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The music was pulled from YouTube due to a licensing issue, but this eventually meant that more money was made out of selling albums.
Instead, the site does have a big role in discovering new artists and music, indicating that it might be a better idea to pick other promotional methods for the A-listers of the music industry.
In fact, rough estimates indicate losses of $1 million per year for the top albums promoted on YouTube.
Basically, the fact that people have easy access to entire albums online will drive them not to pay for the music.
If they get to listen to it online and find it sub-par, then they will not bother acquiring a copy of their own.
The video advertising world is filled with uncertainty, and many of YouTube’s top multi-channel networks are teaming up so they can cut better deals.
GOVA’s initial members are Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio, Big Frame, BroadbandTV, DECA, Revision3, Magnet Media and MiTu, all of which sport tens of millions of views across their partner channels.
GOVA’s main goal is to foster better relationships between its partner MCNs, ad agencies, talent shops, and platforms like YouTube.
GOVA is a response to increasingly negative feelings among online video professionals about the viability of the MCN model. I think GOVA (Global Online Video Association) will be key in helping the industry through its next stage of growth. SUBSCRIBE Get Tubefilter's Top Stories, Breaking News, and Event updates delivered straight to your inbox.
If you have a great news tip, are interested in advertising on Tubefilter, thinking about possible partnership opportunities, want to find out more about our upcoming events, would like to write a guest post, or just want to say "hello," be sure to drop us a line. ShareYouTube has tripled its mobile ad sales in the past six months, pulling in an estimated US$350-million for the Google-owned video-sharing platform.
In an interview with Bloomberg, YouTube vice president of sales Lucas Watson revealed that a quarter of the platform’s one-billion global users now access the service via handheld devices, pushing advertisers to pay more attention to the medium.

As has always been the case however, Google would not provide an exact break down of exactly how much this explosion has been worth. Another factor helping push the growth of YouTube’s mobile ads is the fact that it automates the buying of advertising, splitting airtime between computer browsers and mobile devices, as well as allowing people to opt out of appearing on multiscreen advertising. Christine De Martini, social marketing and media manager at gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) says her company is among those trying to push mobile advertising on YouTube. Music industry piracy is frequently cited as a reason for the decline in music sales in recent years, but new research shows that a large role in all of this is YouTube.
And in doing so, Apple has inadvertently helped triple the Internet giant’s mobile ad revenue in the last six months alone, Bloomberg reports. Bloomberg explains the increased revenue adds an estimated $350 million to the bottom line, amounting to approximately 2.5 percent of Google’s income.
Google says about a quarter of YouTube’s one billion global users now access the service via mobile devices. You see, Google is increasingly clamping down not only on apps that cache YouTube videos, but on entire platforms which give users ad-free YouTube experience.
Google also requested that the makers of the popular YouTube iOS client MCTube Pro remove caching, a feature which lets users save videos for offline viewing, as seen above. Quais os tipos de videos que mais gostam, se gostam de videos e se tem gostado dos videos que eu tenho postado. A brand new study indicates that the popular video streaming site is the reason why record labels lose millions of dollars each year. The researchers compared the sales of artists signed with Warner who had made it into the Billboard Album 200, to those from labels that still allowed their music to be present on YouTube. Assuming that Warner indicated that it had some 40 albums on Billboard 200 for a year, the total lost sales rise up to $40 million, which is a lot more impressive.
For instance, using a six-month window before and after the blackout, the removal of content from YouTube is causally associated with an increase of 7375 units per week per album using the top 200 sample, 3155 units dropping top 10 albums, 1968 units dropping top 25 albums, and 555 units dropping top 50 albums,” the study shows.
Of course, this could be entirely the artist’s fault since music found online should in fact entice fans to buy an album. The same can be said about music piracy, especially since studies have indicated that those who pirate more content actually spend more money on movies, games and music than those who always go to the store. Nine MCNs have come together to form the Global Online Video Association (GOVA), an online video trade organization.
The biggest network not included in GOVA is Machinima, though as GOVA executive director Paul Kontonis told Adweek, more members are expected to join later on.

The hope is that, with networks working together and creating online video advertising standards and guidelines, more favorable deals can be brokered. In the past year, many people have speculated that, for all the venture capital raised by MCNs, they are simply not profitable in the long run. However, am I the only one that finds it ironic how the biggest complaint by this group is low eCPM, but that was a by-product of massive over-supply… which was likely exacerbated by the fact that the MCNs basically let any and every channel become a monetizable channel partner, thereby dramatically increasing the supply of ads? The researchers came to the conclusion that this portal for streaming music costs $40 million of album sales in the last year.
While Apple itself, not Google, wrote the built-in program, Cupertino a year ago made the decision to pull it from iOS, citing expired license.
I forget how many sites and YouTube vids are littered with ads, until the few times I’ve been forced back to stock iOS.
Mas conforme os dias vao passando e os videos vao chegando eu vou me adaptando e melhorando as edicoes. Por estarem aqui comigo ha mais de dois anos, pelo dia a dia, pelos comentarios, por todo o tempo que voces tem me doado.
GOVA is already working closely with YouTube, though, per Adweek, it also has its eyes set on alternate platforms like Xbox, Amazon, and Hulu.
GOVA hopes that, by uniting the largest MCNs and setting up strategies to increase income, it can prove these naysayers wrong. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. Although the music industry and many researchers seek answers in the field of piracy, other drastic changes are too often ignored. Specifically, at least 70 million people were on the app in March, up 42 percent from a year earlier. Researchers at the University Farfild started to fill this gap and wanted to see how much there is an impact on album sales. According to these, researchers concluded that YouTube does not always serve as a promotion, especially not for the best artists.

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