows the breakdown of all the different formats of music that were being sold in 1983, and on the right we can see how drastically things had already changed 10 years later. Here, we see a trend starting the develop that builds on what we saw in the above 1983 and 1993 pie charts.
Because of this, we’ll see some surprisingly results pop up when we examine the best-selling singles from Minnesota vs. The precipitous drop in units and dollars from 1999ish coincides with the release of Napster. Would offer up another thought, which says this is nothing to do with downloading per se or even whether people are paying, it’s about the disagregation of albums and a change in listen habits that is now only interested in individual tracks. Regarder des films Permanent Record (1988) avec sous-titres francais sera tres agreable et plus facile pour vous de comprendre l'histoire dans le film Permanent Record (1988).
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If you're unsure, you can easily test the options available to determine the correct setting. This kind of stuff can get pretty dry, so I’ll try to keep it as lively and interesting as possible with the help of some pretty fascinating graphics from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Before we get too far, another note about tracking sales: In addition to the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan began providing sales data to record companies and industry insiders in 1991. That for a period of the 1990s and early 2000s, people were buying the highest proportion of a single format of music than had ever been tracked before.
In some years it was easy for a single to sell a million or more copies because that’s what people were buying, where in other years it was virtually impossible to purchase a single song and fans were forced to buy the entire album.
You’ll notice that the number of units purchased has increased steadily from the time they started collecting the data until now—including a huge leap in sales over the past seven years as people download more and more music online.
Therefore, David's suicide leaves everyone, especially his best friend and band-mate, Chris, with a lot of questions.
The two companies gather their data a little differently—the RIAA tracks the number of units shipped from the manufacturers, minus unsold units returned to the manufacturer by record stores, while SoundScan gathers the data directly from the cash registers at stores. The compact disc was not only the most popular format, but for a brief period of time it was the only format people were purchasing. But on the left, what we see is that while the music sales are currently at a 40-year high, the money brought in from these sales is the lowest its been since 1988.
But what has never recovered for the digital download generation is the sense that albums are a holistic artifact to be experienced in its entirety and in a programmed order.
Because of this, Nielsen SoundScan’s data is much more accurate and precise, but it is also more closely guarded.

But while these individual pie charts are interesting and all, one of the most startling and compelling findings in the RIAA database was a graph that shows the rise and fall of all of the formats of music over the past 40 years. Once you lose that way of consuming music you see a steep rise in units (in the old world a single and lp were both one unit) and a parallel loss of all the value. When I first had the idea to compile a list of best-selling albums and singles from Minnesota artists, I thought, Why hasn’t anyone done this already? And when I think back to that pre-research time now I laugh and laugh at how blissfully naive I was about the music industry and its data.
40 Years of Data Over the course of researching the best-selling artists to come out of Minnesota, I spent a lot of time digging into the decades of data that have been gathered by the RIAA. The truth is, aside from the very trackable sales happening in the modern age through outlets like iTunes, no one actually knows exactly how many copies of a particular album or single have sold. Much of that data was specific to individual artists (and will be revealed on Sunday night), but I also found some really intriguing charts and graphs that relate to the format music has been sold in over the years and how overall sales have fluctuated. Prior to the RIAA forming in 1952 and beginning their process of certifying gold albums in 1958, only the record companies themselves were keeping track of how many copies of each title had been manufactured and sold.
And at that point in time there was really no way of knowing what happened to the albums once they left the manufacturer and were purchased wholesale by the individual record stores—maybe they all sold, maybe some of them ended up in dusty bins underneath the shelves. Also, not to say that record companies aren’t run by upstanding and truthful people, but there was nothing preventing the labels from inflating their own sales numbers to make themselves look good. In 1958 they began offering Gold Awards for singles and albums that had reached $1 million in sales, and after a decade and a half they changed the criteria to 500,000 units.

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