Committed to providing our clients with an honest and transparent approach to improving their Digital Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a proven method of generating sales on a pay per performance structure. Red Star Digital offer a full consultation service from setting up a new affiliate campaign to continued growth and analysis of existing campaigns. Explaining the background of affiliate marketing and the various relationships involved including the roles of a network, merchant, affiliate and where appropriate an agency, Red Star Digital will show you the power of affiliate marketing and how it can and should fit into your overall marketing strategy. If you are new to affiliate marketing or have just taken on the role of affiliate marketer, Red Star Digital can guide you on network selection, setting up the affiliate programme, creative advice, commission guidance and benchmarking. Red Star Digital can advise on best practice techniques to help your programme continue to grow using incentive techniques, refreshed creative ideas, regular and timely communications in affiliate friendly formats and other motivational aides. Close monitoring of conversions both on the merchant website and from the affiliates will ensure you have a tight grip on your affiliate campaign helping to keep a control on your budgets. Simple replacements of text, call to action messages and images can have a profound impact on how your audience interacts with your email campaigns. A US Navy principle first coined in 1960, KISS is a great way of ensuring changes are kept uncomplicated and easy to measure. Choose just one end result that you’re looking for; it’s better to work on a single problem by focusing on just one metric that you want to change rather than several all at once.

That may sound strange, but it’s important to make sure that what you’re sending is working. We all know it’s cheaper to retain your current customers than try to find new ones, which is why your email list is so helpful in growing your business.
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When an affiliate or partner drives a customer to your website through their own, who then consequently purchases something, a commission is paid to that affiliate or partner. They can also demonstrate to you proven techniques in affiliate recruitment to ensure a successful and economical programme launch as well as continued growth. Looking strategically at key partners and their specific needs and roles, we will show you how to build effective relationships that will drive high quality consumers to your site. Using simple techniques to review existing campaigns Red Star Digital can bring new life to your affiliate program without seeing it stagnate, keeping the affiliates and the consumers interested in your site and products.
Analyse their effectiveness, figure out what worked and what didn’t work, and then incorporate that learning into your current campaigns and testing. Any personalisation has to be present, call to action buttons have to actually show up, images need to be properly included, etc.
Subscribers to your list are potential or past customers, and have indicated they’re interested in hearing from you just by pushing that subscribe button.

Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Business! Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about World News! Looking at current online consumer trends and the various types of affiliate site, we will discuss how you gain brand exposure on them and increased sales within your budget limitations. Change just one thing at a time so that you can be sure of the effectiveness and success (or failure) of that change.
However you decide to split your list, each segment needs to be big enough to give you relevant statistics that you can work with. Regardless of how spectacular your content is, your email campaign will fail if elements of it don’t show in your customer’s inbox!

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