Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users. NASA’s New Horizons mission is returning to normal science operations after a July 4 anomaly and remains on track for its July 14 flyby of Pluto.
The underlying cause of the incident was a hard-to-detect timing flaw in the spacecraft command sequence that occurred during an operation to prepare for the close flyby. Closing in on its prey NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft en route to Pluto experienced an anomaly on U.S. The autopilot placed the spacecraft in “safe mode,” and commanded the backup computer to reinitiate communication with Earth.
Due to the 9-hour, round trip communication delay that results from operating a spacecraft almost 3 billion miles (4.9 billion kilometers) from Earth, full recovery is expected to take from one to several days.

This list together with the scalar field is used in the Isosurface module to produce the contours. Main imports data from four different models and displays one of them as a time series plot. This numerics lab is designed for the user to obtain a visual feeling for how certain algorithms operate in practice. General exploration: You will see the effects of various options on the numerical solution. It is particularly interesting to observe how narrow a Gaussian can be advected without noticable error!
The central element is the FieldLineTracer macro which takes the vector as its second input.

Reads in two two-column text files and displays them as time series plots in a single graph. This module reads in the old LFM MHD HDF model output which is stored in double precision as an HDF file.
I also use a x2 barlow and the filter(s), located in a manual wheel, add some distance for a resulting FL probably close to 10m.This image was the result of few videos taken every 2 minutes or so.

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