Another Way to Increase Closing RatiosMarch 21st, 2016How Do I Increase Closing Ratios When I Don’t Have a Customer List?
A Sure Way to Increase Closing RatiosMarch 19th, 2016The Best Way to Increase Closing Ratios is Available Within Your Customer Database! A panel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts provide reviews and opinions to aid professionals with the CRM selection process.
New Features in Microsoft Dynamics 2015 – Improvements for Sales, Marketing and More! These enhanced features will be launched within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015's Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Social Media functions as well as its overall Platform. New Visual Sales Hierarchy Reporting - Visually explore key information displayed on tiles which represent accounts and sub-accounts, launch actions or communications from any of the tiles, and query filter records for various types of information. Enhanced Branching Logic - Branching capability during the Sales Process allows organizations to implement complex business rules automatically and across all devices.
Improvements to Dynamics CRM for Tablets - CRM 2015 will include personalized home pages, the ability to navigate by hierarchy, and flexible role-tailored dashboards and analytics. Enhanced Case Management - Will allow agents to pause and resume Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and track how long a case was on hold or waiting on the customer to ensure SLAs are met. They will also be able to gain insight into service effectiveness with the ability to track and analyze key metrics like First Response and Case Resolution. New Email Editor - Marketers can now select from pre-defined templates or create an email from the ground up using an interactive drag and drop build process or an advanced editor for CSS & HTML. New Sales Collaboration Panel - Allows users to provide input into campaigns and targeting. Enhanced Business-to-Business Marketing - Improve lead management capabilities through webinar integration and multiple lead scoring models. New Marketing Calendar for better Marketing Resource Management - Obtain more visibility into your marketing plan with the new Marketing Calendar and improve collaboration with click-to-call ability from Lync. Improved Automated Workflow Approvals - Design approval processes and track the status to help make your team more aligned to meet deadlines. Social Listening Now Included - Social Listening is a powerful new service to monitor social media channels and analyze what people are saying (on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and videos) in real time to gain a true understanding of your customers and business across the social globe. Easily Create Calculated Fields - You will be able to run automatic field calculations using a new field type in the standard interface without needing to use custom script. Improved Search Functionality - Universal searches will now be able to be run from any screen.
Improved Business Rules - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 will have "write once, perform everywhere" capability to further customize your needs. New Field-Level Security for Standard CRM Fields adds more Customization - An administrator will be able to restrict access to standard fields in addition to custom fields, making them only viewable or editable by certain users. Enhanced Business Process Flows through a New Client API - A Client API can enable program access to Dynamics CRM 2015.
To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and how you could benefit from it, contact the experts at NexusTek.

Nevada was the first state to sanction the use of the gas chamber, and the first execution by lethal gas took place in February, 1924. Success is directly related to how you play the game and how you move your marketing pieces. Small businesses have the opportunity to easily be something that large companies work very hard to bea€”a member of a local community.
Comprehensive software exists that allows entrepreneurs to reach millions of customers without lifting a finger.
Sometimes, lines are gooda€¦like when youa€™re a business owner and the line is made of customers and ita€™s outside your door! Guerrilla marketing is unconventional, but the nice thing about unconventional is that ita€™s also typically inexpensive. The marketing mindset doesna€™t just belong to marketing executives, it belongs to everyone in the organization. These low-cost, but highly effective, marketing tips will help you find customers and generate sales quickly. Marketing is an attempt to create awareness of the company, its projects and generate new enquiries. Marketing Management Module provides various tools of marketing for the organization to get complete information regarding the conversion of an enquiry into a sale through a specific mode and the quantum of efforts behind it, both in terms of finance and personnel. Other important tools of marketing like appointments for the executives, their work schedules, alerts for follow ups are also available on this module. Comprehensive details of various open projects as per different parameters ( unit types, group, block, floor, rates etc.) for the marketing executives to offer from the vast range of categories. All Advertisements and other promotional activities are defined and categorized with their cost to company and are linked to the enquiries generated.
Extensive search option to explore the availability of a particular unit as per the customer's choice. Database of all potential customers with their complete follow-up history and respective alerts. Cost incurred by the company on the advertisements by various dealers and their conversion ratio can be computed. It explains in very straight forward, easy to understand language what numbers a business owner must look at and why.
They intend to do this by further bridging the gap between marketing and sales and allowing each to work better through enhanced solutions that will be included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 which was announced to launch later next year. By bundling related products together and providing tailored pricelists, salespeople will have the ability to position the best products at the best price.
For example, if you sell both products and services, for each sales qualification performed, you can implement a rule that creates two branches during the process - one for products and one for services. For example, salespeople can use calculated fields to automatically apply a discount if the order is greater than a certain amount.

When you click on the new magnifying glass icon in the main navigation bar, this will open a search display. For example, set up records for your salespeople by pre-filling information when a record is created. Using JavaScript code, processes can be set to improve the transition flow between stages to ensure that users are working on the correct step. Today Advertising, sales promotion, extensive dealer network etc., are the important functions of marketing. Complete follow up history is maintained that makes the entire process, system driven rather than person dependent. It also gives very specific actionable items that you can do to make sure you are not only looking at the right numbers, but you are looking at the right numbers correctly. Salespeople will also be able to see recommendations for accessories or substitutes right from the opportunity form. You can use filters to narrow data features to see posts from specific countries and regions. The user can define a calculated field to contain values resulting from many common calculations, such as simple math operators, and conditional operations, such as greater than or if-else, and many others.
Keywords and (*) wildcard characters can be used to find records across multiple entries and record types. Or apply logic to define more complex rule structures; for example, when a lead is more than 50 units, or if they were referred by an existing customer, then it can be automatically marked as a hot prospect. For example, if a hot prospect is identified on one or more field values, JavaScript can be applied to skip certain stages in order to accelerate the prospect through the process. Different modes of marketing produce different results and their comprehensive analysis helps an organization in correct decision making. This is an excellent guide and a wake-up call to any business owner that is struggling with the question of how to track and predict a steady flow of profitable sales. Use the new Advanced Field icon, which will also be added to the CRM navigation bar, to find records using more detailed search criteria. But equally important for the organization is to know, how a particular strategy worked in the promotion and success of a specific project. By selecting a filter from a drop-down list, you will only see matches for certain record types.

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