Our readers can personalize ViralBlog in Zite alike ways, and schedule e-mail alerts to get the most relevant answers to their specific questions. Some might still believe that Salesforce is a Sales-CRM solution for SME’s in the US.
In 2011 Salesforce already bought social media monitoring company Radian6 for $326 million.
Second global communications network Omnicom also has a preferred partnership, with Facebook ad-buying company Blinq Media. And to make it more complicated, Interpublic Group (IPG), owner of agencies like McCann Erickson and DraftFCB, doesn’t seem to own a Facebook ad-buying company. Now Buddy Media is owned by Salesforce, leaving Google that was bidding to buy Buddy Media too, biting the dust. Google really needed Buddy Media to upgrade its reputation, grip and drive in the social space. And the option to buy Vitrue, a social media SaaS marketing application (a similar company as Buddy Media), is no longer available to Google, because Vitrue was acquired by Oracle on 23 May 2012!
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But take a look at below acquisition roadmap and you will see that Salesforce is pushing for world domination.
That acquisition shook-up the entire social media industry and earned the attention of many analysts around the globe. In a few rounds, Buddy Media got funded with $54 million, and leading global communications network WPP was one of the funding partners, and has a special partnership with Buddy Media. Because IBM can’t stay behind in this space, although IBM already acquired SPSS in 2009. So if you were behind the chess board, and you were Google or Oracle: what would be your next move? And then MC Hammer took to the stage and talked about how social media affects the music industry.

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We want to encourage employeesWith the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, virtually every employee is to engage in social media and joinparticipating in some form of social media.
5 Tips For Managing The TimesinkDo you let social media distract you from your career deliverables or from your real-life relationships? Not only for reputation purposes, but more important to finally show its capability to coin social network advertising to its shareholders. But IBM could be looking to acquire another Facebook technology provider, any given sunday.
And, regardless of the activity, the the conversation.line between your personal identity and your professional identity is blurring,especially when you post something in the public domain.
Migration after the fact can be between official and unofficial channels we lose trust anddamage our brand.Tips for Posting OnlineConversations are a two way street – The goal is to become part of the community conversation.
So maybe a smaller company will buy them, but as we have seen this can come from a lot of different companies. This social media policy providesWe require that you read and follow this policy as well as participate in the guidelines on what’s in bounds,Company’s social media training, regardless of your role. Understand what they care about, why they arereading what you are writing, and what their interests are. The more you know about your audience, the better you canconnect with them.Be interesting – There is no point in contributing if the community doesn’t find it interesting and useful. The upside is that ifyou are contributing about industry best practices, feature details, or future enhancements and you know what you are talkingabout, these are very interesting topics to the community. Moreover, there are certaintypes of information you cannot comment or post about under any circumstance.
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If you find you’ve made a mistake,be up front about it and correct it quickly and transparently by leaving a note about what was changed.Think before you post – Before you post anything, whether it is to a personal account or an official channel, think about howit will be perceived.
With the real-time web there is no undo button, so imagine what you are about to post plastered on abillboard. If you recall, Salesforce purchased Radian6 a while back and recently announced that they purchased Buddy Media.

You will besubject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of your employment or engagement. Imagine your boss driving by it in the morning and ask yourself would he or she be okay with it? If you have any questionabout the appropriateness of a contribution, review it first with your manager. Also, recognizethat you are legally responsible for any content you post and you may be subject to liability if your posts are found defamatory,harassing, or in violation of any other applicable law.Additional Information and Key ContactsYou also need to familiarize yourself with all Company policies that address social media, public relations, proprietary andconfidential information, and communicating with external parties. SF has long been known as THE leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, offering businesses the ability to track their clients and prospective clients in a cloud-based software environment. This means that you do notcontribute anonymously or under a pseudonym unless it’s your community nickname.
Referpeople to our Company websites if they have questions or want more information about the Company.If you have any questions about what’s in bounds or out, please contact your manager, Public Relations or the Social Mediateam.
These teams will help steer you in the rightdirection or escalate the issue to the appropriate individuals. You arerepresenting the company even though you are not serving as an official voice of the Company.
MartinInteresting concept Tim BerkeschIt is probably coming in the future but do not know if it is good or bad – definitely bad from a security standpoint, no matter how reassuring people are about security! Alicia TaylorThe constant monitoring and feedback from the different company departments seems like an interesting technique to get right information into the hands of the right people for the right consumer.
Do not use ethnic or racial slurs, personal insults, or obscenity in yourcommunity participation. Do not disparage ouremployees, customers, partners or prospects.Don’t make forward looking statements – You must be very careful not to make any forward looking statements. I am doubtful about whether or not it will result in enough increased sales to justify the cost. Ron CallariSeems like an excellent platform to cut through all noise and chatter that’s always the most burdensome for many of us. Differing from push and even pull marketing, magnetic marketing is a by-product of the social medial space that bonds the seller and the buyer together in an intrinsic way to push past ROE, resulting in a significant ROI.
I have mixed feelings about SF… it will be interesting to see if the company can bring its plans to life in an easy-to-use and manage way. I doubt Pharma would use it to reach doctors very well, but it could be great on the OTC side to reach consumers who tend to be more social and less fearful of social media. It is going tho be VERY important to educate the sales force on why they’re getting these leads.

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