BUSINESS MOBILITYBusiness mobility, the industry term for travelling for business purposes, currently comprises of mainly car leasing and fleet management services. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21 percent from 2015 to 2020, and as the boundaries between fleet and travel management blur, we’re already seeing business mobility begin to go beyond its conventional definition. Looking at the competition, we knew there were a bunch of features that could certainly help their conventional business – the ability to find nearby car services, damage reporting and mileage tracking, for starters.
This approach helps you focus on which problems or needs should be addressed first, rather than jumping on the ‘genius’ solutions that you’ve already fallen in love with. Asking ourselves ‘why’ helped shift our attention away from a list of features to focusing on the fundamental customer needs that the company strives to fulfil. Does she drive a car just to be able to change tyres, report damage, or even return it when the contract runs out?
Ultimately, Jasmin shouldn’t (or actually doesn’t) care if she drives or uses any other means of transportation like train, bus, taxi or even a bike. So, that’s what we need to build for – a smart, contextual, simple and beautiful companion app that works just like magic. We’re still at the beginning of our long journey to reach this vision, but we’re starting with a significant step forward which we know will help accelerate our learning process.
BALANCING WITH TODAYWhile we’re very excited to not only see but also learn more from how customers perceive and use our new solutions, another important thing that we can’t forget while designing for tomorrow is, well, today! Today Alphabet provides over 600,000 cars in Europe, helping a huge number of business people on a daily basis. Field sales reps perform regular retail visits to help consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock.

VisitBasis Field Sales App provides mobile data collection, scheduling of recurring visits, route planning, territory management and GPS monitoring of sales reps. VisitBasis allows us to keep track of our orders and deliveries, as well as to plan the best route for the day. Designing for tomorrowfacebook logotwitter logolinkedin logoBy Masafumi Hamada - 5 April 2016Meet Jasmin – she’s a 28-year-old sales rep from Munich. Once home, she and her husband Jack begin preparing dinner, do household chores and plan their week’s grocery shopping. This, combined with new technologies like autonomous cars and wearables, means the future of mobility will be exciting. However, we didn’t want to rush into implementing these features just to compete with other players.
Doing the latter means you’re taking a huge risk attempting to solve the wrong problem and building something nobody wants. Remember she was checking her appointments, driving directions and making sure that she wouldn’t be late? In order to advance business mobility through Alphabet, we have provided some of the most demanded features for car services in the new app and will be adding more to help increase operational efficiency.
Start with why, identify your ‘real’ needs, design for tomorrow and then balance it with today.
VisitBasis Field Sales App gives field representatives easy access to all sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities and allows them to collect critical information for store performance analysis.
Run your planogram checks, promotion and price compliance audits, competition surveys, product display photo audits, shelf spacing and product face counting tasks.

Now each rep has time for an extra call every single day thanks to the combination of the Route Optimization tool with the electronic catalog and real time ordering and reporting features. The fact that we can assign specific tasks to each call means that we are getting the exact information we need to make the best strategic decisions. It is also helping us improve our product and merchandising quality control by allowing our field team to take notes and pictures at the point of sale and keeping all this information organized and accessible. She spends most days driving her company car, visiting customers and selling her company’s products including medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment. On top of all that, Jasmin needs to sit down, pick up her laptop and check the appointments for the next day. What if the app is connected to her calendar, tells her what time to leave for each appointment, complete with driving directions, and informs her about delays? What if it even suggests other means of transport based on her location, travel time, cost or experience and provides real time traffic and weather information? Our need to get from point A to point B has always been there, but we invented better solutions over time – from foot to horse, train, bike, car, Segway, Uber, autonomous cars and who knows what the future has in store for us.

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