As the economy slows down, it becomes crucial that vendors and distributors understand how to effectively mine their data base. The data is often contained in different disparate data bases, in different locations, in different formats. The complexity and time-consuming nature of consolidating the data and analysing it means that it often doesn’t get done.
Channel Dynamics can solve this problem by analysing distributor sell though or POS reports and identifying reseller or product opportunities that may have gone unnoticed due to the time or resource constraints of running the day to day business. We will analyse your sales data and identify your areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. In summary, we’ll provide with the data you need to get more business from existing customers and protect you from competitors stealing them.
Channel Dynamics provided us with a straight forward and completely practical way to teach our channel how to understand and deliver complex messaging to their customers. I have engaged Moheb and Cam for channel surveys and the facilitation of planning sessions. I engaged Channel Dynamics where special expertise and deep industry knowledge was required to develop the overall channel strategy.
In addition to using the experienced team at Channel Dynamics to develop our own internal skills, D-Link used them to develop a professional sales training course for our reseller channel.
The most relevant training for the channel that I've ever seen and the feedback from every member of our sales team who attended his course was fantastic. We have been able to put on more partners, and gain access into partners that we didn’t have a reach into previously, just by implementing this new approach. Channel Dynamics delivered a combination of strategy development, training, recruitment, and general board level consultancy that significantly contributed and shaped the growth of our business. Channel Dynamics helped us focus and build upon our own knowledge and strengths to enable us to go to market with a strong, consistent message. Digging through mountains of data and finding actionable nuggets of information is crucial to effective communications planning. Additionally, the information within Sales Analyzer can easily be exported to Excel or the clipboard to make it easy to share sales information with others and to produce sales presentations.
To find out how eoStar’s Sales Analyzer can assist you in your business operations, contact us today. Stay Informed!Sign up for our monthy newsletter to keep up-to-date on eoStar products, features and industry news.
The GuestIQ platform uniquely records all information collected across all channels into a single view of each contact.
A chief benefit of this approach is that all data is available for analysis as demographic, standard and behavioural information across all your prospects and customers. Importantly you can see trends over and across campaigns – what is working and what is not.
The term “data analysis” refers to the process by which large amounts of raw data is reviewed in order to determine conclusions based on that data.
The nature of data analysis varies, and correlates to the type of data being examined. There are many different types of data analysis, all geared towards the nature of the data being analyzed. Qualitative analysis deals with the analysis of data that is categorical in nature. Data can be gathered by many methods such as interviews, videos and audio recordings, field notes, etc.
Quantitative analysis refers to the process by which numerical data is analyzed, and often involves descriptive statistics such as mean, media, standard deviation, etc. An in-depth discussion of quantitative analysis is beyond the scope of this article.
In the third round of this comparison of Spreadsheets and Databases we look at Instant Reporting. Computers can compile information into useful outputs, like invoices, and insightful reports if we feed it the correct data.  Which of our two contenders will come out on top? There is no doubt that having up to date, accurate and relevant information on your customers is a very useful business tool. In our perfume boutique, Scented D’ata, the manager is compiling the monthly sales information.
Because we used the cell reference, E5, rather than typing in the supplier’s name into the CountIF function, we can now drag cell F5 down to F6 and it will count the number of sales against products supplied by our other supplier, Feline Memories.
As the end of the year approaches, it may be the time to start looking at how your business has been performing over the previous twelve months. Click the button below to purchase the Sales Analysis with Pivot tables Spreadsheet Example. With a Pivot Table you can quite quickly compile large amounts of data into some meaningful statistics. We may want to investigate the relative performances of our two sales assistants, Ken and Barbara. So, for the first example, let’s find out how many pairs of each colour of shoe was sold.
In step 2, we define the cell range that we want Excel to use to construct the Pivot Table, i.e.
In step 3, we decide whether the Pivot Table is to be displayed in the same worksheet, or in it’s own individual worksheet. This takes us back to the Wizard dialog box, and the cell reference is in the field, as in Spreadsheet Data 9.
As you may remember, we have two sales assistants, Ken and Barbara, who are engaged in a fierce battle for salesperson of the year. It can be quite easy to make a Pivot Table overly complicated, so it’s important to know how to remove from a Pivot Table as well. Faced with a long sales ledger with a month’s worth of sales, it can be daunting to find a way to compile the data and get some meaningful feedback. Finally, it would probably be interesting to know what the average sales price for roses is. With the SUMIF function we can get totals and results from long lists of information, such as a sales ledger, in seconds.
Pivot Tables offer a fast and powerful method for compiling simple data into meaningful graphs.
Pivot Tables are Excel’s in-built tool for quickly compiling standard data into meaningful data analysis. In this example I’m going to show you how to summarise the your sales by month, and by customer.
This puts in the order date for each sales order in the original table of data, but we want to group these by month.
Many people who approach Working Data for bespoke software ask for help with marketing data and processes.
Preparing for a marketing exercise requires getting your data in good order, and hopefully, won’t mean staying late for days on end. The blue table is where we will input our search criteria, whilst the green table shows our list of raw data.
The AND function takes the list of criteria that we give it and finds out if they are either TRUE or FALSE. D13 is the number of employees in the company, whilst B8 is the minimum number of employees we are targetting. We can now make one other adjustment to the formula which is designed to make the results much easier to read and the finished spreadsheet tool more user-friendly.
Filling in the other two search criteria with ?1million and 25 employees further refines our search and narrows down the targetted prospects. If you have any questions about the AND function and when to use it, or if you would like to suggest a topic for us to cover in a future newsletter, please contact us.
Now build a table with columns to hold the costs that you enter and the prices that the tool will calculate. In the prices column enter the formula which will take the cost amount and apply the margin increase for selling price.
To make it easier to copy the formula down the column it is best to use the absolute cell reference for the margin percentage by enclosing the cell reference in dollar symbols ($).
As with the Price by Markup Calculator, determine a cell which will hold the markup percentage, e.g. Build the table with columns for costs to be entered and prices that the Excel tool will calculate. Using the absolute cell reference for the Margin will make it possible to copy the formula down several rows in the prices column. It’s always nice to have a nice to look at spreadsheet so take a little time to format your Markup and Margin Excel Tool to make it easier for users to identify which cells they should enter data into and which cells output the results. You will be directed to PayPal to complete payment and then receive the download link by email.

When you want to do a mailshot to your client list, it is important that you get the information right first time. Spreadsheet Data 1 shows the spreadsheet with the data downloaded directly from the company CRM system.
The concatenate function takes text entries from cells and adds them together into a single entry in another cell. With the correct application of Excel’s powerful formulae we have managed to undo the problems created by data entry errors and have saved a great deal of time. If you have any questions about the Concatenate and Trim functions and when to use them, or if you would like to suggest a topic for us to cover in a future newsletter, please contact us. In this month’s newsletter we cover the use of Text functions which are often used to analyse and tidy spreadsheet data. Combining these functions to save a lot of time, with our example of automating finding website addresses from email addresses. The Concatenate function will combine the values of cells as though they are text, not like adding or subtracting. This formula can be copied down a column so that all the cells in this column will concatenate the values of the three cells to the left, e.g. The Find function looks within a cell for a certain value or term, and tells you where within the cell it is.
The first term within the brackets is the value, letter or symbol you are looking for, the second term is the cell you want to look in, and the third letter is the starting position within the cell for the find, in this case, 1, which means start at the far left. The Mid Function is a very powerful and versatile function which has many applications and becomes more and more useful with time and practice. To show how combining these four functions can save you a great load of time, we are going to look at the following scenario. So you have 4000 email addresses to read and then type the website address into the next column. You can now simply copy and paste the formula into the cell to the right of any email address to get the company website address, and thereby get all 4000 website addresses within minutes, rather than days! Excel dashboard analysis with vital analytical data that provides visibility to critical business activities and provides complete view of your company sales activities with easy-to-read interface. The dashboard will not only analyze business total monthly performance, but will also give critical information about your top 5 customers. This dashboard is setup to analyze current year sales activities of a business in total and by customer. The spreadsheet is also has a forecast worksheet that will allow you to develop forecast and compare it to actual data. The analysis is pre-set to automatically highlight the highest and the lowest value type in a year. 5.Top 5 Customer Sales Analysis provides Summary and Detail (monthly) Analysis of the company’s top 5 customers. We’ll categorise your resellers by growth and more importantly identify the ones that have dropped off. He has deep channel knowledge and is passionate about how indirect sales can deliver product to market effectively. They bring with them a detailed understanding of the ANZ channel and knowledge of the market, and added measurable value back to our organisation.
Their knowledge of the channel and their professional approach makes them a pleasure to deal with.
Their research provided us with valuable feedback from executive management within our partners, which gives us the building blocks to develop and enhance our channel program. Really hit the hot buttons where we were experiencing difficulties talking to resellers, and enabled us to talk to partners in a much more relevant manner.
The combined experience and knowledge of Moheb & Cam make it very difficult to go past them whether you need to train your staff, build strategy or improve partner engagement. At TSN Communications, we ask ourselves the following questions to determine the data we need and how to present it. Your audience is often the biggest factor in determining not only what data should be presented, but its depth. Are you using the data to drive decision-making or to gauge the effectiveness of a specific campaign? Are you using an automated system that collects a large amount of information, or are you manually collecting your data?
With a rich background in client management and sales, and previous job experience at Cision (formerly Vocus), Julianne's forte is stretching our clients' advertising and marketing budget. Drill down capability allows you to dig deeper to get a detailed analysis of your sales.  Because it works directly with the eoStar database, the information is in real time, so you can access it at any time without having to build information on a nightly basis for reporting. This website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Rutherford and Associates.
For example, a business may concentrate on things such as determining employee performance, sales performance by department or sales person, etc. In other words, data is not described through numerical values, but rather by some sort of descriptive context such as text.
Often times this involves “coding”, which refers to the grouping of data into identifiable themes. Interpretation can be a part of the coding process, but this is not always the case. How can someone improve their processes and identify problematic issues if they are not willing to look at the data? In this month’s Spreadsheet Tips, we look at how we can quickly pull out some key figures from a sales list, using the CountIF function.
We can do a quick visual check on the sales list in our example and check that this is correct.
The Range will remain the same because we used the dollar signs to lock it, and the criteria will move down one row, from E5 (Wagon Trail Perfumery) to E6 (Feline Memories). If you don’t have an integrated system, you will probably be doing this with spreadsheets. This is very useful in business if you want to quickly prepare some reporting for a client or supplier.
Also, it is definitely of interest to view which size of shoe sells most, and which colour of shoe, and to have the total figure in each case.
In Excel, Pivot Tables are generated by using the Pivot Table wizard, which is found in the Data menu. Now click on the cell on the worksheet which you want to be the top left hand corner of the Pivot Table. There is a large number of possible operators and functions incorporated into Pivot Tables, so it is important to get a feel for the basics first to ensure that you consistently get accurate results.
In this month’s spreadsheet tips we look at the SUMIF function which is used to add things together depending on the criteria we present.
He wants to see how many roses he’s sold over the period so that he can have a good idea of what to re-order from the supplier. There is also some price break information for roses which explains the different unit price rates in the ledger. To do this we use the min() and max() functions to pull out the oldest and newest dates from the sales ledger.
For this we divide the total value of all the sales, cell H16, by the total number of roses sold, H15.
If you have any questions about SUMIF functions and when to use them, or you have a topic you wish us to cover in a future newsletter, please contact us. To add data to the PivotTable we click and drag from the Field List into the relevant section.
It is impossible to replicate the functions of such a system in a spreadsheet, but there are a few select elements which can be reproduced.
At the offices of our telecomms company, Talking Data, we have a spreadsheet of prospective clients. As with the turnover, we are asking AND to determine if the number of employees in the company is greater than the number of employees we have specified in the search field, B8.
With the IF function, we can ask the cell to display something different depending on whether the AND function gives a result of TRUE or FALSE. Combining it with the IF function then allows us to customise the output and create a more user-friendly tool which will save time and target our prospecting more efficiently. This is usually done quite innocently, but can lead to stressful confusion when trying to compare suppliers and products. Any improper formatting immediately makes your communication seem at worst suspect, and at least, amateurish.
The marketing manager has received the export from the CRM system of all the people who have bought shoes in the last year. This allows the Marketing manager to concentrate on what he does best, creating the message to bring these existing clients back to the shop.
However, their most powerful application is in automating data entry, saving you hours if not days of time.

If we break it down, A1 is the cell we wish to investigate, 9 is the starting position and 4 is the number of characters to display. You don’t need to do one cell at a time, you can use the drag-down handle, or copy and paste down the entire column in one go.
Top Customer of the Month Analysis gives you the name and critical information about this customer.
We can let you know if the customers that attended your last seminar are buying from you or not. They are always professional, consistent, focussed on attention to detail, and the follow through is outstanding.
Is it a dashboard presentation for a company executive, an activity summary for a client, or a report for a sales team?
If using data for decision-making or resource allocation there may be many layers of information that can help prioritize activities. Depending on what you need, there are many great programs available that will make your reporting needs easy. Standard reports are supplemented by custom reports (through your account manager). It is also possible to link directly with Google Analytics (and other Analytic tools) to complete your view of online activity. An economist, however, might look for identifiable patterns that explain the spending habits of various consumers.
Themes are then given a unique “label”, and each label can then be quickly grouped and contrasted to each other. The answer, of course, is that they cannot make reliable improvements without data analysis. Knowing where you are always helps you make decisions about what to do next, to get where you want to go.
If you ran a warehouse and you wanted to show a supplier how often his deliveries were late, you could quickly compile delivery times against the supplier using a Pivot Table. As we highlighted the cells prior to starting the wizard, these are already selected for us, and all we need do is click Next. You then select the cell on the worksheet which will be the top left corner of the Pivot Table.
The Pivot Table Field List is only visible when one of the cells in the Pivot Table is selected. In our example, it is quite simple to manually count up how many sales there were in total, and how many of these were red. This then just shows the sales totals for each sales assistant and the overall total, Spreadsheet Data 14. He is also interested in finding out the total sales for roses and how much he sells them for on average as he has different price levels by quantity, see Figure 1. We could go through the ledger one line at a time, check if it’s for roses, make a note of the quantity on a piece of paper then add it all together at the end. It is almost the same as the previous formula, except this time we want the formula to add up the values in column E, the Total sales price for each transaction. We see the PivotTable Field List which lists the columns of data we highlighted at the beginning. In this month’s spreadsheet we look at the AND function in the context of a marketing task. We must make one further adjustment to the formula before copying it down the rest of the column.
When the AND function returns FALSE, that means that the company does not meet our search criteria, so we don’t want our attention distracted by them.
Often when you receive client data in a spreadsheet or export it from your CRM system, the data entry hasn’t always been completely perfect. Unfortunately, the data entry wasn’t always thorough and the data in the spreadsheet is a bit of a mess. As you can see the job is not quite done yet, as there are still some extra spaces between the names. Check how the formula works for each of the rows regardless of the error in the initial data entry.
If you have any requests or suggestions for future areas to cover, please just get in touch. This combination of text functions has many applications which will save you days and weeks of mind-numbing, repetitive data entry. But before investing in an analysis or reporting program, you’ll need to determine whether or not it will meet your needs.
The key word here is “reliable!” Most people have a general idea about possible changes that “should” or “could” improve their processes. The Range is the cells in the spreadsheet that you want to look in, in our example it is cells E10 to E14, which we write E10:E14.
A Pivot Table is an automated output tool which allows users to extract compiled information from spreadsheets without the need for programming. We have the year to date sales figures in a spreadsheet, laid out as a list or table, with column names and rows of information (fig.
Now click on the little grey square at the far right hand edge of the field, as highighted by the black arrow in Spreadsheet Data 8.
The Pivot Table Toolbar contains the functionalities available for the Pivot Table, including generating a Pivot Chart.
With Pivot Tables, we can drag and drop the sets of data from the Field List to the Pivot Table. It would be excellent to be able to select those companies which have the appropriate turnover and number of employees, and are within the sector we want to approach.
In our example here, we want the AND function to tell us which companies fit the three search criteria we enter into the blue table. As the search criteria fields will be the same for each row of data we look at, we need to alter the cell addresses in the formula to make sure that they are not updated as we move down the rows. And when it returns TRUE, that company is one of our target prospects, so let’s make it clearer. After you hit Return, you will see that the two companies have been picked out as prospects. You can set your pricing by markup or margin, or start with your cost and price and calculate back to your markup or margin.
In this month’s spreadsheet tips we look at how to make sure the greeting is neat and tidy using Concatenate and Trim. By combining these text functions that we have explored today, you would get the same result but within minutes. That is, from position 6 onwards, so we need to add 1 to the result of our find function, in the formula bar, as below. Try it out, and if you get stuck, just give Working Data a call and we’ll help you out! However, when it comes to these sorts of changes there is the inherent risk that the change does not have the desired result.
Click first on the small square to the right of the box, as shown by the black arrow in Spreadsheet Data 7 below. We won’t be going into this at this point, and will instead concentrate on generating a simple Pivot Table.
It takes the relevant values from column C and adds them together to give you a single figure for all the rose sales in the ledger.
If one supplier is talking to you in markup and the other in margin, enter their data into the Excel Tool to compare like-for-like. By using the Concatenate and Trim functions, he can get the greeting sorted out in seconds. Instead, we will use the Concatenate and Trim functions to give a clean and correct greeting in seconds. Often even the most advanced programs still require some manual effort, at least in the beginning. There can also be unexpected consequences that impact some other aspect of that organization in a negative manner.
Excel also brings up a little help box when you type in the CountIF function to remind you what information it requires. We can see not only the breakdown of the number of pairs of shoes that Ken and Barbara sold in total, but also, how many of each colour they sold as well. A1 is replaced by $A$1 In our example, we want to replace the cell addresses for the search criteria fields, which are B6, B7 and B8.

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