NEW YORK, NY a€” Mobile Shopping Apps are changing the ways consumers shop and gather product information. Finding mobile shopping apps can be challenging for consumers because of the high number of apps currently available on multiple mobile platforms. Large retailers have also moved aggressively into the mobile space by offering branded apps that provide information, special offers, and coupons for their customers. The apps and services included above could have easily been extended to more than double the number listed. The DOOH Ad Network Locator is designed to help media buyers, planner and strategists identify digital place-based advertising networks by location, venue type, demographics and reach.
Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place Based (DPB) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages.
Selling is considered as an art because it is not easy to persuade others to buy your products. A Vice President of Sales is a marketing professional who is responsible for an organization’s most vital assets, such as customers and the revenue a company generates. The Sales Associate is an important person in an organization who maintains good customer service.  The responsibility of Sales Associate is not only to serve customers and correctly record all sales, but also to assist with merchandising responsibilities.
A salesperson or seller is responsible for providing the goods and services to the people in response to an acquisition or to an appropriation or to a request. A bookseller is a person who works in a bookshop and sells books, magazines, digests and other types of literature. You might not think of a hotel as a business but this is a fact that hotels are considered as a big business opportunity with millions of clients that travel to different destinations around the world. This is not some secret that sales department is like the most important department and backbone of a company or organization and that makes it more crucial to only hire the perfect candidates for the sales vacancies in the company. Order entry clerk is an important position that usually works in the retail environment to manage income orders issued by customers. A territory manager is a head or supervisor of a professional sales team who concentrates on increasing the sale in a particular geographical area. Retail sales persons work in departmental stores and special outlets like car showroom, electronic shop etc. Qualified and talented salespersons have hot demand in the market because the companies require increasing their sales in order to increase profitability of their business.
On this page you will find a list of ready made CV templates that are very useful to anyone interested in a career in the retail industry. Entry level Retail Assistant resume that is ideal for a student or someone who has no work experience. The huge amount of money is invested every day in all kinds of merchandise-everything from knit tops and makeup products to raw wood and plumbing related materials. Developments in this type of work rely on the capability of the sales person to promote products. Particular abilities are the advantages that can show good for the company’s development.
Self-motivated: Someone who does not have any type of eagerness towards his jobs are the very last thing that companies want. Obtrusive punctuation and sentence mistakes are the quickest way to land your CV in an employing boss’s rubbish bin. A hiring supervisor prefers your CV to depth the way your expertise and academic history matches with the open placement.
Several people looking for work create their resumes just like a set of their responsibilities, instead of achievements.
Competent and brilliant salespersons are always in demand in the market because the company’s main motive is to increase their sales. Sales experience in the past and abilities to drive the sales in the company have to be summarized as this would give an idea to the company about your aptitude for selling. You can add your resume with some of the volumes of sales in the past, number of clients under you, number of people you were heading and the percentage of profit and so on. Some of the awards and recognitions in the past could also be significantly added in your resume which adds your worth as a potential sales person.
Some particular sales training and other relevant training programs that you attended in the past could also be a part of the resume to show your knowledge in the field. Common Mistakes that people make while writing Salesman job resume are that they follow irrelevant pattern of writing. Although my job title is Regional General Manager, you will find it does little to describe the scope of my expertise or the profitable results my solutions have produced for AAA Technologies, Inc. Cross-Functional Expertise: By launching my career as a tech and working through a variety of capacities up to a regional leadership position, I gained a solid understanding of how products and services work throughout AAA. In addition to the qualities listed above, you will also find that I am a strong, strategic decision maker and leader with an array of accolades commending my abilities. I am confident I will be a smart and valuable addition to the [department name] team as [position title].
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.

Consumers are using mobile apps and mobile-enabled websites for a broad range of tasks that include on-the-spot price comparisons, checking for in-store product availability, downloading mobile coupons, reviews and product comparisons. The study also found that consumers were eager to obtain product information in-store through a retailer’s touchscreen or by using their own mobile device. For example, both Google and Apple currently have more than 500,000 apps available, and there’s more than 100,000 apps available for the Blackberry platform.
Branded retail apps build brand loyalty; however, many advanced mobile shoppers prefer to use multiple shopping apps from a wide variety of developers. Shopkick has evolved into an outstanding mobile shopping app for both consumers and retailers.
ShopSavvy combines mobile self-checkout with intelligent shopper functionality such as product barcode scanning, product search and special offers. Placecast’s ShopAlerts are an opt-in, location-based mobile app that delivers targeted information customized for each user based on their location, time, and user preferences. Point Inside provides indoor destination maps for major malls and airports across the United States and Canada.
TheFind is a mobile shopping app that ties together online research with on-the-go mobility. Order entry clerks take orders and processes them in the order processing system of the company. We see this type of managers in a wide range of businesses from telecommunication to customer services and electronic appliances.
These people can work in variety of settings such as these can work in a furniture store in the form of group or can work separately in specific departments of a department store. Effectiveness of a salesperson can be measured by getting overview of accomplished and pending goals. They have all been professionally written and designed to the highest standards and will give candidates an excellent idea of what information to include in a retail or sales environment CV. So increase your job prospects by tailoring the below examples to any shop or retailing based jobs you are applying for. Product sales personnel are employed by various kinds of merchants to help clients in the selection and buys of these products.
This can be made by explaining product attributes, showing its usage, or demonstrating different designs and shades. Sensation of accountability guarantees your companies that you simply worth your projects, and they can count on you.
Mistakes in your CV indicate the potential employer that you don’t focus on depth or worry about one last product. Even so, he no longer can do that if you overlook to include evidently tagged contact details on top of your CV.
Hiring administrators are interested in exactly what outcomes you accomplished for past organizations. Only good sales would increase the profitability of any business, so good sales man is always in need demand for growth of any industry. It is essential to follow the guidelines of writing resume and make it to get a professional look.
My organizational initiatives have led to considerable sustained growth and been benchmarked nationally. From sales and service to operations and HR, my experience is best described as comprehensive and well rounded. I look forward to meeting with you to tell you more about my experiences and what I can do for you. Shopkick provides consumers with shopping rewards and offers simply for walking into stores, for scanning products, and for signing up their friends. Placecast’s services helps retailers by expanding their reach and increasing their local foot traffic to physical stores. Point Inside’s maps lets users quickly find stores, gates, kiosks, restrooms, elevators, escalators, and other guest services in more than 800 malls and airports.
For shoppers, aisle411 enables users to pre-plan and organize their shopping trip to save time and money by creating, organizing shopping lists.
Fab originally started as an e-commerce website several years ago, but has recently repositioned itself as a mobile-first company. CoffeeTable features more than 150 brands that include Crate and Barrel, Eddie Bauer, Landa€™s End, Macya€™s and Neiman Marcus. The app is capable of recognizing books, CDs, DVDs, and video game packaging and can also scan product barcodes to access Google’s product database.
Their RedLaser app provides access to coupons and deals from hundreds of retailers as well as product reviews. The United States is organized by venue type as it has the broadest range of venue categories, with the greatest number of ad-based networks operating within each category.
Other venues include shopping malls, gas stations, fast-casual restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and more. For many jobs, especially those promoting costly and sophisticated products, specific information or abilities are essential.

It can help give your finest to get the job done, and can consequently inspire the others who are around you.
The particular contact details will include your complete name, address, contact number along with a professional e-mail address. Rather, customize your job application to include related expertise to do the job; for instance, you must incorporate your previous sales expertise.
A sales person has to present his abilities and goals and present his accomplishments for the same.
A person that has the ability to sell products and has an ability to understand the requirement of the client then they can be aspiring candidate for a sales profession.
Achievements in the field, designation and skills of the person in the previous job must be highlighted in the resume. Including a cover letter is much imperative and it is not wise to add fake details or achievement which has never been accomplished. Since joining the company, I have focused on honing strategic planning and leadership skills, developing diverse, cross-functional knowledge, and recruiting and cultivating top-flight talent. Shopkick’s concept combines social media sharing with on-the spot location-based rewards and it helps retailers build buzz and customer loyalty. ShopSavvy Deals also provides shoppers with location-based deals, rebates, flash sales, and coupon codes.
ShopAlerts is offered as a white-label mobile marketing solution that allows retailers to create custom-branded apps that connect with their customers via SMS messages and through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can then take their list and using the app’s search and navigation features complete their shopping at their favorite retailer. Fab’s mobile app enables users to view daily design highlighted in their Feature and New Arrivals section for inspiration and browse through sales and special offers. Barcode scanning is built in for instant price checks and product information, and the app is also location-aware, pointing users to their nearest retailer’s location. According to CoffeeTable, product prices and availability are displayed in real-time to reflect the most updated retailera€™s value and inventory, in addition the app enables users to see price comparisons.
The app enables users to search for products using voice recognition simply by speaking the name of the product they’re looking for. Mobile coupon providers such as MobiQpons and Coupon Shera offer an array of options for retailers to connect with consumers. The salesmen resume must reflect the presentation skills and the communication skills of the concerned person. The main perceptive of the job is to maintain good rapport with the customer cater to their needs and provide them with what they want.
This focus has allowed me to go from repairing controls systems to taking the reins in a number of successful corporate undertakings. The app’s most recent update includes improved keyword search which makes using the app even faster than previous versions. Major brands that have used ShopAlerts include Kiehl’s The Sports Authority, Subway, and Starbucks. According to Fab, millions of people around the world use Fab to discover everyday design products at great prices, to connect with the worlda€™s most exciting designers, and to share their favorite design inspirations. TheFind can also push deals and offers directly to users and includes social media features that enable users to share offers with friends.
Mobile payment platforms such as Square, GoPago, and Intuit’s GoPayment are changing how consumer transactions are handled at the point-of-sale. They must be able to offer customers with all the required information about the product such as prices, quality, care, warranties and so on. Most importantly complete contact information and cover letter should be present in the resume.
New to version 3.0 is a feature called Lookbooks that groups together deals into categories that enables shoppers to save local deals for when they visit a retailer later. For retailers, aisle411a€™s proprietary in-store product recommendation engine combines indoor maps, search and navigation to help boost in-store traffic and brand loyalty. The latest version of Google Shopper (3.2) includes refinements to product search enabling users to filter their results by price, brand, or store location. If you have the qualities of the salesman and feel that you are fit for the job then sales job is right for you. Shopkick also allows users to link their Visa or MasterCard account for mobile payment and collect additional Kicks points toward future purchases. Google Shopper includes a browser that lets users visit a retailer’s website and find the nearest location, and it includes social media access to Facebook, Twitter, GMail, and instant messaging.

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