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Mobile retail marketing has changed (and changed with) consumer buying behavior, but location-based marketing may be the newest addition to this growing trend. This last holiday season revealed a new trend – customers are willing to wait for great retail deals.
This retail demographic comprising a large portion of US shoppers is, as a whole, developing new purchasing habits.
April 29, 2014 by RBDenterprise Leave a Comment In retail marketing today there are many ways to market your business.
When most people think about marketing, using political or economic current events, you know, the things your school teachers used to make you write about, don’t seem to be the top of their list.
Developing an effective local online retail marketing plan requires doing the basics – directory listings, PPC campaigns, creating web content optimized for search engines, content marketing – but there are also many new and innovative strategies that you can use.Get Ahead with These Local Marketing Ideas for Retail BusinessesCo-Registration – One way to maximize your content marketing investment is to use it to gain access to new qualified leads.
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Doubled market share and grew profits  250% through brand repositioning - named "Brand of the Year". BLUE FOOTWEAR Leading consumer-driven footwear  company and the #2 wholesale supplier of women's fashion shoes  to U.S. Successively promoted to positions of  increased responsibility based on consistently exceeding goals  and expectations. Led Division from years of operating  losses to positive earnings, delivering significant  improvements every year, culminating with +686% growth in  operating earnings in 2007.
Revamped management personnel to  build a team capable of delivering sustained organic growth  in a zero sum market. Repositioned store portfolio to both  right-size the chain and grow the highly profitable outlet  segment to maximize earnings. Integrated redundant Canadian  infrastructure, consolidated all non-store support functions  (Buying, Allocating, Planning, Marketing, IT, Real Estate),  producing +$6M in annual savings and a return to  profitability for the segment after 3 years of losses.
Developed new store design and  changed shopping environment to attract a greater audience.  Reduced turnover in stores 50% by fostering a store-friendly  culture. Built an accelerated career program  for gifted college students to add talent, diversity and  future leadership. Credited for role in growing sales  85% in 5 years from $230 to $350M, averaging 15-20% growth each year. Doubled market share, increased brand  awareness and improved profits by 250% or $10M by directing  brand repositioning through an integrated product, store and  consumer communications 3-year plan.
Launched a Direct to Consumer Catalog  and e-commerce platform to add incremental sales and  profits, resulting in +$12M in sales and $2.6M in profits. Recognized for contribution to  successful addition of the Naturalizer brand within the  Federated Department store group that generated an  incremental $35M in sales annually. Promoted to lead the marketing function  in support of +300 specialty women's footwear stores throughout  the United States.

Credited for transitioning marketing  strategy for a mass media communications program to a  consumer database marketing platform that reduced marketing  expense +$2M while driving same store productivity to record  sales per square foot.
Introduced Voice-Of-Customer Panel to test products, promotions, store design and service changes. Led the footwear buying and merchandising  teams for 47 better grade department stores on the West coast,  generating $64M in annual revenues. Added premium priced brands to brand matrix driving a 10% increase in average retail prices. A recent study from the Munich Maximillans University suggests customized mobile promotion and marketing can greatly sway consumers’ choices at the point-of-purchase.
Mobile shopping apps, like ShopKick and AisleBuyer, are already on the market, providing in-store deals for participating consumers. This 2011 holiday pattern showed a high number of purchases around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then very low records up until Christmas Eve for last-minute deals. However, if you are careful not to go too political, or careful not to take a specific side, you could leverage many political or economic situations to your advantage.
Leverage the elections and offer a small extra for anyone coming in with an “I voted” sticker and makes a purchase.
Market an offer to customers for free admission to a local attraction when purchasing a smartphone with a great camera. They create dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that consistently deliver results. Challenged to  turnaround declining sales, profit margins, consumer traffic and  market share. Noted for producing comp store growth  2-4% in each of last 4 year in contrast to competitive set  which is down 3-5% annually.
Led comprehensive real estate  strategy to change mix of channels, resulting in exiting 120  mall-based stores and opening 50 outlet stores. Sourced product providers through  new manufacturers and designers that now account for 30% of sales.
Launched Star Sightings communication program that  shared best practices and success stories in customer  services. Managed $6M budget and team of 9 comprised of  Art Directors, Copywriters, Production Manager, Database Manager  as well as an external media agency. Created data warehouse and introduced  data mining to support highly targeted direct mail programs.
Charged with creating  consumer-right and trend-right assortments to drive high sales  and margins. A graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Stanford University's Executive Program, Don has helped thousands of people secure their next job. Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. Professor Spann and his colleagues used a German smartphone app that provided modified coupons to test what types of promotions consumers are more willing to buy. With the growing connectivity between mobile marketing and online shoppers, there is great potential for retailers to snag some spotlight in this mobile marketing trend, even in the last few minutes of a purchase.
No longer willing to spend $30 at the Gap for a simple sweatshirt, they instead are buying basic clothes at discount outlets.

It’s not what most people would think of in marketing, but it can be a very good way to catch the attention of people of all kinds. Offer something like “bring in a receipt for gas of $25 or more and get _.” Just fill in the blank for whatever you decide will be your giveaway. These communities provide a way for you to build your mailing list and sales leads by working with relevant partners. Great Resumes Fast also offers writers with specialization in Federal Resume Writing, Executive Level and C-Suite, Information Technology, Sales and Management.
Oversee strategic planning, operations, real  estate, merchandising and marketing for over 300 retail  locations throughout the U.S. They were able to send people coupons at the perfect time and place that might result in them immediately entering a store to purchase the product.
Incredibly, shoppers were not persuaded by in-store flash sales and promotional events, which many retail marketing pros pushed to increase the low in-store numbers. You didn’t take a side, but instead used it to say making a small purchase of a few apps will help.
They found that, while location-based marketing coupons have a strong impact on consumers’ buying behavior, it is not the deal breaker.
This moderate consumer is branching out of their comfortable buying behavior and treating themselves while also being penny-wise. Often, only larger companies take advantage of video on their web pages for online retail marketing. Other factors, like the order in which the coupon appears in the app, the number of conditions in the offer, and the face value of the offer, also play an important role for the consumer.
Whether it’s this market transparency allowing consumers to compare many deals and products at once or the slow economy, shoppers are being patient in choosing what products they want and at what price. Local retailers who take advantage of the strategy often have a big advantage over other local competitors – even franchises of major chains.
No doubt, luxury brand discount sites like Gilt or Rue La La have something to do with this.
Videos are great for local search engine optimization as well as local link building.Link-Building with Local Publications – You may not have the resources for a massive link-building campaign, but a link from a local magazine or newspaper can pay off big in terms of local visibility and local search engine ranking. The internet makes it easier than ever to put your resources to more efficient use, targeting just the people who want what you offer.This strategy of focusing on local relevance has also proven to be effective for local stores that belong to a regional or national chain.
In addition, distance had a negative impact on the willingness of consumers to redeem a coupon. If you are in retail marketing, the focus on mobile, online and location-based shopping is shifting the values and trends of your customers. Write about a topic that you’re passionate about or qualified to cover, and then include a link to your retail business in the bio. He has 25 years of experience in wholesale, manufacturing, and retail and has helped many businesses increase their sales through online marketing makeovers.

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