Mapping Analytics provides sales territory maps and sales territory mapping software to help you design, align and optimize your sales territories to achieve greater productivity, higher revenue and lower cost of sale. Sales territory maps can be created from sales territories at any geographic level, from states down to ZIP Codes or any custom sales territory definition.
Likewise, key customers keep the lights on, so it’s important to be able to address their needs quickly when they arise, which means being able to get resources available quickly.
Segment customers and prospects – identifying geographical locations with our sales territory mapping shows where there is the most potential and developing sales teams to service these regions. Increase your revenue potential by ensuring that you have the necessary coverage to reach all of your current and future customers. Our approach to sales territory mapping is focused on the goals of your business, and finding the best way to achieve them. Working from the current state of your sales territories, we re-shape your network to operate more efficiently and expose the best areas for expansion.
We provide you with bespoke maps and comprehensive reports that are assembled specifically for yourself and the individual members of your team. Increase Customer Value: Put your sales team in front of customers for longerThe more time your sales reps spend with their customers, the more potential they have to sell. Capture more of your market: Cover ground before your competitors doWith clear maps pinpointing the locations of potential customers, your sales team can move fast to increase their coverage of your market. Grow strong: Know the best way to develop your networkLay down your development strategy with concise maps and reports that can be easily understood by your entire team.
Empower your employees: Provide the tools they need to succeedMake your job easier by helping your sales team improve the way they work. Boost team confidence: Never overload your sale reps againGive your sales force the best chance possible to improve customer care and increase customer value. Reduce staff turnover: Create equitable territories for high moraleWe analyse a location’s transport infrastructure and market opportunity so that you can recruit new staff in the most lucrative areas.

If you are interested and would like to get in touch, please give us a call on 01733 314245 and we’ll be happy to help.
Visit our sales territory design page to find out more about sales territory maps or our ProAlign page to learn about the industry's best sales territory design and optimization software.
Top performing companies recognize that in order to attract top talent, they need to be able to give them fertile hunting ground. We analyse accounts, customer locations, sales rep’s workloads, and transport infrastructure to reveal how your reps can spend more time with their customers and maximise the value of their accounts.
Understand exactly what you stand to gain by implementing the changes, and see the now and after before you even begin.
These practical outputs provide tailor-made business intelligence that can be put into action immediately. Reduce windshield time and plan the most effective routes to customer locations with detailed maps and reports that reveal how a rep can get the most customer face time every day. A thorough assessment of your market penetration enables you to quickly see where you need to expand, and where you can move resources from.
Show exactly why changes have been made to territories, and where there is potential for growth.
Thematically shaded maps and reports enable managers to instantly see where they need to recruit more staff to get better results from their region. Sales territory mapping calculates the optimum workload your sale reps can handle, so you can allocate accounts and territories accordingly. You can level the playing field by providing each and every one of your sales reps with accounts and areas that hold a similar value, to prevent team members feeling undervalued.
We examine your market penetration in existing territories, and quantify the market potential of regions you have not yet tapped into. Explaining territory changes to your managers and sales reps is simplified through the use of maps and reports which visualise the path to a stronger and more profitable business.

Gain an insightful overview of how all your sales territories operate and interact with one another, and give your staff the tools they need to push forward with your strategic plans. With more effective time management, your sales force can extract the most value from existing accounts, and move on to creating new ones. Our professional approach to sales territory mapping reshapes your territories to improve efficiency and help you stay one step ahead of the competition. With everyone working from the same page, your network’s development becomes co-ordinated and streamlined, reducing the possibility of wasted resources. Unique visualisations like star diagrams and drive time zones provide sales reps with practical information that they can put into action immediately. Justify your decisions based on precise calculations that quantify an area’s market potential. Avoid wasted recruitment and produce a sales team that truly appreciates the prospects your company provides.
By exploring your company’s data on a national, regional, and local level, we can bring it all together to show you and your entire team how to steer for success. Sales territory mapping reveals where you are now, where you can be, and how to get there with clarity and coherency.
Professional sales territory mapping provides everything you need to communicate critical information about territories and accounts quickly and easily. Show your reps you are prepared to invest in them to achieve the results you want, and their confidence will soar.

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