Welcome to Forecast Pro - Software for sales forecasting, inventory planning, demand planning, S&OP and collaborative planning. At times, when working with your forecasts, visibility to other information such as alternative forecasts generated outside of Forecast Pro or non-forecast data such as current orders or inventory levels can greatly aid the forecasting process. With the release of Forecast Pro TRAC Version 3, users now have the ability to import external data and alternative forecasts into the Forecast Override View and to create customized, calculated rows. In the following example, in addition to generating a statistical forecast using Forecast Pro, we have imported two external forecasts: a financial forecast and a sales forecast. Notice that there is also a calculated row beneath the two external forecast rows: "Average Forecast". Calculated rows are added to the grid by right-clicking the "Forecast" row or any row below it, and selecting "Add Row". For a full list of supported operators, functions, and tokens, please see the reference section of the Forecast Pro TRAC User’s Guide. In our second example, we have only imported one external forecast, from our sales department. To do this, we simply right-click anywhere on the override grid and open the Forecast Overrides Design box which provides a variety of formatting options and allows you to specify the order in which the rows are displayed. In addition to bringing in external forecasts, we can also bring in any kind of external information we want, provided that the external data is in a format that is consistent with our default hierarchy.
Once again we are displaying negative numbers in red, to easily identify where orders exceed our current forecast, allowing us to make adjustments accordingly. If you would like to learn more about Forecast Pro TRAC Version 3, please visit this page, or contact us directly to schedule a live demo via WebEx. Welcome to Forecast Pro - Software for sales forecasting, inventory planning, demand planning and collaborative planning.
Forecast Pro TRAC is built on the Forecast Pro Unlimited framework and combines all of the forecasting, graphing, reporting and adjustment capabilities found in Forecast Pro Unlimited with the advanced data visualization and analytic tools you need to execute a complete world-class forecasting process.
This Web page highlights the features in Forecast Pro TRAC that are NOT included in Forecast Pro Unlimited.
Forecast Pro TRAC allows you to view your data and forecasts in any units of measure you wish. With Forecast Pro TRAC’s flexible exception reporting, you can automatically flag exceptions, saving you from having to manually review a long list of items—no one likes the feeling of searching for a needle in a haystack! In addition to generating a statistical forecast, Forecast Pro TRAC allows you to import multiple forecasts into the forecast worksheet (i.e.

Forecast Pro TRAC maintains an archive of your previous forecasts (both statistically-generated and adjusted forecasts) so that you can compare and contrast previous forecasts to what actually happened. Forecast Pro TRAC Collaborator licenses, provide an easy and affordable way to collaborate with colleagues. If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page.(Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button). If you see this message, your web browser doesn't support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled. Plan with a pro by your side Sales and Marketing Pro was created by the experts at Palo Alto Software, in partnership with sales and marketing guru John Jantsch.
Create marketing plans and strategies for business growth Sales and Marketing Pro helps you design your marketing plan and sales strategy from beginning to end.
Plan your professional sales planning and management If you sell for a living, you're always looking for an edge.
Sales forecasting and budgeting, with no MBA required Creating sales forecasts and marketing budgets doesn’t have to be a chore. Find customers and grow your business with a complete marketing toolbox How will you find your next customers? Through the Newegg EggXpert Review Program, Newegg invites its best reviewers, known as EggXperts, to post opinions about new and pre-release products to help their fellow customers make informed buying decisions.Click here for more details. The ppro Sales App mobilizes Produce Pro’s functionality to provide your sales staff with real-time customer specific information to optimize sales visits. Armed with the ppro Sales App, your sales staff will have the capability to provide better customer service to your clients.
This installment of Tips and Tricks includes several examples of how to use this new functionality and illustrates the value that this new capability brings to the forecasting process. For example, in addition to the statistical forecast, we may also have forecasts from other parts of the organization, such as management or sales. In order to create consensus among these three different forecasts, we have added this row that displays an average of the statistical forecast, the financial forecast, and the sales forecast. For example, we may wish to highlight in red wherever a value in the "Gap" row is negative, so we can quickly identify where we need to make an adjustment. This article presented several examples of how to use this new functionality and illustrated the value that this new capability brings to the forecasting process.
This affordable and easy-to-use solution gives your team the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and improving your forecast process.

A simple drop-down menu lets you instantly switch among those units of measure that are important to your business—such as dollars, units sold or pallets. Need to generate a report showing product-level forecasts broken out by customer and then create another report showing customer-level forecasts broken out by product? The reports are easily customizable to reflect different performance metrics—such as forecast vs. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg.
From seasoned sales teams looking for an edge to small business owners who need dynamic marketing plans, Sales and Marketing Pro is the solution to help you grow your business like crazy! It is powered by the Duct Tape marketing system, which has been called the “world’s most practical small business marketing guide” and has been praised by experts like Entrepreneur Magazine and Harvard Business School.
Sales and Marketing Pro makes it easy to create your budgets, and then easily track your performance month-by-month as you meet and exceed your targets. Sales and Marketing Pro will create a lead-generation plan to turn a "suspect" (a member of your target market) into a "prospect" (someone who wants what you have to offer).
It’s a tool that you will use to share your vision with your team and get everyone on the same page.
Manage car sales information including: client name, client address, client status, contact information (phone, gender, birthday, occupation, keywords), car wanted, car details (car type, car year, make, model, price range, color), sale information (car price, mileage, car price, commission), contact log details, and more . You can then combine multiple forecasts to create a new forecast consistent with your organization’s S&OP or other established process. When you update a forecast project with next period’s data and create new forecasts, the fenced values from the previous forecast remain locked in.
Sales and Marketing Pro includes the tools you need to track your leads and close more sales. All the tools you need to convert your ideal customers into buyers through advertising, referral marketing, partners, PR, and many other lead sources are included. If you need to sell your ideas and convince your audience, a plan created with Sales and Marketing Pro creates a compelling case for action.

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