A while back Bags & Bows did a blog post and infographic on color psychology marketing and how different colors attribute to branding your business. Tyson Schnitker and his wife Mary, local Minnesota distillers, admittedly came into their craft by accident. As a local retailer, you know you need to position your marketing strategies to reach a geographically-centralized audience with sales-boosting promotions. Bags & Bows’ parent company, Deluxe Corporation, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
Have you ever asked the question, “What did we used to do before smartphones?” I know I have.
You’re always on the lookout for ways to bring new customers into your retail shop, and if you haven’t tried postcard marketing you’re missing an excellent opportunity to introduce new customers to your shop and increase sales.
Before you consider diving into marketing campaign for Christmas, considering first the things you need to prepare for your marketing campaign. Decorate your online and offline store – make sure that you are in the Christmas spirit as well, decorate your online store with Christmas image or theme, as well as your offline store invest in give-away like Christmas candies for your walk in customers. Offer Holiday items – choose your products and make a package out of them, people love to buy in bulk, and it makes them feel they have save a huge amount rather than buying individual items.
Offer free gift wrap – do you have the type of online store that offers products, free shipping or delivery? Social media is one way to get your marketing campaign out in the public, include social media marketing on your Holiday marketing plan. Online store – most online store owners has forgotten that social media can be the most effective Holiday marketing tool for their Christmas promos.
Facebook promotions – advertise on facebook, create a personalized image with your business name and logo and products for Christmas. Twiter – Twitter has limited characters, therefore this is the place where you post your direct and short message about your Christmas sale, you can also create hashtag coupons for your followers, people usually use popular hashtag these days to search for deals, sales and items.
Pinterest – you can create pinterest Holiday contest, the more repins from your Holiday sale photo wins. Prizes – you can attract more customers with prizes or gifts or even free item with a purchase of X amount on your online store.
Whatever marketing campaign you have thought of make sure to track your keywords and products, be creative with your keywords, especially when you are blogging or creating content marketing for Christmas, make sure to add keywords such as Christmas + product, it would also be great if you could invest in PPC advertising, this form of promotion may cost you more but it will surely get your promotions online and paid advertising on events such as Christmas is truly necessary. This entry was posted in Christmas Marketing Tips, Christmas mobile marketing and tagged christmas gifts ideas, christmas marketing, christmas promotions, christmas tips, marketing plan for christmas.

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To kick off summer, we’re featuring The Purple Iris, a flower and gift shop just starting up in Circleville, Ohio.
Every year on November 11th, we honor our country’s veterans for their patriotism, sacrifice, and willingness to serve our country and its citizens. As a follow-up to that post, we are going to feature some colorful packaging products, gift bags and boxes, and explain based on color what these products tell your customers and which is best for your type of business.
It could be a harvest festival, company anniversary, or maybe you’re already looking forward to your holiday party. Now, Skaalvenn Distillery sets itself apart by breaking the chain of “boring booze” to provide unique craft drinks. For many retailers, targeting an entire town or neighborhood is more cost-effective than developing a demographically-driven mailing list; that’s because your customers are limited in number and those who live in the same neighborhoods tend to share demographic data.
To mark this special milestone, we’ve started the Small Business Revolution, a movement with a mission to share 100 small business stories from across the country, each of whom was nominated by the people who knew them best – friends, family, and neighbors.
Just this weekend I was out with some coworkers, and we were all on our phones trying to find a place to go to eat and then using our GPS’s to figure out how to get there. Businesses around the world have already started their marketing campaign for Christmas and so should you to increase your revenue before the year ends.
Do not alienate customers therefore it is essential that you pay attention to how you are recognized this Christmas. For your online customers you can offer free e-cards or whatever you can think of but make sure it is personalized and has your business name and logo. Then you customers will truly appreciate if you offer free gift wrap, the more convenient for your customer the better. You can be creative when it comes to marketing this Christmas; people are more attractive to sales and with fun and personal touch with it.
I had the pleasure of asking Larry Upchurch, owner of The Purple Iris, a few questions about his business and the logo that he ordered from Deluxe’s logo design services. Patrick’s Day, the holiday of all things green, we are featuring a startup produce business: The Novice Farmer. Many actors and actresses, directors, TV series, and screenplays were recognized for their outstanding quality.

Veterans play such an important role in our country, and they deserve honor and respect every day of the year, not just one day of the year.
If you scroll to the bottom of the post, we have created a new infographic complete with coordinating packaging options in every color. In fact, the earlier you plan your holiday marketing, the more success you’ll enjoy this holiday season.
Events are a fun way to get the word out about your business and generate excitement around your brand. I had the pleasure of meeting Tyson and Mary and getting to know more about them and their creations. America was built by bold and passionate entrepreneurs who took the plunge and started their own businesses. Let’s dive into what he said about his business and the history of the building they reside in. With the first day of spring only a few days away, we’re all thinking about budding spring foliage, the farmers’ market, and the green grass that is conquering the snow. Not only were celebrities like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in attendance at the event, but so was Arid Chappell of ARIDO Jewelry an exclusive upscale jewelry line (and customer of Bags & Bows).
Veterans on the Lake Resort in Ely, MN is a business that shows veterans honor and respect on a daily basis.
Let’s take a look at how people use their phones while shopping, and how you can use this data to your advantage and increase sales. We can all think of businesses with a strong brand and die-hard followers: Apple, Nike, and Jeep, just to name a few.
Holidays is not permanent so make sure your marketing plan is for the given event and not for the rest of the upcoming year, besides you can always rewrite your marketing plan into another event that is coming up such as New Year, Valentines, Easter etc. I had the opportunity of interviewing Arid about his business and involvement at the Golden Globes. They are a non-profit organization, providing veterans and their guests a beautiful place to relax and vacation. While these are huge companies, there is something to learn from their branding techniques that can be applied to small businesses.

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