You can easily find the character codes of all special characters by using the Character Map utility in Windows. To select a character or symbol in this utility, simply locate the character and click on it. Likewise, to insert the Registered sign ® in an open document, hold Alt key down and enter 0174 from the numeric keypad.
Similarly, to insert the Registered sign ™ in a document, hold Alt key down and enter 0153 from the numeric keypad. Once you’ve inserted a special character in a document, you can easily format it, like making it bold or making it a superscript by using the Format command made available by a program (such as Microsoft Word) to format the font.
If you’re using Microsoft Word, it has a special menu command to insert special characters. You can easily select and insert any special character from this dialog box in your open Word document.

From the above figure, you may easily notice that it also displays the Shortcut Key for some symbols. Of course, the third method to insert special characters in a Word document is to hold down the Alt key and then to enter the character code from the numeric keypad, as seen earlier. Some programs, such as Microsoft Word, have special commands to insert these special characters. In fact, this utility also makes it possible to select the special character from a table and then copy them for being inserted into any other program or document. If you want to copy that character, then you’ll have to first click on the Select button and once the selected character appears in the “Characters to copy” text box then click on Copy button. Likewise, you can display other special characters in your web page by correctly coding the HTML code for that web page. But, even for other programs inserting such special characters can become easy if you know the character codes or the number code for these characters.

This copies the selected character to the Windows Clipboard from where you can paste it in any program or document. Once you know the character code of a special character, you can easily insert it in any document by pressing and holding the Alt key and then entering its character code from the Numeric Keypad on your keyboard. Likewise, the shortcut key for ® symbol is Alt + Ctrl + R and the shortcut key for ™ symbol is Alt + Ctrl + T. Using these shortcut keys, you can easily insert these special characters in your open Microsoft Word document.

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