TAM Inflatable Packers and Swellable Packers Deliver Solutions that are Safe, Reliable, and Critical to Your Success. Inflatable and swellable packers offer highly flexible tool systems that are effective in a broad range of applications and in a wide variety of well constructions, especially where conventional packers and operations are ineffective.
TAM PosiFracĀ® Systems:For swellable packer expertise, TAM now brings you the complete package.

EPICĀ® Solutions (Essential Products for Integrity and Containment):For sensitive, high-risk applications, we work hard so you can rest easy. Inflatable packers offer an advantage over conventional testing tools as they can be set in single or multiple packer tool configurations in an open or cased hole. TAM maintains over sixty global support locations focused on defining and implementing wellsite solutions.

In addition, inflatable testing tools can be coupled with a variety of artificial lift methods to conduct buildup or injection falloff tests with downhole shut-in capability.

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