Are you stuck using the ‘old skool’ way of advertising and marketing your driving school, e.g. Most ADIs will admit that the best form of marketing is through word-of-mouth recommendation.
We’ve found that having a Facebook page for our driving school is one of the most significant factors in boosting our online presence within our target market.
Having a Facebook business page is a great way of marketing but it isn’t just about marketing you and your brand. When using Facebook, your aim should be to educate, inspire, share stories and post valuable, relevant content.
Many driving instructors use their own personal profile as a marketing tool instead of having a separate business page. There are also many advantages of using a Facebook business page – insights, customer star ratings, reviews and advertising being just a few. With more and more people accessing Facebook on their mobile, and especially our target market of 17-25 year olds, can you really afford not to put your face on the book? In the Facebook header bar, click on the drop down arrow on the far right and click ‘Create Page’. Once your business page is set up, make sure you link your personal profile page to your business page. The next step is to start using your Facebook page to grow a fan base (‘fans’ being people who ‘like’ your page).
Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most essential marketing tools for any adi who wishes to tap into his main customer base.
Ged & Claire Wilmot are Grade 6 Fleet & ORDIT Registered Coaches with over 30 years' experience in the driver training industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The Break-even Analysis indicates $4,633 will be need in monthly revenue to reach the break-even point. Marketing expenses are to be budgeted to increase visibility during the forecasted busiest months of CCC.
Love it or hate it, you would be wise to invest some time in Facebook, as that’s where many of your potential customers are spending their time! So there is no better way to spread recommendation than through social media channels, where hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients in your area can hear all about you and your business.

It has been a huge factor in us building a highly successful driving school with 23 instructors, all of whom have full diaries. It’s about building trust, engaging with present and future customers and positioning you as a respected and successful instructor or driving school. Then every now and again, promote yourself – post a special offer, post photos of pupils that have recently passed with you or your driving school. That can work quite well, but you need to understand the pitfalls of doing so, especially if you have not correctly set up your privacy settings to control which groups of your friends can see your content. But the friends on my personal profile are allocated to specific groups, so I can control who sees what.
For a list of 14 benefits of a Facebook Business Page over a Personal Profile, take a look at this excellent article by Jon Loomer. It’s probably best to opt for a ‘Local Business or Place’ as you will be wanting to let people know where you are based. You can now select ‘Driving School’ from the category section, complete the ‘about section’ and add in your website address.
Then if people find you using your name, they can easily click through to your business page. Again choose an appealing photo for your cover but then add words including a clear call to action. Furthermore, many of your competitors are undoubtedly reaping the rewards of Facebook marketing – and if you’re not, you are losing out. This type of marketing has its pitfalls – it can be very expensive to advertise in local media and directories and very time-consuming to traipse around your town delivering leaflets and postcards. But if you’re looking to further increase your client-base and pupil numbers, definitely take a look at Facebook. Furthermore, when you get to learn more about Facebook, you can actually target specific types of people, from their age, interests and home town, right down to the college they attend and other Facebook pages they may like. When I post content or photos relating to something personal about holidays, nights out or my children, for example, ‘Family’ and ‘Close Friends’ see everything I post.
Although your address will show on your page, you don’t have to add your house number if your work address is the same as your home address. Also on this page, you can choose a unique Facebook web address to make it easier for people to find your Page. To do this, go to your Facebook personal profile, click on ‘About’ and add your new page to ‘Work and Education’. The about section also lets you add hours of opening, a contact number and links to other social media sites that you may use (Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc).

For example, below you can see the cover photo we used this Spring on our Facebook business page – ‘Call us now and pass for Summer! Let’s face it, leaflets are generally perceived as more of a nuisance than a help to homeowners, so they might actually do more harm than good!
You can even legitimately target Facebook ads at people who ‘like’ your competitors’ Facebook pages! Make sure your URL has your driving school name, not just the default Facebook generated URL. Using your company logo isn’t usually a good idea – your potential clients aren’t interested in a logo – they want to see who they are going to be buying from. Then on your personal profile, your business will be displayed in your about section and people can click straight through to your business page from your personal page.
The key is to grow a fan base of people in your coverage area who match your target market. If you’re photo-shy or perhaps feel your photo might turn potential customers away, then perhaps use a photograph of a happy pupil, smiling broadly with their driving test pass certificate.
Also make sure you add a description so when people click on the cover image there are more details and further calls to action, e.g.
This won’t happen by itself and you will need to invest some time into growing your business page. This will make it easier for your customers to find you on Facebook and it will help with your search engine optimisation (SEO) as Google ranks Facebook highly.
Please don’t be tempted to rip a photo from Google images or use a stock photo – your profile image is your first point of contact from which your potential customers will glean their first impression. Look out for our upcoming article on how to build ‘likes’ and use your new Facebook business page effectively. And last but not least, those listed under my ‘Weirdos’ category won’t see any of my non-public content at all! For this reason, don’t be surprised if your Facebook business page appears above your main website in searches.

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