The first is a 15-minute conference presentation by John Creemers on "PREPL, a putative oligopeptidase deleted in patients with hypotonia-cystinuria syndrome." It is clearly meant for a specialized audience, yet scientists from other fields should be able to understand the overall story presented. The second is a 10-minute presentation by Marie Verbist on her "Automated alignment procedure for stitching with a focused ion beam" to an audience of fellow PhD students.
The third is a six-minute presentation by Jean-luc Doumont on "What you should know about TeX" to an audience of scientists.
State the problem that you were originally concerned with and explain why you selected the topic you did?
Was your hypothesis right or wrong?  Can you make a new statement that you know to be true based on your research?
It is a good idea to have copies of your abstract available for visitors to take with them. EU Commission “The vision underlying the Commission’s strategy on open data and knowledge circulation is that information already paid for by the public purse should not be paid for again each time it is accessed or used, and that it should benefit European companies and citizens to the full.
White House OA Declaration “The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) hereby directs each Federal agency with over $100 million in annual conduct of research and development expenditures to develop a plan to support increased public access to the results of research funded by the Federal Government.
Controversies about OA Biopiracy TK HGS Bioprospection INBIO Because if data from indigenous knowledge and developing countries is made available under open access conditions, pharmaceutical companies will be able to exploit them without compensation for the local communities. No OA mandate Horizon 2020 neither for publications nor for underlying datasets beyond projects funded by EU research programmes PSI Directive Neither include data from research and science nor data produced with public funding. POLICIES TO PROMOTE OPEN SCIENCE: EVIDENCE FROM OECD COUNTRIES Giulia Ajmone Marsan Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation OECD. A review of international developments in policy and legal frameworks for sharing of spatial data Professor Anne Fitzgerald Neale Hooper.

II Course on GBIF Node Management Arusha, Tanzania 31 st October and 1 st November 2008 Isabel CALABUIG Node Manager Danish Biodiversity Information Facility. E-Science and Open Access, Data, Science, … a Nordic perspective Sverker Holmgren Director The Nordic e-Science Globalisation Initiative. Professor Anne Fitzgerald Queensland University of Technology Law Faculty Creative Commons Australia Creative Commons and the Digital Economy (Lecture. 1 Sharing Research Data in Hong Kong (position paper) Professor John Bacon-Shone Associate Director, Knowledge Exchange The University of Hong Kong Forum. Porto, 15 April 2015 Open Science policy and infrastructure support in the European Commission Joint COAR-SPARC Conference Jarkko Siren European Commission.
Copyright Licensing for Open Access Professor Brian Fitzgerald QUT Law Faculty OAK Law Project Leader. Dr Dagmar Meyer * ERC Executive Agency, Unit A1 Open Access to Excellent Science - the European Research Council's approach Open Access Week at EPFL 24. Tree Planting Projects Benicia Tree Foundation has planted 639 new trees in Benicia as of December 5, 2015.
A suggested title format is 90 pt Helvetica or a sans serif font, use bold as this reads better from a distance. A concise statement of the problem and the results obtained should be a conspicuous part of the display. They allow you to establish stronger contact with the audience and better convince them of your viewpoint through verbal and nonverbal delivery, as well as the ensuing interaction. It will help you select and organize a presentation's content, create slides (if appropriate), deliver the presentation, and answer audience questions.

Because the attendees can come from all fields of science and engineering, Marie's presentation is less specialized than John's: it is meant to spark interest for her work in everyone present. Provide references in handout form as they are not necessary for Poster presentations and reduce needed space.
With typically three to four talks an hour, eight hours a day over several days, such conferences can expose you to dozens of presentations. It illustrates each of these tasks using three example presentations, which exemplify different levels of specialization. If you give a poor 15-minute presentation to an audience of 200 people, you have wasted the equivalent of 50 hours of work — more than a week of someone's work time. What fraction of these delivered a message that was useful to you (that is, how many of them did more than simply provide a great deal of complicated information)? Preparing effective oral presentations, like writing effective scientific papers, takes time, but it is time well invested.
What fraction of the presentations did you find fascinating (that is, how many got your undivided attention from the speaker's first word to his or her last)? An effective oral presentation gets you to pay attention, to understand, and to think or do things differently as a result of it.

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