Apple CEO Tim Cook arrives on stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, in June.
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From time to time I will record footage directly from an iOS device, while at other times, I like to record the screen using an external camera so that you can see my hands as I work with the device.
The bottom line is that there are times in which you should definitely go the direct feed route as opposed to recording the screen externally. As its name states, the Game Capture HD is designed for capturing content from video game consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox, yet, it works great with any other type of non-HDCP protected video content as well. According to Elgato, the Game Capture HD uses advanced hardware H.264 encoding to capture your gameplay in stunning 1080p Full HD, while at the same time, keeping the file size low.
Once you have this chain setup, start the Game Capture HD software, and click the red record button. Along with basic capturing functions, the Game Capture HD software features basic editing capabilities as well.
Another feature that I really enjoy about the Game Capture’s software is its live streaming capabilities.
This basic setup is what I have used for quite some time now, and it is essentially fail proof. You can use Display Recorder, but that’s not what I use to show touch input on my videos. Reflector works fine, but you still don’t get the 100% quality that you get from a direct feed.

4.15 (In video), Jeff tried to dismiss the low battery notification of his iPod touch on the live feed in Mac! If you were one of the lucky ones who downloaded xRec (or any other screen recording app) before it was pulled from the AppStore, you can just use that. Juste use Reflector to mirror your iOS device screen on your Mac and record your Mac screen with Screenflow. So it takes time and money to keep it going, anything you can contribute will help keep this unique resource online and up to date!
The process is one that is simple and straightforward with the help of a couple of hardware and software tools. Depending on the circumstances, I’ve been known to switch up my methods for doing so. As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, but the method that I’ve been using has been working quite well for me.
Not only does this device work extremely well for capture any HDMI source, it’s also fairly inexpensive and features a pretty robust software application.
It should now start capturing the video input from your iOS device and saving the recording to a pre-designated place on your computer.
Once you edit your captured video to your liking, you then have the option of uploading the finished product directly to a service like YouTube, or for sharing via Twitter of Facebook.
If you have a YouTube Partner account with live streaming enabled, you can use the Game Capture HD to live stream direct feed footage straight from your device. Is the video grainy using software only programs with bluetooth, is it the bluetooth causing issues, is the video compression terrible and can’t be changed, does it stutter during record, poor frame rate? You aren’t doing gaming or network intensive tasks in your video, which is perfectly fine.

Note that unlaminated versions of this sleeve were used for the tan steamboat label reissue (with a K catalogue number).
Have a look inside as I spill the details on what makes a successful iOS device recording setup. Although this can be done with older devices that use the 30-pin connector, in this example I’ll only be using newer devices—the iPhone 5 and above—that sport the Lightning connector. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter lets you output video directly to a television, and features a Lightning input port for charging the device while outputting video. If you aren’t familiar with HDCP and what it does, I suggest reading its Wikipedia entry for more details. The end-result quality of the videos captured from iOS definitely meet my standards, and will likely meet yours.
It even captures input sound, which is great if you’re playing a game and want to showcase the full experience. This function, like the rest of the functionality of the Game Capture HD, was originally intended to work with console gaming, but there’s nothing stopping you from using its features to capture iOS video. I highly recommend the Game Capture HD to anyone interested in bettering their iOS video authoring skills. There are quite a few settings to be found in the preferences for the Game Capture software, so you can play around with those a bit to create a precise capturing environment that works for you application.

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