It is manned by trained & highly qualified technicians and equipped with the most advanced testing equipment to maintain accurate checks on the raw materials used & on our finished products to ensure high quality products. The production department operations are planed through an advanced & scheduled production system securing delivery of our quality products to our clients on its promised dates minimising waste and defective products. The fast growth in the local market sales which has been matched with a similar growth in the foreign markets has led us to enlarge our qualified personal crew in the sales department to be able to respond promptly to our clients. This department closely monitors the latest developments in the Tufted Carpets industry and develops suitable designs to the market needs and requirements, using the state-of-art software systems. Our Factory employs a proficient Crew of skilled engineers and technicians, who are trained to deal with our machinery maintenance & breakdowns; they are backed with advanced tools and a large stock of consumable, periodic spare parts.
Our Purchase Department is responsible for ensuring the right selection of raw material and for the follow-up of its shipments to ensure a streamline in our production operations and the quality of our product.
1- The Financial and Administrative Sector: This sector is taking the responsibility of all the financial and administrative activities in the company. 2- The Commercial Sector: This is the sector which conducts all the marketing activities for products and projects and provides the technical support and after sales services to all clients, dealers and distributors.
This department is responsible for designing all software projects conducted in the software house. This department contains a collection of the best software programmers and coders in C- language, Dot Net, Delphi, Visual Basic, and Java with distinguished experience in Database and Internet programming.
This department depends on sound engineers to prepare and process all human voices, sound effects, and all sound work needed for the Multimedia Software. This Department is responsible for the preparation of the contents, which will be used into the Multimedia Software. This department is responsible for testing the software during the development stage and after the project is completed to verify that the design was completed according to the specifications and it is bug free. This department is responsible for continuous maintenance of the company network and the workstations.
At the same time development labs and specialized studios are part of the facilities available. The organization structure of Khalifa was approved as a part of preparing Khalifa for ISO 9001 by the American company "ASR". Marketing automation is simply a way to boost the sales team’s effectiveness by automating marketing tasks, closing the sales cycle sooner, and freeing up sales resources so the marketing and sales team can move on to the next prospect.
Email marketing that runs itself with automated nurturing drips on cold leads based on set time intervals and behavioral trigger indicators.

Easy to use drag and drop user-interface that quickly builds professional landing pages without the help from an information technology department. At times, the marketing department and the sales departments don’t exactly get along.
When marketing and sales teams work together, the lead generation and sales process can run smoothly. Our partner software can quickly convert anonymous website visitors into identified prospects, all with limited effort from the marketing department. This creates a marketing and sales team that use valuable resources to produce happy customers while returning high profit on investment dollars once again. Call today (717) 964-8736 to take a free test drive and be on your way to boosting sales with a system that’s rated #1 in total cost of ownership.
Every month the sampling department prepares a collection with the latest products, which are new in the market. It has three departments which are: the financial affairs, stock control and human resources. All software projects are executed in this sector through seven technical departments that work in harmony together under the directions of the sector manager. This department includes the best KCGprogrammers in addition to the best consultants and experts, KCGis appointing for their projects. They work in groups for each of the software projects received from the Design Department and manage their work within the software house through the appointed project team leader. They are in charge of all graphics, animation and art work required in developing the Multimedia Software. The department depends of a large number of authors, scientific consultants, translators and many other specialties to prepare the contents.
The backup policy and the safety policy of the software house against viruses and hackers is an important part of their duty. The quality control is done on all the stages of the software development through a special unit which is a part of the programming department.
KCG selected a unique group of consultants and university professors to participate in its projects whether they are software, engineering or training. Sales wants more qualified leads while the marketing department wants the sales team to act more efficiently on the leads that are provided. With limited sales resources and staffing, the best and hottest leads need to be identified and handed to the proper sales channels quickly.

Through prospect profiles that show site search inputs, site path determination, link tracking, and landing page optimization, the sales team will have a toolbox full of tools to build informed and educated sales calls to strategically help close deals. Using this information they can then direct resources to only those channels again and again, building success.
Register for a personalized walk-through of marketing automation and lead gen nurturing software and we will quickly show you how to streamline your marketing process and increase your lead generation. These collections are very important for showing the market & buyers, our best and new carpets. The business development department is in charge of developing projects with the potential clients and follows up its progress and delivery. In addition this department is responsible for entering data (text) in different languages, such as Arabic, English, French, German, etc.
The technical staff working in these departments are carefully selected and hired as full time or part time, depending on the number and size of the projects conducted simultaneously in the production sector.
KCG cooperates also with Arabic and International companies to provide complete solutions.In a recent development of the administration system of KCG, the "Production Sector" was converted to a joint venture company under the name "Al Khalifa for Information and Communication Technology "KICT". This allows for the sales team to tailor their sales call according to identified prospect activities, and drive home the key relevant points to close the sale and shorten the sales cycle.
The national and international departments are responsible for marketing of the products, attending exhibitions, and contract with dealers and distributors. This software can identify back to a specific campaign what the cost per opportunity is for sales and its Google ROI value, not just the typical cost per lead or cost per click. The sales department is in charge of completing the sales orders and the technical support department is providing the after sales services to all customers. The Financial and administrative sector remains to be a part of KCG and serves both KICT and SAHL for all Financial and administrative affairs. For example one sales manager and sales executive is only assigned to handle Corporate clients, another to handle travel and trade etc.Sales and Marketing Department ( Small Hotels )                    Sales and Marketing Department ( Large Hotels )  Prev Next Organization Chart Sales Marketing Sales Formats Looking For Something else ?

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