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Follow-up: Lots of sales people have lots of ‘fantastic’ meetings but they never materialise into sales. Most of these are just common sense but many sales people in training providers and other sectors don’t do them religiously or with real conviction. Ideally you could set these up as worfklows in the Customer Relationship Management element of your training management software.
About UsInteractive Software’s partnership approach translates business requirements, brand and vision into a robust and flexible training management software solution that delivers immediate ROI and can evolve along with your business. Even now many sales people are so excited about telling prospective customers about all the wonderful features and benefits of their course and company they don’t really understand what the customer is actually looking for.

You are typically trying to build repeat sales, be seen as a trusted advisor and be the place where your customers go if they want a problem solved. Do some research, check out the person or people you are going to be talking to on any social media channels where they are active.
Don’t just accept it when they tell you what courses they want to go on as they may not be aware of all the things that you do.
Try producing a detailed breakdown of the steps in your sales strategy, making sure all crucial elements are followed by your sales team and reviewing what impact this has on your sales revenue. By taking this approach you should be able to automate some of the administrative tasks, taking the burden from your sales team whilst still realising the benefits.
They may also miss the fact that the customer has an immediate requirement for one type of training (this could be a simple low value short course), but longer term they also need more complex programmes that span over considerable time periods.
They may also be organising training on behalf of other people and don’t really understand the requirement or desired outcomes. It shows you are taking what they say seriously and gives the immediate impression you are going to do something about helping them solve their problems. By taking the time to write a simple personalised note you help the prospect to remember you with a summary of what you discussed.
You are trying to make sure your courses are the best in the market and that you are using the most successful sales strategies for training providers.

If your sales team are just focussed on this month’s target they may miss valuable opportunities. Most importantly be authentic and sincere; try to show you understand their problems and your role is to help them solve, not just sell them something.
It has also been proven that taking notes makes you focus on solutions.Taking notes has also been proven to help you listen as well as putting you in a position of authority and control.
By taking an ‘interviewer’ position it allows you to put your customer in the position of ‘expert’ and helps them to open up about what is troubling them. Make sure you are both working to a common goal: solving their problem and making your sale.

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