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Throw yourself completely into the creative process with PowerDirector's advanced features and timeline tools. 6-track PiP effects: Create impressive animations, chroma-key effects, and masks, with up to 6 tracks of picture-in-picture objects. HD video editing : Native support for high-definition content ensures exceptional results from beginning to end. Magic Style: 12 popular themes let you automatically edit your movie, add effects, and insert a title and credits. Video freeze frame: Create dramatic shots to highlight people, objects and moments in your videos. Better media management: Adapt the way you access photos, videos, and effects to your working style.
Capture from anywhere: PowerDirector supports all kinds of content sources, including HDV camcorders, TV tuner cards, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, webcams, CDs, and more. 7 styles: 3D, highlight, motion, cell, collage, scrapbook and normal offer cool ways to turn photos into a movie. Creative commons photos and audio: Don't limit yourself to your own photos and sound clips.
Audio recording and mixing: Creating pro-like soundtracks for your videos is extremely easy with built-in tools for recording voice-overs and other sounds.
Beat-detection technology: Automatically sync your photos to display to the beat of your music. Your program is superior to others and your tech-support people is always patient and smart, keep good work.
Amazing Video Tool, this is the most powerful and easy-to-use video tool I have ever tried, it can rip DVD, convert video, capture video, downlowd internet video, edit video, even burn video to DVD, unbeliveve.
This is a really powerful video editing software, it's a little more complicated, if you do like video editing, you will like it. About a week ago we posted an article about Roxio’s newest gem in the hardware industry, the Roxio Game Cap device. Once you capture your gameplay, you can edit the captured video in the software you see above.
This video editor is powerful and flexible, though it occasionally feels like a marketing tool for extra-cost items. With its up, down, then up-again reputation, Pinnacle Studio 11 is the John Travolta of video-editing programs. Well clearly the majority of video editing software on this site is aimed at Windows users and the reason for that is simple… I use Windows. I do however get a lot of queries regarding video editing software for Macs so rather than ignore the entire subject I thought I would at least include one recommendation I feel confident in. The one I like the most is not necessarily the most obvious choice because it started out its life as a screen capture program rather than a video editor. The product I am speaking of is ScreenFlow 5 and it originally came to me as a consistent recommendation by a number of my friends who are involved in video editing and happen use Macs. My original assumption was that these guys who are all using video in some kind of professional manner, would a be using Final Cut Pro or perhaps the Adobe Premiere product but no, they were in fact using ScreenFlow.
When I questioned them on it every one of them said that they had switched to ScreenFlow because using the fully professional programs had become complicated and cumbersome.
Everything they they needed was available in ScreenFlow and using the big pro software was something like using a Sherman tank when all they really needed was a pistol!
Before I get into the review proper, it is important to note that there is always the iMovie product that comes with Mac computers. However it does have many of the same restrictions that the equivalent Windows Movie Maker suffers from regarding your choices of input and output file types and more advanced features. Traditionally iMovie was always considered to be the superior program above Movie Maker but it seems that over the past few years Apple have not been particularly active in continued development. Having said that, if you are just starting out then I would suggest cutting your teeth on this one first as it does provide a good introduction to the various tasks you will be undertaking in video editing.
So with ScreenFlow being the one most recommended to me I got hold of a Mac and a copy of the program to take a look for myself and my thoughts on it are below.
Most likely many people overlook this great program because of that but the truth is ScreenFlow is a very, very good video editor.
It has the ability to capture from all kinds if video sources like camcorders or load existing video files you may have.
It has an extremely clean and very user friendly interface with all editing functions easily accessible. Using ScreenFlow made me realize just how cluttered and clunky most Windows software is and how we have been systematically trained into accepting it!. The real beauty of the program is that it has been designed so well that when you want to do something all you really need to do is look at the screen controls and somehow it seems obvious how to do it.
It handles HD beautifully and is one of the few programs around that seems to have no problem with HD files at all. Audio ducking is the action of raising and lowering the background music to suit the main audio track. For example, if you have a main video sound track of you narrating something or some sort of dialogue with background music as well, normally you would have to manually raise and lower the music depending on when someone is speaking or not. With ScreenFlow the program does it automatically, which is not just totally cool but results in a very professional result without hours of fiddling around with the sound levels. Cutting and trimming are simply a matter of selecting and dragging the ends of clips or using the scissors to cut sections out and the addition of transitions is dead simple. Allround ScreenFlow is a great little video editing software program and if you are a Mac user I don’t see how you could go wrong with it unless you want to get into very complex special effects. Click the link below to go to the ScreenFlow site and take a look at the demo videos and you will see why I like this program so much. Movavi VideoSuite is an all-in-one video and DVD program that gives you SIX amazing DVD and video tools in a single package. Optimization for NVIDIAA® CUDAa„? results in 8x gain in video processing speed on PCs with CUDA-enabled graphics card and 10x gain on PCs with multiple GPUs. Create your own video masterpieces using a customizable timeline and powerful collection of video editing tools: split, crop, join, rotate, and more.

I have used several video editing software products over the last few years, and whenever someone asks me which product they should purchase to edit their home videos ita€™s really a no brainer anymore.
Thanks to your review, I purchased this product and can't wait to use it in our business studio.
This excellent introductory video editor is full-featured enough for newbies and experienced users alike. Corel's Ulead VideoStudio 11 makes video editing a simple step-by-step process, whether you just want to quickly transfer a tape to a DVD or create an elaborate video production using multiple clips, custom soundtracks, and overlay effects. On paper, Serif’s photo editing software PhotoPlus matches Photoshop – but how easy is it to use? This is basic but effective, displaying the content of the folders on your hard disk, or Albums of images drawn together from different places. It takes the Organiser a while to display thumbnails in newly added folders though, and while it can display raw files directly, the colours look oddly flat. Once your images are opened in PhotoPlus, you’re presented with a set of tools that are remarkably similar to those in Photoshop.
It’s like being transported to a parallel universe where everything is superficially the same, yet oddly different. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Select from our library of PiP graphics, or import a photo to create your own animated overlays. Particle effects, alpha-blended PiPs, and slick transitions are inserted according to the style of your selected theme. Include menu navigation that gives the option to play all scenes or make a scene selection. You can imprint subtitles directly on your video to appear like captions, or set them as a selectable feature on your output DVDs.
Support for Blu-ray Discs gives you even greater capacity for your high-definition videos.
HD video editing software PowerDirector now lets you directly import photos from Flickra„? and audio from Freesound. You can also adjust the audio levels of individual project resources item by item, including those on your video, PiP, music and voice tracks. The device makes it very possible, and simple, to record your console gameplay (whether it be PS3 or Xbox 360), save it on your PC, edit the video, and even post it to Youtube or Facebook! I’ve just begin to dabble in the realm of Let’s Plays, and my video editing skills, although more advanced than some, are a bit rusty.
It comes packaged with a set of composite video cables, composite audio cables, and a USB cable to connect the device to your PC. The device comes packaged with software that will not only allow you to use it, but it will allow you to edit and share your gameplay videos. The interface is simple: set up the source (which will be your Game Cap device), edit the settings, set the destination for where your video will go, then get capturing!  My biggest complaint is that the device captures only in 480p, so it’s not perfect, but it does get the job done.
I am playing Black Ops on the PS3, and it’s only about five minutes worth of video, but it’s enough for you to see what you’re getting. Early versions earned praise for their excellent interface and high-end feature set, but around version 8, serious reliability problems crept in, and by version 10 user reviews on various Web sites bordered on hostility.
Why is it that Mac programs generally can get these sleek, clean user interfaces that follow the most wonderful logic in their layouts?
A lot of the Windows programs could certainly learn a thing or two from ScreenFlow on that point alone.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Moreover, Movavi Video Suite ensures significant performance gain a€” up to 400% a€” on multi-core processors due to Movavi's Turbo technology offering efficient parallel task processing and advanced decoding technology.
Deliver home movies on Blu-ray Discs: over 9 hours of high-definition video on just one disc. Thanks to predefined settings specific to each device, files will perform and display perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet. There’s PhotoPlus X6 itself, and a separate PhotoPlus Organiser to take care of all your image filing needs. But Photoshop CS is an extremely expensive program, especially for amateurs, while the cheaper, more amateur-orientated Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Touch lack many of its high-end features.
You can move buttons, include animated chapter thumbnails, even import images as backgrounds. PowerDirector adds the final pro touch to your discs with its built-in authoring tools for Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. Creative Commons licenses allow you to use other people's work for free as long as you follow the wishes of the artist, such as provide attribution or use it for non-commercial projects. We were able to get our hands on one of these devices, and I have been toying with it nonstop.
Once you install the software (which is easy as well), then you’re ready to open it up and begin capturing gameplay. The software does have a lot of editing effects such as transitions, wipes, fades, audio tracking, and much more. The device is easy to set up, the software is very user-friendly, and I am very happy with the end result.
Aside from the fare of innovative consumer electronic products, the reader can expect to find news about geek culture, absurd inventions, awe inspiring technology, and an ever growing assortment of articles that we like to think fit within our view of what we’re calling the Geek Lifestyle. Pinnacle turned the program around, and by version 10.7, the program was once again dependable for editing home videos or creating DVDs. Experience the power of the television studio on your desktop a€” transport yourself to Miami Beach with the new Chroma Key effect!
Create Hollywood-style DVD and Blu-ray Disc menus so your movie will instantly grab your viewers' attention. Even the full editor is easy to use, with menu items along the top arranged to walk you through the edit process step-by-step. Does this leave a gap for a high-powered, low-cost image editor such as Serif PhotoPlus X5?It really is like a kind of cut-price Photoshop.
The only issue is that the device records in 480P, so things aren’t as crisp as they could be. Version 11 carries that welcome reliability trend forward, with no crashes or aborted renders during our testing.

Record live video a€” shoot and capture video at the same time a€” ideal for shooting video messages and instructions. As you'd expect from a product that's reached its 11th version, VideoStudio 11 is packed with features. The application's interface, which has been subtly updated in this latest version, has a vertical tools panel down the left-hand side whose contents will look pretty familiar to anyone who's used Photoshop. You can even add narration to your video if you have a microphone, which makes creating Let’s Play videos a breeze. It also improves on the already excellent user interface, adds an enhanced algorithmic music generator for creating background music timed perfectly to start or end with your video clips, and simplifies sharing your videos online. Record everything happening on your computer screen: games, programs, playing back videos, the Internet events and more. Several automatic filters simplify cleaning up problem footage: DeSnow removes noise from low-light videos and snowy TV recordings, while DeBlock helps eliminate obvious compression artifacts. And on the right side of the screen is a series of stacked palettes offering Adjustments, Layers, Channels, Macros (Serif's alternative to Photoshop's Actions), History and more.Actually, Photoshop has moved on. There are still a few settings that I haven’t messed with yet, but in due time I will get to them. This is what it used to look like, and in many respects Serif PhotoPlus X5 looks more like Photoshop Elements now. Once you finish editing your masterpiece you can then set the software to export it out to your PC in a video file of your choosing. And the antishake option helps eliminate camera unsteadiness in your footage, a key feature missing in earlier versions.
It does offer features that Elements doesn't, such as Channel adjustments, Curves and more advanced black and white conversion tools. I will warn you, adding effects and narration will cause the video file to be pretty large, so you may want to download a file conversion program to help shrink the size. There aren’t any cards to fool with, no scrambling to find drivers, and no worrying about what software to use. It doesn't break the procedure into as many pieces as Ulead VideoStudio 11 does, so there's not as much handholding, but once you become familiar with the editing process, the interface is more efficient.
VideoStudio doesn't provide as many transitions, effects, and text overlays as Pinnacle Studio 11 does, but the ones that are here generally look more professional than Studio's often-dated effects. But a fly-out 'How To' panel on the left shows that Serif is also targeting novice and intermediate users, which is Photoshop Elements territory. Roxio created the ultimate package with this device, and I urge you to pick one up for yourselves. First, you capture video, which you can allow the program to automatically split into scenes. Overlay features are particularly slick: You can superimpose not only stills and videos on your footage, but also elaborate Flash animations. This market is also targeted by fellow Photoshop rival software, Corel PaintShop Pro x4, so Serif isn't without competition.This main rivalry with Photoshop Elements is emphasised by Serif PhotoPlus X5's new Organiser application. Then, you drag the scenes you want to include onto a timeline, and add transitions and effects.
On the editing front, you'll find a function to automatically detect commercial breaks in recorded TV shows, making the ads easier to remove.
It fills exactly the same role as the Elements Organizer, bringing together all your photos into a centralised catalogue, where you can apply tags to photos, create smart albums based on specific search criteria, locate your photos on a map and even stack related photos so that they don't become separated.You can open photos in Serif PhotoPlus X5 direct from the Organiser, and open the Organiser to find photos from within PhotoPlus X5.
And VideoStudio 11 has a batch converter, a feature many video editors lack, though we wish it allowed you to save presets (for video size, compression rate, and the like) for common target formats.
When you save a new version of a picture it appears in the same folder as the original in the Organiser, although it doesn't offer to stack the new version with the existing picture (Elements does, which is very useful).There's a rather dated look about the PhotoPlus Organiser compared to the Elements Organizer, and a few rough edges too.
While Studio's user interface has always been accessible, earlier versions used a fixed-size interface that wasted lots of screen space on larger monitors. Performance is good, and VideoStudio takes advantage of dual-core processors to speed rendering. It's less sophisticated - there's no equivalent to Elements 10's visual search tools, or its in-built quick image fixes - although you can open pictures in Serif's PhotoFix window.
The new scalable user interface, which now fills the entire screen, is by itself reason enough for users of wide-screen monitors to upgrade. It never crashed, though we did get a couple of “unable to encode video” errors that offered no further explanation.
You can now apply vibrancy as well as saturation adjustments - vibrancy targets weaker colours for enhancement and avoids over-saturating skin tones. Studio 11 includes tons of transitions and title effects, some of which look dated but cover just about every kind of event and hobby. A new Clarity filter applies a localised contrast effect that makes outlines stand out more clearly and gives photos more punch.
For an additional $30, Plus offers high-definition (HD) video authoring, including Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) support for newer video cameras and the ability to burn HD DVD (but not Blu-ray) discs. The Brightness and Contrast adjustment has been improved, as has the Adjustment panel, and there are some new blend modes to create different effects when combining image layers.
You can even burn short HD movies to standard writable DVD discs, though these hybrid discs aren't supported by all HD DVD players. Also in the box is the WinDVD 8 Silver player, which supports HD (including AVCHD) playback. And while the basic version of VideoStudio provides excellent support for transferring video to portable players—you can create files for Pocket PCs, smartphones, and Zune WMV—the Plus version adds iPods, PSPs, and Zune MPEG-4 to the list. The $99.99 Studio Plus 11 adds high-definition (HD) capture and editing, Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) support for newer video cameras, and the ability to create HD DVD discs, though not Blu-ray discs. The basic version of VideoStudio 11 is an excellent, easy-to-use program for creating standard-definition videos, and the extra $30 for the Plus version is well-spent if you have an HD camcorder or you want to create videos for portable players. And the $129.99 Ultimate version includes additional plug-ins that add a variety of visual effects (such as defocusing, or the ability to make the video look like old film), pan and zoom tools, and audio cleanup, as well as a green cloth backdrop useful for creating green-screen composite videos.
Now that you can explore the program's features without fear of crashes, Pinnacle Studio 11 is worth checking out if you want an accessible but powerful video editor.

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