Within the company business strategy the sales strategy consists of those three elements for which the Chief Sales Officer is responsible: customers, channels and competition.
Other executives own the other elements of the business strategy, depending on their responsibilities in the company. In other words: operational plans describe the specific operational measures required to lead the company business systems to the strategic goals. Each company thus needs operational plans for (as example) researcha nd development, manufacturing, sales, logistics and service in order to execute the business strategy.
Sales units (like units for geography sales, product sales, channel sales) need their own operational sub plans defining the specific measures required to lead these to their sub goals.
THIS is how people are creating sales on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, podcasts and Facebook. Ok, let’s quickly take a look at this system at a high level so you can begin putting it to use in your daily life. Selling products and services on social media is mostly about applying direct response marketing concepts. I know this based on 2 years of researching the best social sellers out there, culminating in my book (How to Make Social Media Sell for You) and training program. Are you helping customers solve problems critical to their success in life, getting promoted, avoiding risks they don’t know they have, learning new skills—all with the aim of building their confidence in themselves AND trust with you? Or are you busy trying to get Liked on Facebook, polishing up your LinkedIn profile or trying to get noticed in LinkedIn groups? Support your social media sales strategy (getting customers confident in themselves and trusting you) by following these tactical guidelines every day. Focus on solving customers’ problems with social marketing in ways that you can connect to what it is you sell. Give customers a cure for an expressed pain, encourage them to ask more questions—then take them on a journey toward the complete remedy.
Listen in ways that help you always know what problems to solve, how to solve them and how to attract the most appropriate bees (best prospects) to your hive (your blog’s Answer Center) more often.
Yes, engage but then get prospects to dis-engage from social media and do something to become a lead! If you would like more guidance on how to actually make this happen in your business check out my free training course. Jeff also serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business.
Measuring sales is necessary for any and every business type, irrespective of the size the organization has. Related metrics and KPIs for: Retail Sales, Credit Risk, Retail Banking, Mortgage, Financial Statement Analysis, Market Risk, Financial Risks, Operational Risk, Active Portfolio Management, Passive Investments.
The performance indicators include: Sales per employee, CRM usage, Product and service related education, Customer segmentation. As part of Raging Creations’ informational series on different facets of Internet marketing, this article deals with one of the main challenges faced by online marketers today, which is coming up with the right digital marketing mix strategy that generates optimal ROI amidst the plethora of available digital advertising channels.
The digital universe is constantly undergoing evolution and transformation, driven by the emergence of new ways and means of accessing and using the Internet and the ever-increasing reliance of people on online technologies to work, learn, play and socialize. However, this ever-shifting digital media landscape presents unique challenges for marketers who want to engage the digital consumer.
Because of these unique challenges, marketers need to be able to come up with a portfolio of digital marketing channels that would ensure sales conversion among online and mobile customers at an optimal ROI. In today’s increasingly fragmented digital environment, the main task facing digital marketers is to identify and capitalize on the right mix of digital media channels and marketing interactions that will build awareness and demand for their offerings, before the audience loses interest and bounces.
Given all of these factors, it may seem logical for marketers to select a digital marketing mix that prioritizes those channels that have the lowest cost-per-acquisition (CPA), which pertains to a channel’s ability to reach out to the most number of potential customers at the lowest cost. This synergistic effect is best illustrated by the concept of the marketing or purchase funnel, which assumes that people undergo four basic stages in becoming a customer.
Marketing campaigns are generally designed to create awareness among a pool of audience, stimulate their interest in order to transform them into prospects, build up their desire in order to transform prospects into sales leads, and convert these leads into customers by taking the purchase action.

According to the concept of the purchase funnel, marketing efforts or channels that serve to attract attention and generate awareness comprise the mouth of the funnel, which typically caters to the large audience pool.
However, because of the nature of the offering, the timing of the marketing effort, the stage in the product lifecycle stage, as well as a host of other factors, individual marketing efforts such as advertising campaigns rarely play a static role in the purchase funnel. This is especially true in digital marketing, where a prospective customer can take so many different paths along the purchase journey. The stages in the digital purchase journey can vary greatly from one product to another, from one customer to another and from one instance to another due to a multitude of factors. However, some marketing campaigns or channels tend to function more naturally as Converters, whether by deliberate design or not, and these are often erroneously given the full credit for the sales conversion despite the fact that other campaigns and channels have also contributed in driving the customer throughout the purchase journey. Thus, if a marketer’s main criterion in selecting the marketing campaigns or channels to include in the digital marketing mix is a low CPA, then the resulting digital marketing mix would consist mainly of Converters. In the next section, we shall distinguish between the different problems associated with multi-channel attribution, the benefits and limitations of multi-channel attribution, and the role of web analytics in finding the optimal digital marketing mix.
While 'buying' is becoming more global, within the context of Europe many differences exist from country to country (eg.
Having a concise strategy document outlining the 'who, what, when, where and why' of your sales channel plans means that you are treating this aspect of your business as seriously as other areas of your company strategy.
What role will these partners play with your existing sales team and other channel partners?
Most businesses are failing to make social media produce leads and sales because they have a social media marketing strategy that creates engagement—rather than a social media SALES strategy that creates RESPONSE. Give them a reason to sign-up for a series of videos that scratches their itch a bit more—gives them useful answers they can apply and create a bit of success with.
He teaches a proven, effective and repeatable communications process to spark buyers curiosity about what you're selling. This is because contributing maximally to the 'sales volume' is what the ultimate aim of a firm is.This makes it important for the sales department people to evaluate the parameter constantly. This article discusses the need for marketers to measure and understand the individual and collective impact of their marketing efforts in multiple digital channels in order to more accurately attribute each channel’s contribution to overall conversion. Today’s generation of consumers is weaned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, chat rooms, virtual worlds, blogs and instant messaging, and is equally adept in using PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and other new forms of mobile devices. While digital marketing, also referred to as Internet marketing, remains as one of the most cost-effective means of creating a link between one’s product or service and millions of potential customers, this new type of  customer has a shorter attention span, is less tolerant of obtrusive advertising tactics, and is more discerning in their consumption experience. For the average digital marketer, this can involve any combination of search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, email campaigns, display ads for websites and mobile devices, social media engagement, and establishment of affiliate networks. Each of these digital channels can engage one’s target customers in different ways and with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, since different people may be at different stages of the purchase process at any given moment, most marketers try to create as many marketing touch-points via different channels at each stage in order to guide them towards sales conversion. These are referred to as the Originators, due to the fact that sales conversion originates at these points.
Regardless of the advertiser’s intention in designing a marketing campaign, for example, the motivations, characteristics and actions of the customer at any given time can strongly affect the impact of the campaign and influence whether it will play the role as an Originator, Assist or Converter in the purchase funnel. For example, a person may first learn of the existence of the brand because of a recurring commercial that he sees on TV. In the example above, the customer could have been introduced to the brand via a general keyword search or through a targeted email. Without marketing campaigns or channels that effectively function as Originators to initially generate awareness and as Assists to build up interest and desire, a marketing mix has a high likelihood of failure. Your business is not in the “publishing business” but rather in the “action business.” RESPONSE is king.
Ever since, we’ve been quick to believe the simple lies instead of slightly complicated truth. Step 3: Lure prospects into taking an action that connects to your sales funnel (creates response).
He's a sought-after sales prospecting trainer to individual reps, teams of sellers and small businesses owners across the globe.

These metrics will help to measure and evaluate the performance and quality of sales department, compare one sale team against another, providing additional information for benchmarking.
This highly fragmented, social network-driven digital universe allows people to live their online and offline lives seamlessly and simultaneously.
In addition, the sheer diversity of available digital media channels and the proliferation of different kinds of online devices make it costly and impractical for most marketers to simply adopt a mass marketing approach despite their relative economy compared to traditional media. Of course, this is in addition to the marketer’s efforts in traditional channels such as TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising, which still remains an important part of the overall marketing strategy for most companies. Some digital channels may be able to reach out to a wider pool of audience while others may be able to reach out to a smaller audience that consists of more of the right type of customers.
However, while this may seem to be an attractive perspective, in reality, advertising channels, digital or otherwise, do not work in individual isolation. Thus, some marketing efforts are specifically designed to attract attention and create awareness that a particular offering or brand exists so that it comes to mind the next time the need comes up, some are designed to build up on the initial awareness and generate interest and desire, and some are meant to be a direct call for action.
On the other hand, those marketing efforts that help to build up on the existing awareness to generate interest and desire comprise the middle part of the funnel, and they are referred to as the Assists. Then later, he may gain an impression from a banner advertisement about the brand in his favorite blog site. He could have been referred to the shopping cart in the company website by clicking a link in an affiliate website where a review of the product was featured. Meanwhile, since the acquisition and conversion are often not attributed to Originators and Assists, they would tend to have higher CPAs compared to Converters. Simply put, it is unwise to focus on generating conversions without first promoting awareness and building up interest and desire.
Here’s how to get customers to take actions on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and blogs that ultimately convert them to paying customers. He's an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is today the Performics division of Publicis Groupe. Such a sales kpi system will make it easier to manage sales department providing company leaders with an easy to use dashboard with correct sales-related indicators.
Earlier, only the financial counterpart was utilized however, dilemmas regarding the true direction in which the processes were moving starting coming up. In addition, implementing an ad campaign for different kinds of digital channels involve different cost considerations.
Rather, each channel has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, and they can positively impact other channels and create a synergistic effect that is stronger the sum of their individual impact.
Finally, those that convert the interest and desire into actual purchase action represent the narrow end of the funnel and are referred to as the Converters. With his interest about the brand piqued, he may later conduct a search and visit several review sites in order to gather more information about the product. Or he could have seen the TV commercial and directly navigated to the company website using the URL displayed on screen. In order to avoid this situation, digital marketers must be able to understand the interplay between the various campaigns and channels at work and how to properly credit the individual contribution of each one. Finally deciding to purchase the product, he may then click on the company’s search ad announcing a promotional offer, which takes him to the shopping cart in the company website.
The implication is that that an individual marketing effort or campaign, such as an advertisement in a particular channel, may at times function as an Originator, an Assist or as a Converter, or all at once, depending on the specific circumstances.
Consequently, by having such an instrument in hand, one can get assured of shaving success in the task.

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